William’s first Day of Preschool


I was pretty nervous for you leading up to this day. Between the three of you kids, you are my more shy, reserved homebody. While you love to play with your sister and like to be around other kids, you don’t necessarily play with them. You prefer to often play by yourself when we are with other kids. You don’t speak up when you’re around other adults and nothing makes you happier than being at home in your pajamas. Additionally, you really haven’t been away from Mom or Dad since Kate was born 15 months ago so you have become really accustomed to being at home, staying in your jimmies all day and not having a regular school-type routine.


Last week, we attended your open house and while quiet, you didn’t seem too scared or nervous. I think it helps you are going to the same school as Lexi and are even in the same room that she was. I also bought you a couple new shirts and some awesome new green shoes to wear to help generate some excitement for you.

I hope this year you’re able to become a little more outgoing and start to learn more of your numbers and letters. You love to count and know all your colors and shapes but identifying numbers and letters isn’t something we have ventured too far into–nor have you shown any interest in learning about those things.

Happy first day of school buddy!



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