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Kate 9 Months

Dear Kate,

I experienced my most scary moment as a parent to date with you. You’ve been doing pretty good with food over the past several months so I handed you a cracker from William’s 3rd birthday party the evening before. This cracker was a little bit harder than others you have eaten, but not that hard and I have you a pretty small piece. But you started choking on it. You couldn’t breath, weren’t making any noises or coughing and were starting to turn purple. Thankfully, I was holding you and tipped you upside down and started giving you back blows. Nothing was coming out so I flipped you over and did a finger swipe in your mouth to try and loosen things up. You started coughing a little so I flipped you back upside down and did more back blows but you still weren’t breathing. I asked Daddy to call 911 knowing that it can take several minutes for them to arrive and I know that every second counts when choking. I applied two more rounds of back blows and you finally started to cough and the cracker came loose and you spit up a little. In reality, I’m sure this little scenario was 1 minute or less, but it felt like an eternity in the moment, and my blood pressure and adrenaline were running so high I was shaking for a good 5-10 minutes. Many extra prayers were said in thanking God that nothing terrible happened, or ever will.

Outside of this scary incident, eating is going well. You like all foods and do a decent job of getting food into your mouth. You’re still figuring out how to actually get it out of your palm as you aren’t pinching it yet. You’ve figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup–which was a life-saver on the airplane, but haven’t realized that you need to tip it back to get something out of it.


Nursing is going OK. You easily get distracted from any kind of noise. You’ll stop, sit up check out what is going on around you and then go back to nursing and you’ll do this like 5 times in one session. Pumping has become pretty pathetic. Although I am going at noon everyday, I’m probably pumping a total of 3-4 ounces and it used to be closer to 6-7. So we’ll see how much longer it lasts.

You’ve started to put your arms up for ‘So Big’ but it takes several prompts and someone else showing what you’re supposed to do.


You love to swim and were so happy splashing and kicking your little legs around in the pool in Florida.

You love to be tickled, receive raspberries and giggle. You’re ticklish on your belly, your neck, feet and behind your legs.

As a family, we went to go visit Grammy and Papa in Florida for a week and you took your first airplane rides. You did so awesome. For the first flight, I tried to nurse you during take-off to help with your ears and you had zero interest in hiding under a blanket or nursing for that matter with all of the nosies and action happening around you. I did have a sippy cup filled with water to help with your ears and that seemed to do the trick as you would drink the water during take-off and landings. You also kept yourself very entertained with the bag of peanuts and crackers they gave us.


You loved Florida and getting loved on by your Grammy and Papa, playing in the sand, swimming and enjoying some extra vitamin D.


You love to sit and have NO interest in tummy time, crawling or rolling. Although I think you have the strength to roll-over, you never try. You do roll onto your side while you’re sleeping but that is as far as you ever try and go. Tummy time just puts you into a cranky mood so it doesn’t happen as much as it probably should.

You are the best little sleeper. You never fall asleep in my arms or cuddle. You always always always are put into your crib awake with your bunny and pacifier and you just rub your face against your pal, roll over and go to sleep. You never cry, chat or monkey around. You go straight to business. You still go to sleep around 8, wake up around 5ish to nurse and then sleep until 7 or 8. You also take 2 naps each day which are about 2 hours long.


My sweet Kate, you are the happiest baby ever. You are so content just playing by yourself with your toys and rarely fuss or make a peep. You always go with the flow and smile at everyone who glances your way. I love you so much little bubs! It is the best coming home from work everyday to see your sweet smile and squinty eyes absolutely light up and your legs kick excitedly when you see me.


Happy 9 Months Sweet Pea!




  • Height: 27″ (36%)
  • Weight: 19 lbs (69%)
  • Head Circumference: 17″ (84%)
  • Size 3 diapers (but getting small)
  • 6-9 month clothes, but they are tight and will need to transition to 12 month
William, William Monthly Updates

William 9 Months

Dear William,

NINE whole months. It feels like forever ago that you became a part of our family but I’m a little bit in disbelief that my baby is close to 1! Gah!! You’ve made some major development this month and and it has made you a little more content with life. You can crawl on all fours but prefer to arm crawl. You’ll go much longer distances such as from the family room to the kitchen–which I’m sure is a pretty good workout and would explain why you’re hungry all the time. You also can get to a sitting position from laying down and pull yourself on everything. You love to stand and are so darn proud when you pull yourself up on something new. It is so sweet to see the delight and sense of accomplishment on your face. So crazy that such a little human can feel those things. Now that you’re mobile, you seem much more content when I put you down or leave your side because you can easily get yourself a new toy or come see me.




Your top two front teeth have also popped through and the other two front teeth are days away from breaking skin. These have caused you some pain and usually two wake-ups a night but not like the pain from the first two.



Eating continues to be in your top 3 favorite activities (along with hanging out on Mom’s hip and pulling yourself up on everything). We have yet to find a food that you don’t like. And you eat a ton. You will easily eat a whole piece of pizza. For breakfast this morning you ate an entire banana, puffs and a whole piece of toast. I’m starting to not even break foods up for you anymore cause you do so great. Today, I cut your toast in half and you ate it (crust and all) like we do and gave you a whole apple slice. You still nurse 5-7 times a day. I know you don’t need the middle of the night sessions but when you wake up, it is just easier to nurse for 5 min than to get you to fall back asleep. I’ll probably regret this later but daily survival is done on a day-by-day basis.


Sleeping hasn’t changed with the exception of napping in your crib at daycare. I switched jobs at work and don’t have the flexibility to stay and rock you for a half hour twice a day anymore. I come nurse you and then bring you back to have to fall asleep in your crib. Each day is so different but if I had to guess, I would say you usually sleep about 45 min for the morning nap and another 45 for the afternoon.



You had your first halloween and dressed up like a dinosaur for the halloween parade at daycare and then for a picture with your sister on the day, but enjoyed handing out candy with Grandma.



You continue to be the sweetest and cutest little guy ever. I love coming into your room to find you standing at the crib and then to start jumping up and down as soon as you see me enter. Really, I get the response every time I see you and it never gets old!


We love you so much William (or Will-se, buddy, brodder as Lexi likes to call you)