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Kate 22 Months


I am so grateful to have spent six whole days with just you, Grammy and Papa. What a treat it was to have special one-on-one time with you and for you to have lots of one-on-one time with your Grammy and Papa. At the end of March you and I hoped onto a plane to Florida to have another special visit with Grammy and Papa. We had the best time!! You played in the sand, we went for walks on the beach and around the resort, you went to a park for the first time and lots of swimming. Mommy even golfed several times with Papa and enjoyed some relaxation in the sun while you napped. I can’t think of another time in your short almost-two-years of life where I have had so much quality time with just you. And let me tell you, you soaked it up too. You were all ‘mommies mommies mommies’ in everything you did, while still enjoying lots of hugs, snuggles and giggles with Grammy and Papa. For the most part, you did really well on the plane rides. You didn’t sleep a wink on the way down, even thought we didn’t get there until after 11 pm! You were a little wiggly  but it really helped having the flights be broke up into two short stretches. But it was your last free ride…from now on we’re going to have to pony up the cash to take you places.

kate 22 months fl 1kate 22 months fl 2Kate 22 months FL 3kate 22 months FL 4kate 22 months fl 5

Your trips to Florida over the past two months have developed an obsession for walks. You call the stroller ‘babies’ and constantly beg to go for walks. You climb in and sit content as a little buttercup as we push you around. You probably went on 2+ walks a day while in Florida.

You’ve also shown lots of signs for being ready to ditch the diapers. In fact, while in Florida, you pooped in your diaper while in your pack’n play but didn’t want to sit in it while you napped so you took it off and put it in the corner. You would tell us after you peed and would go get a diaper and wipes and say ‘change’. So about two weeks after Florida, we had an uneventful weekend so I thought I would give the whole potty-training a whirl. We took of the diapers and let your toosh run free. You had two tiny accidents but were able to catch them pretty quickly and get to the potty, in which you peed on two or three times the first day. You had many many more false alarms where you told us you needed to go, but the moment you were on the can, you told us you wanted to get up. However, you didn’t poop at all. Later that evening, you pooped in your diaper twice as we were out and about. Day two, you pretty much peed on the potty every time, but still no poop. This proceeded for about a week–except you would poop the moment a pair of underwear would go on or someone would turn their back. After about two weeks and zero successful poops on the potty, we went back to diapers. For the most part, you keep your diapers dry and tell us when you need to go to the potty and are starting to get the hang of pooping on the potty, but are still more comfortable in a diaper, so maybe in another two weeks we’ll give it a try.

kate 22 months 3

One of my other favorite things this month is you singing songs. During bedtime, we’ll lie on the bed together and you’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle with me or Row Row your Boat. You can barely say the words, but you get a couple of them here and there and it is the sweetest to hear your little voice.

While you love to look at books before bedtime, you really dislike actually listening to the story. You pretty much always have a different book that you are looking at while I read another one. You love to look at ‘Goodnight Moon’, the baby body’s book, Colorful Monsters and the animals book.

Kate 22 months 1

You do not have once ounce of patience in your little body. You yell and demand to be listened to right away. I’ll be making dinner and you’ll come in and move my legs so I’m facing you and can pay attention to you instead of facing the counter. You’ll say ‘mommies’ and if I don’t respond within a half a second, you are yelling ‘MMMMOOMMIES’

kate 22 months 4

You are saying more and more words and stringing phrases together. It is so fun to hear your little voice and be able to communicate with you.

kate 22 months 2

You celebrated your 2nd Easter and were all about the egg hunts and candy, my sweet tooth.

kate 22 months easter 2kate 22 months easter 1

As demanding as you can be, you’re also my sweetest shadow. You brighten my days with your huge grins and big hugs everyday when I get home from work. I love you to pieces Katers.




Light switches

“Doooddl, Dooooddl” I wonder what the heck Kate is trying to say as I’m putting clothes away. I keep going about my business, but she keeps repeating herself and looking at one object so clearly she isn’t just babbling…so I stop for a moment to try and figure out what she is saying, and it dawns on me. She is trying to talk to our Google home, and is saying, “Google” I pull out my phone to record this epic moment and then continue with the laundry. As I’m hanging cloths, I’m thinking about the situation that just unfolded and think about the implications; there is a good chance that this kiddo will live in a world without light switches (one of the main things we use the Google Home for in our bedroom). This blows my mind a little. How could my own child grow up in a lifetime that has lights that are only voice or motion activated? This technology advancement seems so future state, but is it really? Considering smart lights and voice activated devices weren’t even a thing when Lexi was born…the adoption of this technology over the next 5 years could mean Kate may very well live in a world without light switches. Small concept, but kind of mind blowing at the same time.




