Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 37 Weeks

Dear Baby,

IMG_4580 IMG_4579

You are officially full term, but I need you to continue to bake at the very least for the rest of the week! I feel like ‘The Belly’ or you got huge this week. I was wearing a sweatshirt and you looked massive under it–even Daddy commented on how the Belly looks bigger now than it ever did with Lexi. After looking at this week’s picture–I feel like I’m starting to get the basketball look and not so much the long round egg look.

I had my weekly Dr. appointment today and things are going really well. Your heart rate was between 130 and 135. I continue to have a ridiculous amount of of Braxton Hicks contractions–some of them are painful, but painful at the bottom of the belly so Dr. G thinks that is from my body preparing to deliver you–not any pre-labor signs. I’m dilated to a comfortable 2 cm and about 50% or more effaced–so the body is making progress.

I still feel good considering your about 7.5 lbs. and can come at any point. I’m sleeping pretty well–only have to get up once during the night to go to the bathroom and can fall back asleep, most of the time. Rolling over has become nearly impossible. I pretty much need to sit up to roll to the other side–and find myself holding onto the blankets to help pull myself up.

Your movements have changed dramatically over the past 2-3 weeks. Instead of kicks and rolls it is more of stretching and adjustments. Usually, I can identify your butt and legs–especially when they are stretching out and pushing on the top of my belly. Pelvic pressure has increased, most noticeably when I’m walking but it is still bearable.

The only food that I really want to eat right now is sweets–and have had more than my fair share. So much so that I gained 3 lbs this week, yikes! Overall, I’ve had very little heartburn throughout the entire pregnancy and even when I have had it, it has been pretty minimal and haven’t needed to take TUMS, definitely thankful on that side of things. I think my feet/legs are starting to swell a little or at least by the end of the day, my socks feel tight around my legs. I also feel like I’ve reached the point where my maternity pants are getting small and my shirts are too short.

Work continues to be insane–but I just need to make it to the end of this week and it should level out as I’ll have some replacements on site.  The end is in sight and I couldn’t be more excited!



Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

37 weeks

Dear Bump,

This is your “official” nickname as of lately. Daddy has transitioned from calling you Lil’ Peanut to ‘Bump’ as you continue to grow to be a bigger and bigger bump on my stomach.

This week I’ve noticed a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions. It is hard to track how far apart they are as all of the sudden I notice the tightness and then its gone. I never notice when it starts or ends. I’m also having a hard time getting through the day without some kind of little nap, usually when I get home from work. I also get exhausted doing regular activities like grocery shopping. Tonight I noticed some cramping, which can be a sign of labor, but it went away once I switched positions. My skin has also been very itchy this week. I usually put lotion on every morning and night but it still has me scratching mid day. I’m excited to go to the Dr. again tomorrow. I hope that I’ve progressed more. I feel like I’ve been on an emotional rollar coster this week. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel or mentally prepare for your arrival. I know you could come at any point so I have to be ready, BUT you could still take a whole 4 weeks to arrive so I need to be prepared for the waiting game.

I also get emotional thinking about things. On the way home from the grocery store today, I teared up thinking that its not going to be just your dad and I anymore. Don’t get me wrong, we’re very excited for you to join us, but we’ve got a little routine going and it works for us and we’re happy and in a couple of days/weeks that is going to change forever and I just don’t know if I’m ready for that. I’m also really really scared for labor. I was laying on the couch and started feeling very crampy and thought ‘this could be it’ and I was more terrified than I thought. I just know there is going to be so much pain and I’m nervous I’m not going to be able to handle it.

Other things to note… as of 36 weeks, I’ve gained 25 lbs and am hoping to stay right there. No noticeable stretch marks yet, but that could always change. My belly button has remained an innie but it is definitely different. The skin on the top sticks out more so sometimes it looks like my belly button has popped but it hasn’t. I still have heart burn but it isn’t nearly as bad as it used to. My feet and hands continue to swell and it hurts to type and write sometimes. Restless leg syndrome is still going strong, but it is only in my feet. They feel itchy like they are very dry and can’t stay moist and just need to be touched. Pelvic pressure is pretty strong. Sometimes it feels like my south side is going to explode like a firework. It makes crossing my legs or even shifting positions in a chair difficult.

I can tell you are getting more cramped, I can’t hunch over at all. Yesterday I was trying to write thank you notes and your legs were stuck under my ribs making things very uncomfortable. I also have a hard time driving because of this. My seat needs to be reclined a ways back. Even getting out of the car is work. I can’t just get out, I need to physically shift my body and then stand up with a little help from the wheel. It feels very mechanical and robotic. My lips are chapped. I have a hard time staying hydrated. My skin is itchy everywhere. Shaving has become difficult to nearly impossible. My belly is very firm and doesn’t move to see what I’m shaving. You continue to roll from one side to the other.  Laying on my back has become impossible as it is difficult to breath. We’re heading to the doctor this afternoon and I’m hoping she says I’m dialated to a 3 or 4 and 100% effaced and you could come at any time! Wishful thinking I’m sure, but one can hope right?

Looking forward to your arrival.

Love, Mom