Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 13/14 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This week went by in a flash! We had your first trimester prenatal screening and although you were a little un-cooperative, so far you are looking to be a healthy little bug. You continue to measure a little big, but your guess date of arrival continues to be March 3rd. During our first attempt you were cozy as could be in your little position in my belly and just didn’t want to move for the nurse to get the correct measurements. They were doing all sorts of tricks to get you to move like having me roll from one side to another, tipping me backwards so I was almost upside down, drinking water, doing jumping jacks, going to the  bathroom and nothing seemed to do the trick. So, I had to go back again the next day, which actually worked out really well. Due to a variety of reasons, Daddy wasn’t able to make it to the first two ultra-sounds, but he was able to make it to the second one, so he finally got to see you. We were even able to bring Lexi with us so she could see you.

This week, I also celebrated my 29th birthday, took you to the fair and enjoyed some quality time with Daddy and Lexi. We’ve been busy working on the basement and Lexi’s new room so by the time you arrive, the house should be in good working order, at least that is the my hope!

In other news, this week I think I jumped pass the sickness nauseous stage. I don’t seem to have too many issues when I wake up in the morning or in the evening. I also don’t feel as hungary as I was and thankfully don’t need to eat every hour anymore. I’m still pretty tired on work days and would prefer to take a 20 minute nap/rest when I get home, but I don’t need them like I did in previous weeks. I haven’t been weighing myself regularly, but still fluctuating between 2 and 4 lbs., although I feel like it looks like I’ve gained 10. I’m mostly in maternity pants, but have one pair of shorts and found a pair of regular jeans I can wear (although they weren’t very comfortable).

I think most family and friends know about your impending arrival and are very excited to meet you. We’re also officially into the 2nd trimester! You’re about 3 1/2 inches long, can suck your thumb, frown, squint, pee and your liver is producing  bile and kidneys making urine.

I’m also going to start taking weekly belly pictures next week. Although I’m no longer able to fit into my regular pants, it doesn’t feel like my belly is growing at rapid paces so it will be interesting to watch and compare from week to week.

Love, Mama


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