William, William Monthly Updates

William 22 Months

Merry Christmas William,

You are 22 months old today, which also happens to be Christmas. This holiday season has been so fun with you! Your vocabulary and speech improve everyday making it easier and easier to communicate with you. You’re expressive and show much joy for the season. You love to look at lights on peoples houses and yell ‘Oh Wow!’ or ‘Wook mama Wook’. You’re eyes just about pop out of your head when you saw the Christmas tree. You were pretty amped up about your blue airplane ornament and carried it around the house for a couple of hours while we were decorating. You did also like to take ornaments off the tree, and broke several, which meant the tree was pretty much decorated from the 3 feet and up. Your absolute favorite was the train that goes around the tree. You were running around and stomping your feet as Daddy set it up and kept yelling ‘Choo Choo Train’ or ‘Tracks’. Once it was set up and running, you would get so excited and look at me with a huge grin and eyes as wide as the Mississippi. Eventually, Daddy connected noise to it so you could honk the horn and ring the bell and it was pretty much that was the best thing ever. While going down the stairs in the morning, you would yell ‘Choo Choo Train. William Horn’. You also sat on Santa’s lap. You didn’t enjoy it and wanted off stat, but you did sit there long enough for a picture. After, you would proceed to talk about ‘Santa’s Lap’ so it couldn’t have been that terrible. You also started to get the hang of some Christmas songs and will occasionally chime in with Jingle Bells or Frosty. You were much more into presents this year and would say ‘Wow’ while you were opening them, and followed up by ‘Open’. You just wanted to sit and play with the toys you got verses opening new presents. Your tools are by far the highlight and favorite toy as you’re constantly playing with them and looking for your ‘drivers’.

IMG_7699Other things about the month is your bad habit of biting! It is pretty bad and you have gotten your sister really bad (like top and bottom teeth marks that break the skin). I’m not sure when/where this started, but it happens pretty frequently. Most notably while you’re wrestling, you’re trying to get a hold on someone so you bit their clothes or a blanket, but often go beyond that. You do also do it when you’re angry. We’ve been working on it, but I’m a little lost at what to do to get you to stop. We do timeouts and tell you no that hurts people, but you continue to do it. You are stubborn and determined and opinionated–which is a fierce combination. You will throw tantrums if you don’t have the right cup or you’re not sitting in the right seat or we give you a red M&M instead of a Green one. You don’t like to wear mittens and most of the time hate getting your diaper changed (however the last few days haven’t seemed so bad). Tantrums include furrowing your brows, giving the evil eye, throwing your arm in an attempt to hit and yelling ‘No Mama’ or ‘Go Away Mama’ or ‘No, the oder one’. If I give you something you don’t like, you take it and chuck it and stomp around.

With all that said, you are quite the cuddler and comedian. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle under a blanket and watch Mickey Mouse. At night, we’ll lie in the rocking chair after reading books and you snuggle right into me and go to sleep. You love to randomly come and give me hugs and kisses while you’re playing and tell me ‘i wov you mama’. You love to read books and say ‘sit lap’. In the morning you’ll say ‘Eat’ ‘Mon mommy’ while pulling my finger, in which i’ll respond, ‘Do you want to eat, are you hungry?’ and you’ll respond. ‘Yes…,Yes I do’. While buckling you into your car seat, you’ll smile at me and tell me that it is ‘Chilly’ out. You do a great job of playing by yourself. You’re favorite way to play is laying on your tummy or on your side and you’ll put train tracks together, build tunnels for the trains out of cardboard, push cars around or do puzzles. You love to wrestle and be rough. You and daddy often tackle each other and you giggle and laugh the entire time. IMG_7743


You also got your first haircut this month. You were feeling a little under the weather and sported your ‘grump face’ the entire time. But, you sat very still the whole time and looked so handsome and grown up by the end.

IMG_7730 IMG_7731




Alexis Monthly Posts, Lexi

Lexi 1 year 9 months (22 Months)

My little love bug,

You really are the sweetest, happiest, most easy-going toddler I have ever seen. You LOVE to give mama and daddy hugs and kisses and do so, unprompted several times throughout the day. You just go with the flow, are a great sleeper and eater and have just blended into our lives seamlessly. I’m a little nervous how we’ll all react to a child that may not be any of these things.


Favorite Moments:

This has happened several times throughout the month, but to varying degrees. You and I were doing something in mama and daddy’s bathroom and daddy was working on the computer and he sneezed a couple of times. Without interruption of what you were playing with or looking up or anything, called out bless you for each sneeze and just kept going about your business. It was just funny how you didn’t hesitate and he couldn’t hear you, but you knew that’s what you say when someone sneezes. So sweet my little girl.


