William, William Monthly Updates

William 22 Months

Merry Christmas William,

You are 22 months old today, which also happens to be Christmas. This holiday season has been so fun with you! Your vocabulary and speech improve everyday making it easier and easier to communicate with you. You’re expressive and show much joy for the season. You love to look at lights on peoples houses and yell ‘Oh Wow!’ or ‘Wook mama Wook’. You’re eyes just about pop out of your head when you saw the Christmas tree. You were pretty amped up about your blue airplane ornament and carried it around the house for a couple of hours while we were decorating. You did also like to take ornaments off the tree, and broke several, which meant the tree was pretty much decorated from the 3 feet and up. Your absolute favorite was the train that goes around the tree. You were running around and stomping your feet as Daddy set it up and kept yelling ‘Choo Choo Train’ or ‘Tracks’. Once it was set up and running, you would get so excited and look at me with a huge grin and eyes as wide as the Mississippi. Eventually, Daddy connected noise to it so you could honk the horn and ring the bell and it was pretty much that was the best thing ever. While going down the stairs in the morning, you would yell ‘Choo Choo Train. William Horn’. You also sat on Santa’s lap. You didn’t enjoy it and wanted off stat, but you did sit there long enough for a picture. After, you would proceed to talk about ‘Santa’s Lap’ so it couldn’t have been that terrible. You also started to get the hang of some Christmas songs and will occasionally chime in with Jingle Bells or Frosty. You were much more into presents this year and would say ‘Wow’ while you were opening them, and followed up by ‘Open’. You just wanted to sit and play with the toys you got verses opening new presents. Your tools are by far the highlight and favorite toy as you’re constantly playing with them and looking for your ‘drivers’.

IMG_7699Other things about the month is your bad habit of biting! It is pretty bad and you have gotten your sister really bad (like top and bottom teeth marks that break the skin). I’m not sure when/where this started, but it happens pretty frequently. Most notably while you’re wrestling, you’re trying to get a hold on someone so you bit their clothes or a blanket, but often go beyond that. You do also do it when you’re angry. We’ve been working on it, but I’m a little lost at what to do to get you to stop. We do timeouts and tell you no that hurts people, but you continue to do it. You are stubborn and determined and opinionated–which is a fierce combination. You will throw tantrums if you don’t have the right cup or you’re not sitting in the right seat or we give you a red M&M instead of a Green one. You don’t like to wear mittens and most of the time hate getting your diaper changed (however the last few days haven’t seemed so bad). Tantrums include furrowing your brows, giving the evil eye, throwing your arm in an attempt to hit and yelling ‘No Mama’ or ‘Go Away Mama’ or ‘No, the oder one’. If I give you something you don’t like, you take it and chuck it and stomp around.

With all that said, you are quite the cuddler and comedian. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle under a blanket and watch Mickey Mouse. At night, we’ll lie in the rocking chair after reading books and you snuggle right into me and go to sleep. You love to randomly come and give me hugs and kisses while you’re playing and tell me ‘i wov you mama’. You love to read books and say ‘sit lap’. In the morning you’ll say ‘Eat’ ‘Mon mommy’ while pulling my finger, in which i’ll respond, ‘Do you want to eat, are you hungry?’ and you’ll respond. ‘Yes…,Yes I do’. While buckling you into your car seat, you’ll smile at me and tell me that it is ‘Chilly’ out. You do a great job of playing by yourself. You’re favorite way to play is laying on your tummy or on your side and you’ll put train tracks together, build tunnels for the trains out of cardboard, push cars around or do puzzles. You love to wrestle and be rough. You and daddy often tackle each other and you giggle and laugh the entire time. IMG_7743


You also got your first haircut this month. You were feeling a little under the weather and sported your ‘grump face’ the entire time. But, you sat very still the whole time and looked so handsome and grown up by the end.

