Kate 20 Months


You FINALLY were able to play at a park this time for the first time in your life! Granted, it was in the snow, but it is still crazy it took 20 months! We have been to the park many of times over your lifetime, but not where you have been walking and capable of climbing up stairs. You went down the slide a couple of times, any were mostly annoyed you were dressed like a marshmallow and couldn’t move very well. I’m excited to take you to the park in Florida where I think you’ll enjoy it much more.


You have also gotten a lot more affectionate and cuddly. You regularly come up and give me big open-mouthed slobbery kisses and announce that you are hugging. At bedtime, you love to read books before bed and nuzzle against me and most nights will fall asleep in the bed with me. I’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, Rock-a-bye-baby and you’ll find my hand and place it on the ‘correct’ part of your belly or side that you want me to rub while you fall asleep. Girlfriend, you are particular.



We also baby-sat MacKenzie over-night one of the weekends and you just kept pointing and saying baby. You didn’t seem jealous, but were curious why she was playing with your toys. Now, whenever you see a diaper–you say Baby.


Your vocabulary and comprehension continue to expand every week. I have no idea what new words you’re saying, but there are new ones every week. My current favorite is ‘shurr–aka sure’

You’ve also started to go down stairs on your bottom, verses sliding down on your belly.


We love you little munchkin.

Love, Mama


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