Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 23 Weeks

Dear Baby,

(sorry little babes, I forgot to take a picture this week)

Today we had your ultrasound and am happy to report that you appear to be a very healthy baby. Your heart, brain, stomach, diaphragm, arms, legs, kidney, umbilical cord all looked great. You had your hands in front of your face so we weren’t able to get a good 3D picture of your face but that is Ok. I was just thrilled to get more confirmation that you are healthy.

They also confirmed that my suspicions were correct and your spine is against the outside of my belly. So all that movement I’m feeling inside is you kicking my organs around. It isn’t painful but it is a very usual feeling and not super comfortable. Your heartbeat was a 163 and your measuring about 1 lb. 7 oz, which is about 7 oz above average. Also, according to your size they say I’m about 24 1/2 weeks–but that could just mean you’ve recently gone through a growth spurt and they’re keeping my due date as is.

Dr. G said everything looks healthy with mama, blood pressure is good, I’ve gained 10 lbs. which is right where I should be and everything looks good!

Outside of your ultrasound, we’ve had a pretty low key week after returning from Hawaii. Daddy and I have been working to get back on a regular sleep schedule, getting Lexi back into her routine and getting up to speed on everything at work again.

So grateful you’re healthy little nugget!



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