IMG_7730 IMG_7731




William, William Monthly Updates

William 14 months (1 year 2 months)

Dear William,

Although you are completely unaware, this month has been an emotional one for our family. On Tuesday, April 5th your great grandpa Sampson passed away. Although he had been having a handful of health problems over the past year, he passed pretty quickly, which was great that he wasn’t in a lot of pain suffering but still hard to believe he is actually gone. I’m sure you won’t ever remember him, but he loved you so much. He was so proud to have you carry on the family name, not only from a William standpoint but from a Sampson standpoint. None of great-grandpa’s nephews had any children so the only men to carry on the ‘Sampson’ name is Grandpa Sampson, Daddy and now you. He really was a great man who loved Jesus, his family, flying airplanes, fixing things, staying up to date on technology, growing veggies (he basically was a mini farmer) and sharing his veggies with anyone that would take them. Your Daddy was very close with him and learned so many amazing things from him like how to play tennis, how to take things apart and put them back together, using tools and building things and so much more. So far, it looks like you share similar interests as you are fascinated by tools and Daddy will be able to teach you the many things he learned from Great Grandpa.


On a little more upbeat note, April was pretty raining and a little colder than normal, but on the handful of days that the sun shone, you loved being outside. You were a little unsure of it at first, but when you could run around and play and explore things like dirt and rocks and grass and hear the birds and airplanes, you’ve decided there is no place you would rather be. You cry when we come inside and will go bring your shoes to use on a regular basis and stand by the door and beg to be outside. You love going for walks and will climb up in the stroller and just wait to be pushed. You love bubbles and chalk and the crazy coup. We haven’t made it into the bike trailer yet for a ride, but I have a feeling you’re going to love that too.



IMG_6536 IMG_6537


Sleep is pretty status quo. You sleep for about an hour at each nap at day care and drink about an oz of whole milk in a sippy for the first nap and 3-4oz for the second. For bedtime, you have a bottle around 7:30ish and then go to bed around 8. You may cry on the way up to bed, but usually stop within 1-2 min of us walking out the door. In the morning, you’ll usually wake around 6:30 (the 5:30 mornings are dreadful!). About halfway through the month, you stopped taking a bottle in the morning so are really just down to one bottle before bedtime. Giving you a bottle is one of my favorite times of the day as you just snuggle in and sit contently with mom or dad for 20 minutes. However, I am counting down the days until I can put all the bottle parts away. So much extra clutter on the counter.


You love to eat still and insist on feeding yourself. You’ve started to hold forks and spoons while you eat and attempt to use them, but are almost never successful. You love love love Cinnamon Toast Crunch (without milk) all berries, ice cream, avacado, and bread/crackers.


You’re still not talking a whole lot but are starting to make more sounds. Your ‘B’s are very defined for ball and bottle. You’ve also gotten good with your ‘Ds’ for down(stairs), all done, dadda, and Due (for shoe). You’ll also say, mmamama which means you’re hungry. However, your comprehension is pretty good. You follow directions like ‘it’s time to go bye-bye, can you go get me your shoes’ or ‘let’s wash hands’ or ‘go get a book’. Baby sign language has also improved. You consistently sign ‘All done’ ‘dog’ ‘cate’ ‘bird’ ‘duck’ and are getting better about signing ‘please’. You love to roar like a lion and woof like a dog.


You and your sister have a love hate relationship, already. You love to play chase and hide and seek and make each other laugh. However, we need to do a lot of work on sharing with both of you. If you’re playing with a toy and she gets near you, you’ll start crying and whining and you push her. She also likes to randomly hit you and steal things out of your hands and push you too. For me, this constant tension and arguing is the most challenging thing about parenting right now, it runs my patience pretty thin.


With that said, I can never be mad at you. Your little smile just lights my whole world up and think you are the cutest thing ever. You melt my heart with your sweet and random snuggles and kisses. Mrs. Heidy and Mrs. Alba are smitten with you and said you love to give all the teachers snuggles and hugs throughout the day.

We love you little Bood!



IMG_6580 We love you to pieces William, Love, Mama IMG_6585

IMG_6589 IMG_6588



William, William Monthly Updates

William 13 months (1 Year 1 month)

Dear little Bood,

You’ve gathered quite the collections of nicknames in your year of life. Your most recent one is Bood, given by your big sister. We’re not sure where it came from but it is all she calls you and its uniqueness has rubbed off on your daddy and I (and even your grandparents and aunts and uncles) as we often find ourselves referring to you as Bood. Other names you respond to: Bud, Budski, Budski Mudski, William, Will and ‘the grump’.



