Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 33 Weeks

Dear little babes,


Another week is checked off the list. I can’t decide if time is going fast or slow. It is hard to believe it is the middle of January and I only have to wait 7 or 8 weeks to meet you. It feels like the last 30 weeks or so have gone by in a flash, yet when I think about last June when we found out we were expecting you, it feels like another lifetime.

In general, work is insanely busy right now so I’m hoping these last few weeks feel like they go fast. I’m excited to meet you and see how you blend into our family.

This past week, the weirdness in my hands and feet has gotten more intense. They feel very dry regardless of how much lotion I put on and like they need to be massaged. However, after I’m done rubbing them, they don’t feel better. It is very much like restless leg syndrome in my feet. Wearing socks to bed helps–specifically, ones that have compressed arch supports. I remember this same thing with Lexi–which ended up turning into ICP, we’ll see if the same thing happens this time, or it is just a weird side effect of pregnancy.

Overall, I continue to feel pretty good and fairly comfortable. I still have a limited range of positions I can sit or lay at to feel like I can breath normally, which isn’t a big deal. Sleep is still going well. Eating is kind of up in the air. I do eat, but don’t have a large appetite and get full pretty quickly. For the most part, nothing gets my mouth watering–just eating out of necessity. Heartburn has been fairly minimal as well as general hip pain and swelling that I was experiencing last time.

I don’t have the time to analyze and day dream like I did with Lexi, which I think made those last 8 weeks with her go by slowly. I’m hoping these next 7 to 8 weeks will be quickly.

Overall, i feel like your movements have become much more intense over the last week or two. Kicks, rolls and you stretching out are much stronger and felt more intensely than they used to. I can now also identify different body parts. You’re head down and can tell the difference between your feet stretching out and your hands.

Until next week…

Love, Mama

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