Baby #3 8 Weeks (Hidden Chronicles)

Dear Little Babes,

Although you have informally introduced yourself to me via all the pregnancy symptoms I am feeling, we meet earlier this week on the ultra-sound screen. The doctor officially confirmed your existence and we saw  your heart beat flutter away at 159 beats a minute. You’re measuring right on track and are due to arrive July 13th!  For some reason, I was more nervous for your appointment than I remember for the others. Foolish, but I was worried I had somehow fabricated your existence and my mind was playing some crazy tricks on me. I’ll blame the irrational thoughts on the hormones.

I was also officially diagnosed with pneumonia this week which is not good. I had bronchitis earlier this month and it just never went away. After the OB listened to my wheezy breathing and deep gargley cough, I went back to the general practitioner diagnosed who me with pneumonia and strict instructions to get lots and lots of rest. No household chores, just sitting on the couch. And at this point, I have no problems with that. Between the pneumonia and the early pregnancy symptoms I feel pretty terrible. I took a shower today and that felt like I exerted too much energy.

The metallic taste that I experienced weeks 3-6ish has gone away, but I now I’m really struggling to brush my teeth and usually vom a little when I do.

Eating is a hot mess. I know I need to eat every 2 hours or so to help fight off the nausea but nothing sounds good. Additionally, when I do eat, I’ll sometimes eat too much and then feel terrible. I’m walking a fine line of not eating enough or too much to keep my blood sugar in check. Throw in a little dizzyness and it makes for a fabulous combination.

For the most part, I’ve been pretty emotionally stable (but should maybe get confirmation from your dad on that one). I’ve had a few moments where I start crying for no reason (like watching Survivor last night!) but for the most part I feel like I’ve been pretty rational.

Keep growing little one and lets hope Mom starts to feel better!



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