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William 20 Months

Dear William,

This past month has been so much fun. For October, the weather has been amazing and has allowed us lots of time to play outside, which is your all time fave!

_MG_0482 _MG_0457


Your language and vocabulary continue to sky-rocket. You’re saying more complicated words like broccoli and medicine and have started to put two word phrases together like nose hurt or poop hurt. Or you see a boat and announce ‘boat’ which is quickly followed by ‘papa’ referring to papa’s boat. You love all things transportation! You stop when you hear an airplane or a helicopter. You announce every bus or boat we pass on the road and will say ‘bye-bye bus’ as they drive away. You love Taxi’s and fire engines and diggers and lawn mowers. They are your favorite toys to play with and you make corresponding noises when you play with them, VRRROOMMM, BEEEEEP, BRAAAHM

You’ve also started to understand and articulate emotions like fun and happy. You’ll  be pushing your cozy coupe car down the driveway at lightening speeds, giggling hysterically and say fun! Or we’ll go for a walk and you turn around and say happy. Or I’ll be pushing you in the cart and you say fast, more! So fun to watch that little brain of yours develop these abstract ideas. You witnessed your first fireworks this month as we lit off a couple at Grandma T’s birthday party and you LOVED them. You laughed and shouted with joy and begged for more.

We also went to the cabin with Auntie Sheila and future Uncle Dustin this month and had a lot of fun playing ‘bomb you’ wrestling, playing chase, riding mini-bikes and visiting split rock lighthouse.



You still like to read books, however you prefer to sit on the floor in front of me while I read them. I’m assuming this is because it is how it is done at school. Occasionally, I’ll try and sing to you while you’re falling asleep, however most of the time you tell me no. Most nights we read our books, you help me shut off the light and we recline back in the rocking chair, you nuzzle in and you pass out within 5-10 min. You do a great job of transferring into your crib and rarely make a peep. You typically are sleeping by 8:00 and wake up between 7 and 7:30.

This month, you also had your first bout with strep throat. Lexi got it about a week before you did. On Saturday, you were usually clingy and whiney while we were getting ready to go to the Dustin’s families apple orchard. And as we were about to put your shoes on, you threw up all over me. This was the first time you have thrown up so you were pretty upset about it. We got you all cleaned up and you were running around the house like nothing happened, so we hopped it was a fluke and then headed to the orchard where you had a great time. Then on Monday, Daddy noticed a rash on you and assumed it was an allergic reaction to the cinnamon in apple pie (don’t think I ever wrote about that, one day at Day Care you had some cinnamon on your apples and broke out in hives from it). However the rash didn’t go away and continued to get worse. IMG_7501


On our way into school on Tuesday morning, I called the Dr to check in and they requested to see you right away. So we dropped Lexi off and headed to the Calhoun office. The doctor confirmed it was definitely hives, did a quick strep test give your sister and it came out negative. So we took some Benadryl and went back to school. However the next day, the 24 hour test came back positive to turns out the hives were from strep and not cinnamon (at least this time).


To make this story a little longer, Daddy stayed home with you the next day but forgot to put your refrigerated medicine back into the fridge so I spent 2+ hours calling Drs and Pharmacists back and forth to see if the medicine was bad. Turns out it was and Daddy had to rush to the pharmacy to get a new one before it closed for the night.


I also had conferences with Mrs Essi this month and she talked about how you are such a sweet boy. You are a good listener, you pick up toys, love to play outside, take good naps, participate in group time but are pretty shy. This was a big shocker to me because you do not seem the least bit shy to me, but now that I watch for it, you do get she when people ask you a question or you know you’ve done some wrong. Next month is a fun one with Halloween and Thanksgiving! And before I know it, you’ll be two!

Love, Mama


IMG_7514 IMG_7517


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