Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 34 Weeks

Dear Baby,


The bump continues to get bigger every week. I have a couple of defined stretch marks to the left of my belly button and it looks alike a couple developing on the right side. There are 3-4 lines on each side and make about 2 inches long. My belly button still remains an ‘innie’ although it is starting to appear flatter.

This past week was interesting. On Sunday, Daddy and I went to a movie for one of the first times in over a year. It was such a nice treat to 1.) see a movie and 2.) see it in a theater. Grandma B and Papa watched Lexi and after, Lexi and I sat in the hot tub. Papa was nice enough to turn the temp down so it was safe for me to go in. While I was in there, it felt great, but almost immediately after, I felt more pelvic pressure and a little pain every time I would put pressure onto a foot.

This pain continued throughout the week and had me a little concerned. Did my water break or get a really small leak? What was making me feel so crappy? Then on Tuesday, I had a couple of real, painful contractions, which had me very concerned. There were only a couple so I’ve coupled it up against dehydration and just trying to do too much. Mental note to myself that nothing at work is worth having you arrive early or put onto bed rest. Must take better care of myself.

Overall, work continues to be absolutely insane. Being down two-and-a-half people on our team of 4 is a killer. I’m working ~15 hours a day and working on a project that is pretty complex and brand new to me, so I’m a little worried I may be missing something or with the aggressive timelines may not meet the deadline. Hoping that everything falls into place and things settle down in the next two weeks when our new team members start.

Other updates around you: sleep continues to be pretty good. I wake up around 4 to go to the bathroom. Just not feeling like I’m getting enough sleep. Your movement continues to be aggressive. Lots of stretching, hiccups and kicking of my internal organs verses the outside.

At the doctor’s appointment this morning, your heartbeat was the lowest it has ever been, 133–which has me leaning on the boy side of the gender again. The doctor also thought you were sleeping which may explain the lower heart rate. Everything else seems to be going well. I did have her check me to make sure you hadn’t dropped or any kind of progression had been made and she confirmed that everything looks as it should for 34 weeks. Weight gain is at 17 lbs.

I think that is it for now.

Love, Mama

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