Dancing continues to be one of your favorite things to do. You love all and any music. Your favorite songs right now are Thrift Shop and Let it Go. If music is on, your dancing in one way or another. You’ll clap your hands to the beat (and are amazing accurate) bounce your head, move your hips or jump. I love that this is a theme that I continue to write about every month. I think next year we’ll put you in a dance class if you still seem to love it as much as you do now.

While Daddy is working, you love to come downstairs and play (and usually get into things). One day, he hears a thud and looks over the ledge and you had gone into the diaper bag, grabbed the changing pad, unfolded it, got a diaper and put your baby down on the pad and we’re attempting to change it’s pants. You’re going to be such a good big sister and I have a feeling want to always be helping mama.


Your long-term memory is getting much stronger as you recall things from a days or weeks ago and tell us about it. The most common story you like to tell us about is being woke up from your nap by Thunder. This happened at least a month ago, if not more, but you tell us about it several times a week. Whenever you hear a big noise, you tell us it is thunder. Then proceed to tell us words or phrases that help you tell a story. In this case it would be “Thunder? scary. i nap. boom. wake up. i scream.” Of course the expression and your big wide eyes that go along with this little story make it that much better. It is little moments like these that stand out to me and make being a mom so fun. It is so exciting to see the output of your brain developing and how much you’re growing and learning.

For awhile now, we’ve been trying to teach you that you if you aren’t in your high chair eating, you must eat at your table and not walk around the house with food. We frequently tell you that you need to chew and swallow before you can leave the kitchen and will have you go AHHH to check your mouth. In typical Lexi fashion, we were sharing an apple and you were at your table and I was sitting on the stool chewing and you had finished your piece got up, looked at me, pointed with your finger and in a very forceful and demanding voice told me chew and swallow. You’re a ham sweet girl and I’m glad all those times we’ve said it to you, it registered.


For whatever reason, you’ve decided that on the floor and in the corner of the couches between the ottomans is ‘Lexi’s spot’. You regularly have several blankets, pillows, pals and dump your whole bucket of toys there and like to make this little nest for yourself to play in. You play with the toys, pretend to sleep, watch shows etc… Its so funny that you’ve selected this little area and the moment we clean it up, you go and recreate the mess almost instantaneously.



IMG_8680 IMG_8662 IMG_7683

You have a slight obsession with trains–specifically Thomas the Train. Last month I bought some new books for you and one of them is an ABC Thomas the Train book and I kid you not, we probably read it 5-10 times a day. I think you honestly have it memorized. You refer to it as ‘All Aboard’ as that is the first line in the book, “A is for All Aboard.” We’ve only had it for a month, but it looks like we’ve had it for years as you take it to bed with you and everywhere you go in the house.

IMG_4157 IMG_4156

Update on the potty training topic. Last month you had your little set back, but it only really lasted a week or so. You’re back to almost pooping exclusively on the toilet! Yeah!!! You have some unusual habits with it though. You don’t let daddy in there while you go, but you’ll let me in there as long as I close my eyes. You also like to hold my nose or hair while you go.

The weather has started to get a little colder and while we’re playing outside some nights you’ll rub your arms and shrug your shoulder and say ‘It’s chilly.’


You really like to go inside closets and close the door and then say ‘Where’s Lexi?’ Also, as you’re closing the doors, you remind yourself out loud to ‘watch your fingers’ to make sure they don’t get pinched.

You officially have a mullet. Your hair is getting pretty long in the back and longer on the sides. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t know if it is just a stage you need to go through so it can get long, or if we should get it cut.

You like to tell us when things are your’s. You’ll say ‘that’s Lexi’s’–specifically about chap stick, your palls, pillows, blankets etc…

You love to wear your jammies and tell us you’re going to keep them on when it is time to get dressed for the day. You also have an afinity towards polka dots (your definitely my child on this one). You always request to wear shirts that have polka dots on them.

This month we started drinking from a cup without a cover or sippy function and you are doing great!

You’re attempting to go down the stairs without holding onto a railing or spindel.

You love yogurt and call it o-gurt and request to eat it every morning for breakfast.

You are so close to counting to 10 by yourself. You easily count 1,2,3,4 get stuck on 5, but when we say it, you continue with 6,7,8,9,10.

You are so verbal and talk all the time and are turning more and more phrases into full sentences each week.

September was another great month. We love every part of you so much and are so grateful on what an easy addition you have been to our life.



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