Kate, Lexi, William


Dear Lexi, William and Kate,

When your Great Grandpa (Grammy’s Dad) he was just six years old, his dad died. So his mom took him and his brother back to Ireland for a little bit. When it was time to head back to America to get a job, she decided to keep my grandpa in Ireland for a little longer to help with the transition. Little was she anticipating a war to break out and leave my grandpa stranded in Ireland for eight years. He was with family, but he went EIGHT whole years without ever seeing or talking to his mom.

I can’t not wrap my head around this idea. This poor boy, who is the same age as Lexi right now just lost his Father and then didn’t see his mom for 8 years. I get sad if I don’t see you kids each day. I can not imagine not being able to see any of you for eight years.

So as we head into Thanksgiving this week. I am thankful for all of our health, to have your daddy by my side everyday, the ability to see each of you kids, tuck you into bed and hear your laughter everyday and a job that challenges me but more importantly provides our family with everything we could ever need and more.


I love each of you more than you can ever understand.

Love, Mama



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