Baby #3, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #3 31 Weeks

Dear Little Nugs,

Another week down! I’m really starting to feel myself slow down. You continue to get bigger ( 18ins long and 3.2 lbs) making everyday tasks more challenging like rolling out of bed or getting in and out of the car. William is not a fan of the bump as he can’t get comfy while reading books or snuggling with me. Breathing continues to be a challenge for me. I tend to lean back a lot to make it a little more manageable, but I lean back too far that isn’t good either. My most comfortable position is laying on my right side with a pillow under my head and between my legs. When I’m in this position, I also get my best sleep.

You continue to be a very active little girl, potentially my most active baby yet. Knock on wood, but the 3 little stretch marks I earned with William haven’t really made an appearance yet and I haven’t noticed any others yet either. Cross my fingers it stays this way.

Overall, sleep has been pretty good. I need to reposition myself 4-5 times throughout the night but can still fall asleep relatively quickly. Also, I’m starting to enter peeing in the middle of the night again. I think my boobs are at the biggest they have every been and it is uncomfortable. Wearing a sports bra is pretty much out of the question and if I’m active will get a little heat rash around and between them. Yuck!

This upcoming weekend is your Auntie Sheila’s bachelorette weekend so I’ve been busy planning and prepping for that. I’m still on the hunt for a dress for her wedding, but I think I may have finally find one! It should arrive next week and really really want it to work!

baby bump 3 31 weeks

No update for Lexi this week, and with William, we are in a similar situation. I was in full nesting mode and was wanting the basement bedroom to get finished, funny (or not so funny) how it still isn’t finished 2.5 years later…. However, we were moving Lexi out of her crib at this point, and just did the same with William. Overall the transition went well. The two like to jibber-jabber a lot at night and I find myself sitting outside of their room for an hour or two, getting them to fall asleep. The bunk beds are in the painting process, so maybe it will be easier once they are sleeping in their bunk beds as they can’t see each other.

Thats it for now.

Love you sweet girl!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 31 Weeks

Dear Baby,

What a difference a week can make! Last week I was all cool, calm and collected–this week, I’m a ball of nerves. I feel like there is so much to do before you arrive and I’m not ready at all! The biggest thing on the to-do list is getting the basement bedroom done so we can get our bedroom and the rest of the house ready for you to arrive. Lexi has some fairly large toys and I want them to go into the basement to help make things less cluttered, but that can’t happen until the building materials are out of the way. I also want to get Lexi’s room complete and move her from her crib into a big-girl bed. Some serious nesting going on here!

This week, I’ve also had a sudden shift in your gender. Up until this last week, I’ve been 99% confident that you are a boy. Then this week, I had a couple slight thoughts that you might be a girl and those inclinations have only continued to grow. I’m about 80% sure you’re a boy and 20% you could be a girl. Cousin Addie predicted you are a girl and has a pretty good track record on gender predictions. Lexi also talks about her sister on a regular basis without any prompting from us. For example today, we were looking at books and she gathers them all up and walks away and tells me she shares books with sister. Daddy also thinks you’re a girl. I looked at some belly pictures of me with Lexi and I would say that I’m carrying you the same way I carried her. Low and very egg shaped.

My hormones got the best of me this week. Overall, I’m a lot less patient while I’m pregnant and unfortunately I think Lexi gets the raw end of the deal–at least more so than anyone else. I just don’t have the energy to be firm with her and end up giving in to her requests more often than I should–especially when she puts up a stink. Which has only taught her to do it more often to get what she wants. The worst two situations are getting her to go to the bathroom and put her boots and jacket on. After an epic 45 minute battle of getting boots and jacket on–I was completely beat. Plus, I had just hosted Christmas for Daddy’s family the day before and was exhausted. I get home and Daddy asks me how I was, and I just burst into tears. I felt stretched to the brim in everything going on in life. I was thinking about two strangers that died in a car accident the day before (I know, odd considering I didn’t see it or know these people, but just kept feeling bad for their families and thinking what if that would have been myself and Lexi in that car or Daddy). I degress…. overall, physically I’m feeling pretty good. Emotionally, I’m feeling a bit stretched.

Hoping this next week levels out.