This past month has been a long one full of sickness for the whole family. You, Lexi and Mama came down with a terrible cold in the beginning of the month. Your cold turned into an eye and ear infection. I don’t think the ear infection you had in February ever went a way so this was more a continuation of it. Then, when we went to get it re-checked at the end of the month, we learned that it still hadn’t gone away and the Dr. threw out the ‘tubes’ word. Daddy had lots of problems with his ears growing up so it may be something we have to look into if your infections continue.



As far as talking goes, the words and even really noises are few and far between (with the exception of laughter and whining there are lots and lots of those). You have learned how to say ‘uh-oh’ and say it whenever something falls or throw something off the table. You’ve also started to initiate the word ‘done’. I’m the only one that can tell you’re saying this because it really just comes out as the ‘D’ sound, but it is accompanied with you doing the baby sign for ‘all done’. You also make the sounds ‘Mmmamma’ when you’re hungry to mimic ‘Num-num’. This is particularly confusing because it sounds like you’re saying mama, but it is really not about me and it is more about the food.

Speaking of food, you love it. If someone is eating something, you absolutely insist on eating it too. You’ll come over tug and my legs and just whine. If you don’t get it, you dramatically fall to the floor and start crying. If something comes along that you believe is better than what you currently are eating, you just spit it out and reach for the new food. You absolutely refuse to eat anything unless you can put it into your mouth yourself. The one exception to this is ice cream. We’ve started to give you a fork and a spoon while you’re eating; and while you do hold it, you have yet to use it.


One afternoon, Lexi left most of the apple she started to eat on the table. You were able to reach it and started waddling around the house and eating it. You would take a bit of it, eat the inside part and then spit out the peel. I found little pieces of peel all over the house.

This month, we took away your bottles before nap time, and just give you a sippy of milk to drink before if you want. The first couple naps there were lots of tears and it took you longer than normal to go down, but you adjusted pretty quickly. You still love your bottle in the morning when you wake and the one prior to bed time.


As far as napping goes, you take two naps a day, usually for about an hour each around 9:30 and then again around 2:00. At home, I will tell you it is nap time and you usually start crying as we walk up the stairs and when I lay you down, but as soon as I put your blanket over you and give you a stuffed animal to snuggle, you calm down and roll over onto your tummy. Then for bedtime, we’ve been giving you your bottle earlier and allowing you to play a little after to help break the association that you need a bottle before bedtime. You usually go down around 8:00 and with very few tears if any at all. We go into your room, give you a kiss, turn your sound machine on, turn the lights off and walk out. Occasionally you’ll cry but for maybe only a minute or two. (However, there were several times this month where you did cry for over an hour!) So hard little guy and I think this is a little foreshadowing into your stubborn and determination.


This month you also turned a corner in liking books. You frequently go to your shelf and pick out a book and bring it to me and plop yourself down into my lap. Your favorites are the Animal book, Little Blue Truck, the little color board books,

Another amazing accomplishment for you this month was learning how to go down the inside slide all by yourself. You climb up the stairs and have figured out how to get your legs out in front of you and slide down. Throughout the entire process, you have a smile as wide as the Mississippi plastered across your face. You just love it and then get up and go again.

Happy 13 Months William! We are infatuated with everything about you and just love how you are this happy little smilely guy that has made his perfect way into our family. We don’t know what we would do without you.









William, William Monthly Updates

William 12 Months

My dear sweet William,

Happy 1-years old! You make me giddy with excitement. I really don’t know how else to explain it, but every time i see you, I just about burst out of my skin because you are so stinking cute. No joke, even if I just walk around the corner. The way you light up when we make eye contact could turn me into puddle. I just can’t get enough of you. You are a true mama’s boy and I 100% completely underestimated how awesome that really is. Please don’t change.

