Baby #3 14 Weeks

Dear little Babes,

We are officially in the 2nd Trimester! Yeah! The most exciting news is we officially got the blood work back for all of the genetic tests we did last week and you passed with flying colors! This also means, we can find out your gender. However, now I’m second guessing if I want to know. Originally, I always thought I would find out with Baby #3, but everyone I know that has found out and been surprised, likes being surprised better. I loved the anticipation and surprise of not knowing with Lexi and William and am fearful I’ll miss that if I know. Daddy has no preference, which isn’t helpful. Time will tell on if we decide to find out or not.

I’ve started to feel a tiny bit better this past week. Fewer moments of nausea, but still gagging and throwing up. It happens in odd scenarios too. For example, I gag every time I walk into the parking ramp at work–specifically when I’m leaving for the day. The smell of the salt literally makes gag Every.Day. Brushing my teeth is still torture and I’m starting to worry about the health of my teeth and getting cavities and gingivitis. I’m going to force myself to brush again at night and floss. Coughing also makes me gag. I think it is the intensity I cough at. I know people that would cough so hard they throw up, and this is similar, but I’ll only cough once and have to run to the bathroom.

I’m able to stay awake past 8:30 again and am not as drained by 3:00 as I was about a month ago. I seem to be having fewer migraines and food is no longer disgusting. I would say very few things ‘sound good’, but I can eat almost anything without getting sick. I do still have some stomach pains, but was doing a little reading and have self-diagnosed these pains as round-belly ligament pain. I didn’t have this with either of your siblings so I’ll ask the Dr about it next week to confirm. I’m also predicting that you’re going to give me some pretty good heartburn. There are moments were I can tell it is already flaring up.

‘The Bump’ is officially here. Stomach sleeping is starting to get challenging as I can feel the hardness of my belly when I lie. I’ve also tried to wear regular pants several times this week and regret it every time. I bought a bunch of new maternity pants in multiple sizes and am trying to figure out which sizes to keep. It is proving to be more challenging than I anticipated. One size fits me now (in the legs, butt and belly) but I know they’ll be too tight in several months.

Lexi insists that you are a girl and wants to call you ‘Girl Bood’. She asks lots of questions about how you got in there and how you’re going to get out and when are you going to come out. William has no clue what is going on and just wants to tackle me and play choo-choo trains.



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