My Sweet Bug,

I don’t write to you nearly as often as I would like to and am going to make that a new resolution for myself. I have close to 10 drafts saved that I need to put pictures into and publish.

Three sweet stories that I want to share about what life with you is like at 3 years and 11 months!


You love to help make dinner and set the table. While you were helping set the table and I was putting food on, you had to go to the bathroom. You stopped, touched daddy on the arm and said ‘Daddy, will you watch my food for me? I’ve got to go potty. Don’t let Bood eat it. When I’m done we’re all going to sit down at the table and eat as a family’ You’re very into family activities–whether it is all riding in the car together, eating, playing outside etc… you want to do everything as a family.


Also, a few days ago, mama met you and daddy and William at a restaurant for dinner where we were also meeting several other friends. You were very concerned if I was going to meet you there or if you were going to meet me there. I’m astounded that you’re able to pick up on subtleties like that. Maybe that is common for kids your age, but it seems like a pretty small detail that you have picked up on. Anyways, as the night went on, William was getting tired and I was going to leave with him and you were going to stay with Daddy. As I’m getting ready to leave, you gently hold both of my cheeks between each of your hands, pull me close so we are nose to nose and whisper, ‘Thanks for joining us for dinner tonight mama. I’m going to miss you so much. I love you’ I just about melted onto the floor on your sweetness and attention to detail and picking up phrases mommy and daddy use. You are just too sweet my little bug.


One night, I went to check on you before I headed to bed and you weren’t in your room. I assumed you had crawled into our bed, but you weren’t there. And you weren’t in our bathroom or in my closet or anywhere in our bedroom. You weren’t on the couch in the loft of in your bathroom or even in William’s room. You weren’t in the living room and I began to panic. I thought someone had come into our house while I was here and took you. (I know, another one of your mom’s irrational thoughts) I came rushing down the stairs and started turning lights on, and then stopped as I saw your little candy cane pants sticking out. You had manauvered your way between the legs of the chair and table and used Giraffee as your pillow and were snoring away.



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