Desktop Photo 2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Yearly stats:

  • Weight: 22 lbs (76%)
  • Height: 30.63″ (61%)
  • Head: 18.5 cm (74%)

Favorite moments:

You achieved the big milestone of walking this month! You had been so close for several weeks and at the beginning of the month you transitioned to the older infants classroom at daycare and within a week started taking tiny baby steps 2-3 at a time. The following week (on Valentine’s Day) you took off and actually walked the same distance and in the same location that Lexi did for the first time. You were so darn proud of yourself when you did this, you just didn’t want to stop and for the most part haven’t. Occasionally, you will crawl but for the most part, you walk everywhere. I know I’m your mom, but it is the sweetest little walk. You have a wide stance and arms extended in front or to your sides and waddle around. You absolutely refuse to hold anyones hands, I’m not sure if it is for balance or independence yet.

Earlier in the month the four of us were all upstairs getting ready for bed. Daddy was in the rocking chair with Lexi reading books and you were playing. I walked into your doorway and you raced over to me, pulled yourself up on my legs and begged, ‘Mamamama’ with your arms held up. I picked you up and you pointed to the chair and signed milk. So sweet and exciting to see your little brain making connections like that!

At the beginning of the month, we got a pretty decent sized snowstorm. Daddy and Lexi were outside clearing the driveway and playing and you climbed up onto the step stool and stood at the front window and banged on the window and watched in jealousy the entire time. You just can’t wait to be big enough to be out there with them. Next year bud!





Your favorites:

  • Wrestling and rough-housing. You love to pile into tickle feasts or just wrestle with mommy and daddy.
  • Balls
  • The little people horses (and really all of the animals)
  • Cars, you love to push them around and make ‘Vrroomm’ sounds. You also love to play with your race track
  • Eating anything in sight–specifically stuff that is on my plate. Even if you have the same thing, you want to eat it from my plate.
  • Smiling and laughing. Whenever you have a sub at daycare, we get the comment, he is so cute and so smiley. He just never stops smiling.
  • Playing chase with Lexi. You love to laugh at her and she gets your going pretty good!
  • Opening cupboards and drawers and taking everything out of them. You also really like to climb and sit in chairs.
  • Crawl up and down stairs. You’ve been going up stairs for awhile now, but have recently learned to climb down them on your belly.




Other interesting things about the month:

  • You got another tooth (bottom right) for a total of 8. With that came a little cold which led to an ear infection.
  • Talking is few and far between. You can say ‘Mamamamama’ and ‘Dadada’ but don’t do it consistently or on command. You also say ‘Ba’ which means Ball
  • At the beginning of the month, you transitioned to the Older Infants classroom at school. Overall you did great! You took your first nap on a cot and eat at the table with the other kids. The only real hangup has been bottles. You refuse to take a bottle or a sippy cup from anyone in that room, even Mrs. Margaret whom you used to take bottles for all of the time in your old classroom. For the first couple of weeks, I came down and sat with you in the classroom and gave you your bottle. Even then it was sort of debatable on if you would take it. Outside of the bottle/sippy situation, you’re loving your new classroom and playing with the kids, singing songs, reading books and going for lots of walks!
  • As a result of your new classroom, you’ve started to show more interest in books. You bring them to me and plop yourself down in my lap and will sit there for maybe a page or two before you insist on starting to flip the pages yourself. You’re favorite book is the animal book. You love to look at all of the different pictures and hear the sounds they make.
  • As you have developed your walking skills, you’ve started to walk in the bathtub. You’ve been pulling yourself up to standing in the bath for many months now, but you’ve now become a little more adventurous but not quite stable. You probably fall 3 times every time you take a bath, even when I’m sitting right there. You’ll be a tough cookie with all the times you’ve banged your head and even gone under water. Ironically, it hasn’t scared you at all. You lie right down on your back with now hesitation and love the water coming up around your face.

Oh sweet buddy boo! There is something so magical about you that I’m not sure how to explain but everyone who meets you feels it and trys to articulate it but just can’t. We love everything about you and can’t get enough of you. Happy 1st Birthday! We can’t wait to experience all the fun the next year will bring!










