Baby #3 9 Weeks (Hidden Chronicles)

Dear little nugs,

Nine weeks in and so far, no reliefs in the sickness side of things. At one point nearly everyday, I feel pretty terrible. Usually, it is in the afternoon or evenings. Exhaustion, check. Headache, check. Nausea, check. Brushing my teeth is pure torture and I throw up and dry heave every single day. I’m not sure why this is so terrible, but i dread it. I may be a little delusional, but I don’t remember being this sick with your brother and sister. With Lexi I was sick, but by this point, I feel like I had started to get some relief. With each of them, I felt much more sleepy tired. Don’t get my wrong, I’m tired, but it is more I need to sit on the couch and rest tired, not I need to take a nap tired.
I would also save cravings are in full swing and all over the board. Lexi celebrated her birthday and cake sounded disgusting, however a croissant sandwich with lettuce and tomato has been calling my name, as well as nachos one day and french fries another. I should be a little more strict on my cravings but so far I have fulfilled every single one. But once I do, it satisfies the crave and I no longer ‘need’ it or want it. In fact, I almost despise it. Any kind of carbonation make my tummy hurt so I’ve mainly been sticking to water as I haven’t even wanted tea or hot chocolate–which again is pretty rare for me especially considering it is Christmas time. One thing that has been pretty consistent is non-chocolate candy goodness! Gummie bears, sweathearts, DOTS, Sour Gummie Worms are all pretty amazing at almost any given point.
This week, I told both of my bosses that you’re expected to arrive and got lots of congratulations.
Other happenings, your daddy has been very busy trying to help me out since I feel so terrible AND working on finishing our basement. Lots of hard work and hours there.
We also toured a daycare this morning that we may send you three to. The one at mama’s work that your big brother and sister have been going to is very nice, but also very expensive and just too much to send three kids to.

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