Baby #3 6 Weeks (Hidden Chronicles)

Dear little babes,

This has been a rough week for your mama. Last week, I came down with a cough that was pretty terrible and never got better and eventually turned into Bronchitis. It kept me out of work for 4 days! And knowing you are growing inside of me made it a little more challenging to treat as the medication is pretty limited. Even though fully approved by Dr., I’m still a little hesitant on taking medicine, especially when you’re going through so many major moments. Your heart started beating this week and your eyes, ears, kidneys, liver and lungs are are developing. I’m a little nervous one of these things will go wrong because of the meds. I’m also probably hyper-sensitive right now as your cousin Claire is just having a rough time. A couple days after she was born, they discovered a heart condition. She had surgery and it went well, but recovery hasn’t been smooth. Other things keep popping up which require more testing and nothing comes back positive, which is good, but also scary because it is hard to know why she isn’t getting better. I’m pretty scared for her and your Uncle Joe and Auntie Angie. I can’t imagine what they’re going through and don’t feel like I can do much to help. I’m also just scared for you. When you have two healthy kids like your big sister and brother, it’s hard to understand how many things can/do go wrong and how lucky you are when everything turns out OK. I pray you are healthy and there is nothing wrong with you and that I didn’t cause any harm to you (irrational thought, i know, but as you get older and learn more about your mom, you’ll learn I have many irrational thoughts everyday)



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