Baby #3 4 Weeks (Hidden Chronicles)

Dear Baby,

Well here we are, officially! I’m still in shock that this is really happening. You’ve kept me guessing every single day if you were really inside of me or not, but I finally bought a decent pregnancy test to get official confirmation. About a week ago, (4 days early) I took my first test because I just couldn’t wait and with William, I had taken one 4 days early and it showed positive. This one was a good no. Then on the day of my period I took another test as I had no indications of getting my period. There is a chance this one could have been positive but the line was so faint I couldn’t be sure. Knowing my cycle is a little shorter than average and that from time to time it can be a little longer than average, I gave myself another 2 days to see if anything was happening. This time I went and bought the expensive test that leaves you with no guessing as it reads ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’. Two long minutes later is read ‘pregnant’. When I showed your Daddy, he claimed, ‘I knew it–I don’t even think you needed to take the test, there was no doubt in my mind’. Deep down, I knew it too, but couldn’t let myself go there. I had felt nauseous on and off, my appetite is monstrous and felt a little more tired then normal.

That evening, Daddy and I had a good talk about what we’re going to do. Nothing solid in place, but have areas we’re going to explore that I think we both feel good about.

I called the Dr. today and made my next two appointments to see you! These next couple weeks are so hard for me. Not only do I know how crappy I’m going to feel, I really really hate keeping big secrets like this from everyone I know and love. I can keep a secret when I need to, but I really don’t like to. Thank goodness I can talk to you and Daddy–which is why I originally started this blog when I found out I was pregnant with your big sister Lexi.




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