Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 24 Weeks

Dear Baby,


Six months down and four to go until we get to meet your sweet little face. This week has brought a new level of discomfort. You’re getting much stronger and your kicks and punches have become uncomfortable and make me a little nauseous at times when you get me in the right organ–specifically the stomach. I still wouldn’t describe them as painful but there are moments of surprise when my eyes get wide from one of your kicks. At this point, movement still feels like kicks and punches and haven’t gotten to the whole body rolls yet. I still haven’t had any official heartburn to report which I will happily put off for as long as I can. The belly is getting big enough where it gets in the way when I bend down or try to put my socks on, but it doesn’t prevent me from doing these things yet. I can still sort of sleep on my stomach. I’m able to position myself where I am half on my stomach and half on my side, which as been satisfying my comfort need in wanting to fall asleep on my stomach, but then am perfectly happy to roll on my side or back once I am asleep. I’m also able to sleep through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. So overall, sleep feels pretty good. No major cravings or aversions at this point.

After being home from vacation for a whole week, it feels everyone was able to get back into a routine and Lexi is sleeping through the night again–eating like a maniac and just generally being her sweet self. Daddy was out of town over the weekend in Green Bay for a Packers game so Lexi and I went to the Children’s Museum, had a fun movie night and got her first haircut.

Let’s keep these posts uneventful little nugs. No need to repeat your big sister’s drama and send me to the hospital in excruciating pain with kidney issues.



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