William, William Monthly Updates

William 9 Months

Dear William,

NINE whole months. It feels like forever ago that you became a part of our family but I’m a little bit in disbelief that my baby is close to 1! Gah!! You’ve made some major development this month and and it has made you a little more content with life. You can crawl on all fours but prefer to arm crawl. You’ll go much longer distances such as from the family room to the kitchen–which I’m sure is a pretty good workout and would explain why you’re hungry all the time. You also can get to a sitting position from laying down and pull yourself on everything. You love to stand and are so darn proud when you pull yourself up on something new. It is so sweet to see the delight and sense of accomplishment on your face. So crazy that such a little human can feel those things. Now that you’re mobile, you seem much more content when I put you down or leave your side because you can easily get yourself a new toy or come see me.




Your top two front teeth have also popped through and the other two front teeth are days away from breaking skin. These have caused you some pain and usually two wake-ups a night but not like the pain from the first two.



Eating continues to be in your top 3 favorite activities (along with hanging out on Mom’s hip and pulling yourself up on everything). We have yet to find a food that you don’t like. And you eat a ton. You will easily eat a whole piece of pizza. For breakfast this morning you ate an entire banana, puffs and a whole piece of toast. I’m starting to not even break foods up for you anymore cause you do so great. Today, I cut your toast in half and you ate it (crust and all) like we do and gave you a whole apple slice. You still nurse 5-7 times a day. I know you don’t need the middle of the night sessions but when you wake up, it is just easier to nurse for 5 min than to get you to fall back asleep. I’ll probably regret this later but daily survival is done on a day-by-day basis.


Sleeping hasn’t changed with the exception of napping in your crib at daycare. I switched jobs at work and don’t have the flexibility to stay and rock you for a half hour twice a day anymore. I come nurse you and then bring you back to have to fall asleep in your crib. Each day is so different but if I had to guess, I would say you usually sleep about 45 min for the morning nap and another 45 for the afternoon.



You had your first halloween and dressed up like a dinosaur for the halloween parade at daycare and then for a picture with your sister on the day, but enjoyed handing out candy with Grandma.



You continue to be the sweetest and cutest little guy ever. I love coming into your room to find you standing at the crib and then to start jumping up and down as soon as you see me enter. Really, I get the response every time I see you and it never gets old!


We love you so much William (or Will-se, buddy, brodder as Lexi likes to call you)








William, William Monthly Updates

William 8 Months

My little William,

You have mommy wrapped around your finger and give me this happy, tingly, squirming in my own skin-i’m going to burst feeling when you flash your huge smile at me every time we make eye contact. I just don’t know how to contain my love for you sometimes. You are the smiliest little guy ever. You smile at everyone all the time and twinkle your eyes while stealing everyone’s hearts.

You are all boy in every way little man. You have a very ‘boy’ look to you and are always on the go. I’m sure this statement will only be compounded by 10 in the next couple months as you become more mobile, but you are always wiggling in our arms, on the ground or bouncing in the jumparoo.

You have a strong affinity to me. You’ll be with daddy playing and doing just fine, but the moment you see or hear my voice, game over. You only want me and will start whining and following me around with your eyes until I come get you, to which you immediately stop whining. This month, you also learned to put your arms up when you want to be picked up. Most of the time I love it and don’t mind carrying you around on my hip while I do things in the house.

Your  two little bottom chiclets are dared to not be the only little pearls in your mouth as you’ve  been showing lots of teething signs. Your top two teeth are on the verge of cutting through. These two teeth have been a dosy and causing lots of pain. We can just see the pain in your eyes and it is heartbreaking to know there isn’t a whole lot we can do to help.  You’ll wake several times in the night to nurse and won’t let me put you down without a full on cry fest when you’re in a lot of pain. Given the fact you only have two teeth, you love table food and by month end, pretty much refused baby food. Foods you’ve had include: banana, raspberry, blueberries,  apples, pears, avocado, broccoli, graham crackers, rice, chicken, cheese, noodles, ice cream, cookies, cake, Kiks, cheerios, toast, english muffin, pizza, cream cheese, turkey, chicken wild rice soup, juice, pancakes and I’m sure many more I don’t remember.  We have yet to find something you don’t enjoy. You can also successfully drink from a sippy cup and a straw, and prefer the sippys with straws.


