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Kate 7 Months

Dear Kate,

Sitting up is one of my favorite milestones from the first year as it is a total game changer and you are doing a pretty good job at it! You’re pretty laid back as it is, but your ability to watch what is going on around you and sit and play with toys makes life so much easier. I can regularly clean up the kitchen after meals or cook without you in my arms. Granted, you want me in eyesight but I am so much more efficient with two arms instead of just one. And you love to play with toys and your fine motor skills improve everyday.


This month you also learned how to give kisses. You’ll open your mouth like a baby bird and slobber all over me. This messy act of affection is one of the few ways you can show how much you love me and as gross as it is (because lets be real) I love it and will gladly accept them at any point.



Your sleeping patterns are pretty stable and consistent at this point. You sleep from 7:30 to about 5 am and take two naps in the day that are about 1.5 – 2 hours each.

Girlfriend, you love to eat. Whenever we put you in your highchair, you widely kick your legs and hoot in excitement. You have eaten sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, pears, green beans, blackberries, eggs, peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt bites, puffs and mum-mum crackers. With the exception of the mum-mum crackers we need to feed you everything.


Nursing is still going pretty good. You nurse on both sides for each feeding and pumping sessions are OK. I’m barely producing enough for you and I’m hoping I can make it the full year.

Earlier in the month (before you learned to sit), you would were really working on building up your ab muscles. You would completely lift your head off the ground as if you were trying to sit up or just do some crunches. It looked like you were doing the 100’s exercise in pilates. With that said, there is 100% zero interest in rolling. You are so content on your back sucking on your toes and you don’t even attempt to roll to your side. I have a feeling that you might never roll over or for that matter even crawl and could go straight to walking. You despise tummy time like big time and its hard to put you into a sour mood by going on your tummy when you’re happy as can be just sitting.


This month, you also celebrated your first Christmas and New Years. You loved playing with the wrapping paper and looking at the lights. You slept through the entire gift opening Christmas morning, but the big kids saved you a couple of gifts to open. Santa and all your relatives spoiled you!


Another big milestone was spending your first few nights away from me. Daddy and I went to Arizona for a wedding and you got to spend some extra time with Grammy and Papa. You did awesome and I’m sure you barely noticed I was gone. I am so grateful you are the most amazing baby every and was barely worried. You are such a happy, awesome sleeper and eater that I knew there wouldn’t be any problems. My biggest fear was about pumping enough milk to replenish the stash you would go through while I was gone. And everything worked out just great. I never did a comparison of how much milk you drank and how much I brought back, but it seemed close enough.

Sweet little Kate the great, I love you to pieces. Your smile and sweet natured personality are going to move mountains someday. I love you and am so grateful you are mine.












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William 7 Months


Another month in the books bud! This month seemed relatively quiet on the development forum and was just a little more un-eventful in a good way.


New skills and tricks You blow bubbles all the time and think you’re hilarious; which mostly you are. You tolerate tummy time. I wouldn’t say you like it or you’re there often but you often roll from your back to your tummy to get things and then usually wine for us to get you to a sitting position or pick you up. With that said, you do sleep on your tummy about half the time (other half on your side) and spin yourself all the way around in your crib.



My favorite milestone you’ve hit this month is putting your arms up for me to get you. It isn’t super defined yet, but I know what you mean. You love to nuzzle into my leg or chest. You’ve also learned how to give ‘kisses’ which means you lean forward with your mouth wide open; which to pretty much everyone but me is disgusting, but I think it sweet. I’ll gladly take your slobber. Eating You’re still doing a great job nursing and I love that I can come down and nurse you in the day. It is always the best part of my ‘work day’. Most days I’m down there twice and occasionally have to come down a third time, but usually we just head out for the day then. On average you’re probably nursing 5 times a day. You also continue to inhale baby food and have yet to discover something you don’t like. You eat three containers a day and will usually have a mum-mum cracker and some puffs too. When you first started eating the puffs, you would kind of gag on them, but now you’re a pro. The hand to mouth coordination needs some improvement but you’re getting there. I love watching you grab them and try and figure out how to get it from your palm into your mouth. Hopefully this next month we’ll work on more real food and less baby food. For example break up a banana instead of the processed banana baby food. Daddy and I are also way more relaxed with you than we were with Lexi. You have enjoyed cheese, bread, donuts, ice cream and i’m sure several other sweet foods that Lexi didn’t get to try until after she was one. IMG_5540


Sleep is still a question mark in your little world with very little consistency. You fall asleep nursing most nights between 7 and 8 and will sleep until 6 or 6:30. About half the time, you’ll fall asleep nursing and then sleep until 7ish when Lexi wakes up. The other half, you’re up and I’ll just bring you into work with me. Nap times can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours (if we’re VERY lucky). The shorter end usually happen at daycare and the longer stretches at home. You’ll nap about twice a day; around 10:30ish and then again at 1:30ish. Sometimes, we can just put you down awake and you’ll fall asleep. Other times, you yell and scream for 45+ minutes until we come get you. Very rarely will you fall asleep in the car and if you do, you always wake up the moment the car stops. This next month, I’m going to work on always putting you to sleep awake to get you into a better rhythm and help teach those self soothing skills.