Baby #3, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #3 32 Weeks

Two months to go until we meet sweet sister! It feels so far away but yet so close at the same time. This past week has been a tough one for me.  A lot of my 1st Trimester symptoms returned, nausea (although I haven’t thrown up!!) sensitivity to smells, food aversions, peeing twice in the middle of the night and exhaustion. Plus I continue to have shortness of breath, heartburn and just a hard time moving around. I’ve also started to experience restless leg syndrome in my feet.  My feet feel like they need to be rubbed constantly while falling asleep. I’ve been putting lotion on them and giving them a little message and then putting some heavy socks at night. I also stopped drinking anything with caffeine and am going to try a magnesium supplement to manage. So all in all, fun times!

When I think about your arrival, it feels so far away but yet so close at the same time. When I’m tossing and turning for 3 hours at night before I fall asleep, I can’t help but think, how am I going to get through the next 8 weeks. But then, I think about all the plans we have between now and your due date and think, you’ll be here in no time.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned I had no patience and would snap on people, but I feel like my patience has returned to the level of a normal person. I don’t get quite as frustrated with the kids and am just a little more even tempered.

baby bump 3 32 weeks

In general, I feel like the bump is huge. William hates that he can’t sit on my lap to read books and I feel like I have a sign on my back that says ‘wide load, make way’. It is challenging to get up from sitting, bend over, get close to the mirror while getting ready, get in or out of the car, go up stairs, be comfortable sitting in a chair or laying down. However, while at the Dr. this week, I’m barely measuring over what I should be and am still under the 20 lb weight gain and know the bump is going to get a lot bigger. Your heart rate was at 140 and my blood pressure continues to be low or ‘really good’. I think you are officially my most active baby. You are constantly moving around, stretching out your legs or arms, and tap dancing those little toes almost to the point where it is painful.

Life updates:

We finished the bunk beds (and by we, I mean daddy). They look great and your big siblings LOVE them! Your auntie Sheila had her bachelorette party over the weekend and had an amazing time. Then, Lexi has her first dance recital this weekend which should be really fun! I’m eager to continue to make progress on house projects (finishing the mirror in the entry way, building a frame for the mirror in the bathroom, finishing the mudding and tiling in the basement and getting daddy’s office set up downstairs) and just getting rid of stuff we don’t need. Your daddy tends to be a bit of a pack rat and I tend to want to throw/give away anything that doesn’t have an immediate or known future purpose.

But the weather has been amazing this past week (temps in the high 70s and 80s) and I love it so much. Love wearing shorts and sandals or just bare feet and not having to deal with jacks and hats and mittens is so great. The big kids LOVE playing outside and it is so wonderful to send them into the backyard when we get home from school and have them play while I make dinner.

With Lexi at this point, things were going pretty well. I still had some minor kidney pain, but it was manageable and was also experiencing some hip pain. I was pretty confident she was a boy. With William, so many similarities to you. I had restless leg syndrome in my feet and was anxious about all the house projects I wanted done. We had just moved Lexi into her new bedroom and had gotten the nursery ready. I was also feeling the shortness of breath that I’m experiencing now and the frequent trips to the bathroom.

Love you sweet girl,


Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 32 Weeks

Sweet Little Baby,


I’m starting this weeks update with the same phrase as last weeks, ‘What a difference a couple of days can make.’ This week was definitely smoother than last and included ringing in the new year. The year we get to meet you! So exciting. Work was busy all week and it was so nice having New Years Day off. I was able to take down and pack away all of our Christmas decorations AND get your bedroom ready for you.

Earlier in the week, we moved Lexi to her new big girl bedroom and so far she is doing great. This also enabled me to move a couple things around in your room and get the newborn baby tubs out. Your clothes are folded in your drawers and hung in your closet and Lexi’s toys all have a home. Overall, I’m feeling much more prepared. I even feel that it won’t be a big deal to if the basement isn’t bedroom finished by the time you’re born–which is a huge mental shift for me in general, but especially from last week.

