Baby #3 is a GIRL!!

My sweet baby GIRL,

Obviously, we made the decision to find out your gender and are thrilled! We would have been excited either way, but I’m surprised at how much I am loving knowing what is going on in there!

As I’ve written previously, I’ve really been debating on whether to find out your gender or not (probably to an unhealthy level), but ultimately decided that I wanted to know. Knowing your big brother and sister will be home with me during maternity leave and they can be quite the handful, I wanted to have as much time as possible to bond with you before you arrive. I also wanted to mentally prepare for how our family dynamics will be, two little boys or having girls be my two bookend babies. Just another thing to daydream and obsess over.

How we found out: 

Last Thursday, I finally made the decision and then called the genetics counselor Friday and requested she write down your gender and send it in an envelope to us we both Daddy and I could find out at the same time. I was antsy all weekend in anticipation of finding out and was hoping it would have arrived on Monday, but no luck. Tuesday, Daddy worked from home and I texted him later in the afternoon to see if it arrived, but still no mail. Then, on the way home, I received a text from daddy with a picture of the envelope and was elated. I told Lexi, when we get home, we get to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy. She was very curious how we were going to find out but was pretty darn excited. She came tearing into the house and yelled ‘Daddy, we get to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!!’ She began stifling through the mail and I had to get her too cool her jets for a moment so I could take my jacket and shoes off and go to the bathroom. I eventually helped her find the right envelope and she tried to start to open it, but reminded her we needed to go upstairs and open it with daddy. So we head upstairs and she tears the thing open and then looks at the paper and was a little confused. I asked her ‘what does this word start with? And she says, ‘B’ and I say ‘Nooo’ you know this, what is this letter? And she goes, ‘G’ and I say, what starts with a ‘G’ and she shyly yells ‘Girl’! It was such a sweet moment and I was so happy how excited she was AND that daddy got it on video!

General thoughts:

To be honest, I haven’t had much time to process the news yet. I am loving knowing what you are, which I’m really surprised about. I kind of thought the excitement would be over once I knew, but 3 days later, I’ll catch myself just smiling knowing you are a little girl! I also kind of love having this be a secret right now. We haven’t shared the news with anyone yet, but will be sharing in the next couple days. There is something sweet just keeping this news to us right now.

I’m so excited for you and Lexi to be sisters. I think a bond between sisters is something really special and am excited that you both will be able to experience it. I am curious what your relationship will look like considering you will be 4.5 years apart. Will the age gap and having William between you reduce the bickering that sisters can have? Will it be challenging to have a relationship considering the larger age gap or will none of this make a difference and you’re still going to have moments where you are each other’s best friends and worst enemies?  Time will tell and I’m sure it will vary based on each of your ages. Hoping that you two will be best buds, especially since we plan on you sharing rooms once you are big enough to be out of a crib.

Another major bonus is you also get to have a big brother!! I loved the idea of big brothers watching out for their little sisters and protecting them. We’ll see how your’s and William’s personalities develop over the years and if that is something he will do or that you will enjoy but it is pretty awesome to have both a big sister and brother to pave the way and watch out for you.

I’m sure many more thoughts to come on this topic in the following months.

We love you!

Your Mama


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