Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

8 Week Appointment

Dear Baby,

What an exciting day for you! You got your first of many many pictures taken. We had our first doctor appointment today and our first ultrasound. You’re just about 1 inch and have tiny little arm and leg buds. The other exciting thing we got to see was your heart beat. It was beating about 180 times per minute, which is right where it should be. Anywhere between 150 and 200 is healthy. Although we didn’t hear it, we watched it beat and pulse. It was such an incredible experience. Your dad was very excited and had a huge smile on his face the whole time and kept saying, ‘Wow! That is so cool’. And, I have to agree; you’re already pretty spectacular! They also took some blood to run a couple of tests and gave us a whole packet of information to read. Next steps are to call the insurance company to see if they cover some additional special tests for you. Then we go back to the doctor in 4 weeks to hear your heartbeat on the outside of my belly! Can’t wait! Keep growing, you are due to arrive Dec. 6!

Love, Mom

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