With your strong affinity to food, you’re still nursing like a champ. Usually, you nurse when you wake up around 6:30ish, again at 10, 1:30, sometime around 5:00ish and then right before bed. I quit pumping in the mornings this month and it really helped with my sanity. I can get an extra 30 min of sleep every morning and it has re-energized my mentality to nurse longer than what I was thinking. Now that you don’t need to eat on the 3 hour mark every day, it is much easier to plan my days with meetings and still make it work to come down and nurse. I’m usually down 2-3 times a day and LOVE having an excuse to come and snuggle with your everyday and am just not ready to give it up yet.


You love to cross your legs while your sitting and playing, in your carseat or in the bathtub etc… I think the funniest thing about it is, your legs aren’t very long so to always have them crossed just looks silly.

I think you might be my water-baby. So far, you love the bath. As soon as I turn on the water, you start squirming to get out of my arms and into the water. You love to splash with your hands and feet and are very comfortable laying on your back while I wash your hair. You also loved the hot tub at Grandma and Papa’s house. They put you in your life jacket and you relaxed your head back onto the little pillow and just floated around like a little duck.


Sleep is a questionable topic for you little bud. With the exception of teething and being sick, you’re a great night time sleeper and are sleeping through the night from between 7:00-8:00 pm to about 6:30ish am. Naps are another topic and there isn’t any kind of consistency. On daycare days, you almost always sleep in my arms after your nurse for about 25 min. The moment I stand up, you wake up. Occasionally, you’ll take another nap in the crib but it usually don’t last more than 20 min.  At home your morning nap will range anywhere from 15 min to an hour and a half, which usually is around 10:00. Your afternoon nap is around 2:00ish and will last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. There really is no rhyme or reason for how long it is. Overall, you are just a really light sleeper. If someone sneezes, you’ll wake up, and that has been the case sine your very first days. You’ll fall asleep in the car, but I think there have been less than 5 times, where we’ve been able to transfer you into the house and keep you sleeping. I’m hoping this will change as you get older. With that said, you do a pretty good job falling asleep when we put you down awake. About half the time you just roll over and go to sleep without a peep and the other half, you’ll cry for 5-10 minutes and then fall asleep. You’re mostly sleeping on your stomach or side these days. I’ve started to notice that you’ll sleep better and longer if you are on your tummy and try to position you to roll that way if I put you down after nursing. When you do wake up, you start crying right away to get us to come get you. Occasionally, you’ll chat a little. Either way, the moment I walk into your room you start kicking your legs and waving your hands in excitement to see me. It is the best!

This month, you’ve made major progress in the mobility department. You willingly spend a significant amount of time on your tummy and have become a master spinner and roller. You reach for toys has really expanded, especially while you’re sitting. You lean over so you’re almost on all fours, but haven’t figured out how to move your foot behind you to actually get on all fours. Sometimes, gravity gets the best of you and take a little nose dive, but are usually Ok.


By the end of the month, you officially started army crawling to get things–mostly to me. I usually get super excited and start clapping and saying ‘Yeah William’ and keep scooting myself backwards to force you to go longer distances, which royally pisses you off. Sorry bud.


Overall, you don’t seem too interested in crawling, but do want to try and pull yourself up on anything and everything. You do pretty good, but need to keep building up your arm strength and learning how to get your foot out from under you leg. You can usually pull yourself onto your knees but then get stuck. You can successfully pull yourself up when you’re in the bathtub. It is just the right hight that you’re able to get your forearms on the ledge and then pull yourself the rest of the way up, and that is all you want to do in there. It’s also probably one of the most dangerous places to practice, but you seem to have no fear of anything at this point. You have fallen down a couple times head under water in all. I grabbed you right away, but you didn’t seem to mind. Shook your head a little and that was it. (Big Sister would have had a big tearful melt down, even at almost 3) When you do pull yourself up, you are so darn proud of yourself. You have the biggest grin and just start giggling. If you’re giggles could be translated, I swear you’d be saying ‘Look what I did, Look what I did!!!’


