Baby #3 16 Weeks

Dear Babes,

Not a whole lot new going on this week. Cross my fingers, I’m starting to feel better. I’m still gagging, but having better success in controlling it and fewer runs to the bathroom. I haven’t gotten the surge of energy that the second trimester brings, but I guess I’m only two weeks in so it could still be on its way. I’m not sleepy tired, but just don’t have a lot of energy and get winded VERY easy (like sometimes I need to rest after I walk up our stairs). This also could be a symptom of having a cold. Other pregnancy symptoms….increase in nasal congestion. I think I’ve had a running nose since November and just lots of drainage, which does not help with the gagging.

Things at work and at home have been pretty uneventful. This past weekend, Mom, Dad and William all had some pretty nasty colds so we spent a lot of time relaxing inside.

You’re big sister is very protective of you. She tells William he needs to be careful of my belly when he is trying to wrestle or when he wants to be picked up because there is a baby in there. She is also very inquisitive about you: How big are you?, Where is the baby going to sleep? How does she come out of your belly? Is she going to be able to talk when she comes out? What are we going to name her? She continues to insist you are a girl and told me she would like to call you Caitlin because there is a girl train on Thomas that is really really long.

We still haven’t made a decision if we’re going to find out your gender or not. I continue to go back and forth. I just need to make a decision and move on. I’m spending way to much time thinking and analyzing this decision which tells me I need to get some more hobbies because it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

No major changes in the bump, at least in my opinion. It is kind of there, but I’m still able to hide it pretty well at work as it just looks fat. This is such a hard stage and am getting ready for the belly to ‘pop’. I’m skipping a photo this week as it is closer to the 17 week mark and am just going to take one for next week.



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