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Baby #2 15 Weeks

Dear little Rookie,

We’ve hit a fairly uneventful point of the journey. I’m feeling good and your busy growing! There have been a couple of moments where I question feeling your move. I haven’t definitively said, “Yes, that is the baby moving,” but there have been lots of flutter-type movement. Other than that, the only other thing to report on this week is some strange cramping or almost Braxton Hicks feeling contractions. There are times where my belly just hurts and I don’t remember that with Lexi so I’ll ask the doctor next week. My belly is definitely growing, but it doesn’t look like a cute round belly, yet. It just looks fat, particularly the area above my belly button. I’m in maternity pants so I’m ready for the belly to grow and to look pregnant and not just that I’ve eaten way too many donuts. Not much else going on in the word around us.



2 thoughts on “Baby #2 15 Weeks”

  1. Sounds like me. Except for no flutters yet 😦
    I am waiting for my belly to round out as well, there is a bit that pokes out above my belly button which annoys me. Im 16 weeks on Tuesday!

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