Another favorite milestone this month was learning how to give kisses. When I kiss your checks, you open your mouth and turn your face to me. It is a little gross as my lips are pretty much inside of your mouth but you make this sweet little noise and my heart melts when you randomly grab my face and initiate a kiss. Small body but big heart in there my little William. You’re also a pretty snuggly little guy. You love to nuzzle your face into me or rest your head on the crook of my shoulder. Whenever this happens, I feel like life kind of stops. No matter what I’m doing or where I need to be going, I just stop and hold your warm little body next to mine and just try and soak up your warmth and love because I just know it won’t last forever and really, there isn’t anything more important to me than enjoying these sweet moments with you.


I’m pretty sure you can clap too. I’ve only seen it once or twice and wonder, are you trying to sign ‘more’ but I’m pretty sure you are clapping. When we play patty-cake, you are able to open your hands all the way (most babies keep their hands in a fist) and clap. More to come on this next month.



  • You wear a size 3 diapers and 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes.
  • You pretty much always have a runny nose. I used to look at other kids and see the snot or the dried crusties around their nose and think ‘how come parents don’t wipe that off?’ But no more judgement here. I get it.  Sigh. You can’t, it is always there. You wipe it off and then next minute, it is there again. It’s not even that they are necessarily sick, it is just always there. And the annoyance you have of me chasing you around with a Kleenex all the time just isn’t worth it.
  • One final major milestone this month was spending your first night away from Mom and Dad. You spent the night and Grandma and Papa’s and did great. You made it all the way through the night and were a sweet cuddle bug with Grandma.

We love you so much little bud.




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William 7 Months


Another month in the books bud! This month seemed relatively quiet on the development forum and was just a little more un-eventful in a good way.


New skills and tricks You blow bubbles all the time and think you’re hilarious; which mostly you are. You tolerate tummy time. I wouldn’t say you like it or you’re there often but you often roll from your back to your tummy to get things and then usually wine for us to get you to a sitting position or pick you up. With that said, you do sleep on your tummy about half the time (other half on your side) and spin yourself all the way around in your crib.



My favorite milestone you’ve hit this month is putting your arms up for me to get you. It isn’t super defined yet, but I know what you mean. You love to nuzzle into my leg or chest. You’ve also learned how to give ‘kisses’ which means you lean forward with your mouth wide open; which to pretty much everyone but me is disgusting, but I think it sweet. I’ll gladly take your slobber. Eating You’re still doing a great job nursing and I love that I can come down and nurse you in the day. It is always the best part of my ‘work day’. Most days I’m down there twice and occasionally have to come down a third time, but usually we just head out for the day then. On average you’re probably nursing 5 times a day. You also continue to inhale baby food and have yet to discover something you don’t like. You eat three containers a day and will usually have a mum-mum cracker and some puffs too. When you first started eating the puffs, you would kind of gag on them, but now you’re a pro. The hand to mouth coordination needs some improvement but you’re getting there. I love watching you grab them and try and figure out how to get it from your palm into your mouth. Hopefully this next month we’ll work on more real food and less baby food. For example break up a banana instead of the processed banana baby food. Daddy and I are also way more relaxed with you than we were with Lexi. You have enjoyed cheese, bread, donuts, ice cream and i’m sure several other sweet foods that Lexi didn’t get to try until after she was one. IMG_5540


Sleep is still a question mark in your little world with very little consistency. You fall asleep nursing most nights between 7 and 8 and will sleep until 6 or 6:30. About half the time, you’ll fall asleep nursing and then sleep until 7ish when Lexi wakes up. The other half, you’re up and I’ll just bring you into work with me. Nap times can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours (if we’re VERY lucky). The shorter end usually happen at daycare and the longer stretches at home. You’ll nap about twice a day; around 10:30ish and then again at 1:30ish. Sometimes, we can just put you down awake and you’ll fall asleep. Other times, you yell and scream for 45+ minutes until we come get you. Very rarely will you fall asleep in the car and if you do, you always wake up the moment the car stops. This next month, I’m going to work on always putting you to sleep awake to get you into a better rhythm and help teach those self soothing skills.