Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 21 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! To begin your 21st week of gestation, you’ve joined myself and Daddy in Hawaii. We began our journey last Saturday and will be here through your 22nd week. So far, everything everyone has said about the beauty and serenity of the island is true. Originally, we were very nervous about our travel plans as a hurricane was headed to the island and was scheduled to hit the night we were arriving. Luckily, it changed directions and missed the island and the outer rings of the storm hit the island the day before we arrived.

We’ve been staying with Daddy’s cousin, Kris and John and they have been great hosts. Today we went for a helicopter ride and it was spectacular. Naturally, I was very nervous about something happening, but all was good and the water and waterfalls were amazing. I had seen pictures of this area before, but it was so different to see it in person and from the vantage point of a helicopter verses being on the ground.

I’ll do another post around our trip, but other things to note, the sun is SUPER strong. Much stronger than I anticipated and can literally feel myself burning with sunscreen on within 20 minutes. Daddy and I went snorkeling for the first time and it was pretty cool to see the coral and all the fish swimming around. I would love to see some sea turtles at some point but we’ll see. Also, the plane rides weren’t too terrible. We had three separate flights which helped break up the potential longness of some and was thankful to have the compression socks. They were slightly uncomfortable, but I could feel them working as they would get tighter if I was just sitting for a long period of time. The moment I got up and began moving around, I felt some relief.

I feel like a broken record with updates on your behalf in that everything is very mellow and everything seems to be going fine. I have seen a couple belly movements from the outside, but Daddy still hasn’t been able to feel them. Whenever either of us put a hand on the belly, you seem to stop moving all together. Once difference between you and Lexi is that almost all of Lexi’s kicks or movement was felt on the outside of my belly. Almost all of your movement is internal. It feels like you are constantly kicking my stomach, liver and other internal organs. It isn’t painful, but I wouldn’t say it is comfortable either.

Continue to be good to your mama!



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