Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 22 Weeks

Dear Baby,

IMG_4346 IMG_4348

Today is our last day in Hawaii. It was a great trip and we saw a ton but I’m ready to get back home and see that sweet sister of yours. I missed her more than I imagined and have never been more excited for a trip to be complete. This last week was eventful! Your Daddy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by taking a helicopter ride to the top of a volcano. It was cool to see, but we weren’t able to see any lava as it was slowly impeding a town and they didn’t want helicopters hoovering over their homes as they’re preparing for disaster. We also spent some more time relaxing by the pool and enjoying some beautiful scenery and sunsets on the Big Island. The second half of the week was spent in beautiful Maui where we swam in the ocean, drove the treacherous Hana highway, went for an exhausting hike to a waterfall that was absolutely spectacular, snorkeled and saw sea turtles and visited the historic pearl harbor.

Our flight leaves tonight at 10:00 pm and I’m a little nervous for 7 hours on an uncomfortable plane where I’m expected to sleep but know I won’t be able to. Things with you continue to move with ease. Your movements continue to grow in frequency and strength everyday. I continue to feel most of your movements internally, verses externally towards my belly, which is somewhat uncomfortable as you continue to kick my organs.

It is almost impossible to sleep on my stomach now as you’re just too big and a little painful. With that said, I can’t complain too much about sleep as I feel like I’m sleeping well. I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Food is also good for the most part. I’ve eaten a lot of fish in Hawaii (I heard that eating fish while pregnant can help make baby smarter 🙂 and haven’t had any heartburn as of yet. Overall, I feel like I have a hard time making a decision on what to eat as most food just doesn’t sound that appetizing, even through I’m hungry. No major cravings, although I did crave a beer here and there while other’s were enjoying by overall, feeling that things are pretty mellow.

We have our doctor’s appointment and big ultra sound next week and are very excited to see how you are doing and hear your heartbeat–it has been too long. Still feeling strongly that you’re a boy, but are officially waiting to find out until you are born.



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