Baby #3 13 Weeks

Dear Baby,


I jinxed myself last week and saying I was over the ‘sickness’ phase of things because I have felt sick everyday. Nausea, stomach aches, and migraines have left me on the couch and in bed by 8:30. Rough stuff. Really hoping this phase ends soon. I put on my first pair of maternity pants this morning hoping the elastic waistband will help me feel better and that maybe my pants were just too tight and causing me to feel sick?!?! Willing to try anything at this point. Some co-workers brought in some Ginger mints and tea. I didn’t like the mints but we’ll give the tea a try. Two days ago, I had a genetic screening and everything on the ultrasound showed you’re a healthy little babe. Your heartbeat was at 150 and are measuring to be 6 cm long from crown to rump. Through the ultrasound, I was able to see your femur developing as well as your spine and both hemispheres of your brain. They also took some blood work and we’ll be able to find out if you are a little boy or a little girl in the next week or so.


Originally, I had a pretty strong intuition that you were a girl. However over the past two weeks, I’ve had two dreams of you being a boy and my intuition in general is flipping that you are a little boy. If I had to put money on it right now I would say that I’m about 80% sure you are a boy.

This will be the first time we are finding out the gender of the baby. We kept it a surprise for both your big sister and brother. You will be our last baby and I would like to get rid of some clothes we won’t need if we can and it feels kind of exciting to know and be able to bond with you a little more.

It has been EXTREMELY cold these past few days and your mama hates it. As I have been dropping your big siblings off at daycare, I’ll have thoughts pop into my head that next year, i’ll be bringing a baby out into this cold, only to remind myself that you’ll be nice and cozy at home with someone 🙂 We don’t know who that will be yet, but I’m grateful I won’t be getting three kids ready each morning to head out the door by a certain time.



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