Onto your progress. I had a doctors appointment this morning and you continue to appear very healthy! Your heart rate is at 155–which is another checkmark on the ‘your a girl’ list. It isn’t always the case, but girls heart rates tend to be a little higher and you’ve consistently been in the 150-160 range, which from my understanding is on the higher side of the scale. Overall, I’m about 50/50 in thinking your a girl or a boy. Lexi continues to refer to you as her sister. Completely unprompted, she was talking about how she wants to share her new books with her sister. Her confidence in you being a girl is definitely impacting my perception.

Sleep continues to be pretty good. I usually need to get up once a night to go to the bathroom, but on the nights that I’m able to make it through the whole night are glorious. No complaints in the heartburn department. Occasionally, I’ll have a little bit, but remember it being much more frequent and intense with Lexi. My fingers have started to swell. I removed one of my wedding rings, but am still able to wear the engagement/wedding so nothing too bad on that side of things. Energy hasn’t been too bad this week either, but that could also be a result of going into work later than normal as it was a holiday week so I was getting more sleep. Shortness of breath continues–most suprisenly when I’m just sitting. I’m pretty sure you are sitting much higher than Lexi was as I don’t have the hip pain or pelvic pressure I did with her. Overall, I feel pretty comfortable and am not impatient to meet you. I’m sure this will all change over the next 4 weeks. Mostly, i’m intrigued by how you’re going to arrive. Are you going to be breech and require a planned C-section, will ICP develop again and require an induction, which may or may not require a C-section, will you come early, or late, will I be at work? Will my water break first or will I start having contractions. Will you come fast and not enable an epidural? Will I be able to deliver at Maple Grove or need to go to another hospital, will Dr. G be able to deliver you? Will you come in the middle of the night, what will we do with Lexi? Really the scenarios are endless and it feels like they are always running through my head.

One other small note–I’ve had a couple of evenings where it feels like my feet almost have restless leg syndrome. They feel really dry (even if I have just put lotion on them) and feel like they need to be messaged. The feeling intensifies at night. I also vaguely remember this feeling building before the itching came with Lexi. Not to say the itching is coming, but just documenting for my own sake for potential future needs. Dr. G suggested wearing compression suggested wearing compression socks at night, so I’ll give that a try and see if it does anything for me.

One more two-week appointment and then on to our weekly appointments!




Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

32 Weeks

Dear Little Peanut,

We’re quickly approaching the 32-week mark and I can’t believe it. All of the sudden this week you became more real. For the past 30 weeks I’ve been looking forward to your arrival, but it felt so far away, and now it’s within reaching distance. It’s crazy to think that you could be here in 8 weeks, that’s the same amount of time we had to wait from conception to our first doctor’s appointment when we saw your little heartbeat pumping up and down on the screen. And your heart has grown quite strong since that appointment 24 weeks ago. I’m reminded many times throughout the day just how real you are with all of your little movements.

In the past week or so, I’ve been able to distinguish and feel different parts of your body moving. I notice when the little hands are paddling you around inside and can feel your little feet pushing under my ribs as you stretch out. When you roll over, I can feel your knees pressing against my stomach and can anticipate when you’re going to move again. I’m pretty sure you are head down, and think I can feel your butt from time to time. I can also usually tell if you’re on the left side or the right side of my belly. Although your daddy feels your movements from the outside I really wish he could feel you moving on the inside and how wonderful it is to be reminded of you several times throughout the day. You’re just over 3 lbs. this week and about 17 inches long. Daddy and I haven’t been very good about taking regular pictures of you growing in my tummy, but we’ll try and get better these next couple of weeks.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I still have a little bit of kidney pain but it isn’t too bad. Sleep hasn’t been awful either. My hip muscles get really tight from sleeping on my side, but I’ve been trying to stretch regularly and that helps. And usually, I only need to get up once a night to go to the bathroom. I feel beautiful carrying you around and am still below the expected weight gain, which I feel great about. I still think you are a boy, but Daddy is wavering a little and thinks you might be a girl. I have another Dr. appointment on Friday, and now they start occurring every 2 weeks for another month and then every week for the last month. I’m mentally preparing for you to arrive well past your due date, but I kind of feel like I’m ahead of schedule on many symptoms and that you might arrive early. Either way, we are very excited to meet you! I even practiced signing our family’s new names together.

Love, Mom