Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 38.5 Weeks Pregnancy Insomnia

Little babes,

These last couple weeks before your arrival are a silent killer. The anticipation of your arrival is so exciting but so difficult. The notion that you can theoretically come at any point over a 6 week time period is hard. You don’t want to plan anything in case–but you also don’t want to just sit around and wait and drive yourself crazy.

My mobility at this point is pretty difficult. Standing up, walking, sleeping, sitting–there is no good position at this point. Lots of noises are made in any kind of transition.

Then tonight, I’m dealing with one of my first bouts of pregnancy insomnia. Thankfully, I haven’t dealt with this much–but it stinks. I just can’t sleep and what’s worse is knowing how tired I’m going to be at work tomorrow. Anyways, thought I would take advantage of the quietness of the house to capture of the non-stop thoughts about your arrival running through my head.

The constant change in how I’m feeling is so difficult. At one point, I’m so uncomfortable and feel so much pressure that I feel like your arrival could happen at any second. Then a couple hours later or maybe a day–I feel nothing as in I could be pregnant for another 2-3 months.

I also realize that I’m only 38 weeks pregnant and that I’m being inpatient and don’t have a right (on behalf of all overdue pregnant ladies) to feel this way. As of right now, I’m about 90% convinced that you will not arrive on your own and I’ll need to be induced. And if I’m being honest with myself, I’m about 50% OK with that. I had a great experience when I was induced with Lexi and really really want Dr. G to deliver you. The other 50% of me really wants to have that experience of going into labor naturally. In my mind, there is something fairly exhilarating about the adrenal rush that would come with that. Does my water break, timing contractions, determining when to call Grandma, determining when to go to the hospital–the unknown of that just seems a little exciting to me.

At the Dr. appointment earlier this week, I told Dr. G, I want to be induced on my due date (March 3rd) if you haven’t arrived by then. I’m torn on if I want to really do that or not. Part of my just wants to meet you and be done with it, and the other part wants to give you a couple more days to come on your own schedule. If you haven’t arrived by Friday, then I would be OK being induced. Regardless, I think I’m going to be done with work by my due date. I have some vacation that needs to get used and think I just want to be done. I’m going to take next Friday off and go to MOA to walk as it has been disgustingly cold here out (like -15 degrees with wind chills of -30, yuck!!) and have a fun family day by taking Lexi on a ride or two and seeing Lego land.

Come out soon sweet baby. Mama wants to meet you.



PS. Your big sister is excited to meet you as well. We were snuggling in bed the other night and she turns to me and declares, ‘Mama, I share girafee with sister’ which is her absolute favorite thing in the world and don’t believe she has gone a night without girafee for over a year and a half. You’re already so loved!

Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

38 Weeks

Dear Bump,

Today we had your 38-week appointment and it went relatively well. The itchiness in my feet, hands and all over my body continued and intensified over the past two weeks. Originally, I thought it was a result of dry stretching skin, but it has been getting worse. Daddy said I was itching my body throughout the nights so Dr. G had me come in early in to have some blood work drawn and sent out for a very rare but potential liver complication. If I do have the liver complication, I’ll be induced immediately.

The regular Dr. appointment went well. I lost a pound, my belly is measuring right on track and I’m dilated to a tight 2 cm. Not as much progress as I was hoping, but better then none. Dr. G noticed you have dropped and are sitting much lower, which is also a good sign. I’ve noticed too as you frequently push on some nerves that cause a numbness in my legs for a brief moment.

I had my membranes stripped (I think) to potentially help progress labor. You had been inactive all morning, so we did a non-stress test. I sat in a chair and had two little bands around my belly, one to monitor contractions and one to monitor your movement. It looked like you were sleeping since you weren’t moving around a ton, but still enough to “pass” the test. Once we got home, I took advantage of my free afternoon and decorated the Christmas tree and put up some of the other decorations. As I was putting the decorations up, my contractions were much more frequent, but they still didn’t hurt and would dissipate when I relaxed.

This past week was also Thanksgiving. We spent the morning relaxing and taking some photos of the bump. Then we headed over to Great-Grandma and Grandpa S’s for dinner. On Friday, I did a little shopping with Grandma B while Daddy spent some time with Grandpa S and Great-Grandpa S and then we went to go see the movie Lincoln. We figured it might be the last time we get to see a movie for a while. Saturday was a very relaxing day. We watched several movies and hung out at home most of the day. On Sunday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa B’s for a second Thanksgiving. So crazy to think that next year, you’ll be able to enjoy some of it!

And the weekend prior, we went to child-birthing classes. Originally, Daddy and I were dreading them since they was so long, but both of us were pleasantly surprised with how nice the class was. They really focused on different pain management techniques such as different positions to get through a contraction, how Daddy can help me manage the pain and how to address each of our fears. And it really didn’t feel as long as it was. Overall, I feel much more prepared and a lot less anxious for labor.

Overall, I feel pretty ready for your arrival. Car seat is in the car, bag is packed, shower items are returned—now we just need you to jump start the labor process so we can meet you and find out if you’re a boy or a girl! I still feel pretty strongly that you’re a boy—I even had a dream about it, but I have had a couple of pings that you could be a girl. Daddy still thinks you’re a girl.

Come soon!

Love, Mom