Baby #3 18 Weeks

Dear Baby girl,

Another fairly uneventful week. Work has been pretty quiet, the weekend was busy but was able to get some extra rest, which i think really helped me kick the cold I’ve been struggling with. So no news is good news!

IMG_7912  Baby Development: My app tells me you’re just over 6″ long and wight 5.5 oz. You are learning to yawn and hiccup as well as developing your nerves and senses.


Thoughts on the photo/bump: I think it is kind of starting to show, but it could easily be judged that I just gained to much weight over the holidays. The bump size really changes based on what I’m wearing and when in the day I’m analyzing myself. This is the first maternity shirt I’ve worn and was going to try and hold off until 20 weeks, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Nearly every time I put on a regular shirt, I say to myself, well this is the last time I’m going to be able to wear this one, so my pickings are getting pretty slim.

Cravings/aversions: Salads are still tasting delicious and queso sounds amazing too, but haven’t fulfilled that temptation. We made cupcakes with frosting for Grandma’s birthday and a little gender reveal, but neither sounded very good so I don’t even think I had a taste (gasp because cake batter and frosting=delicious!) Most food I make sounds/smells gross. It is OK if someone else makes it, but if I have to, it is way less appetizing.

What I’m anticipating the most: Definitive baby movements. I’ve felt a couple flutters and they are becoming more frequent but they haven’t been strong enough to say, yes that is the baby. Also in full on nesting mode and want to get our house projects going and wrapped up before you arrive.

What I’m loving: Still love knowing that you are a girl!

What I’m missing most: Having energy. Maybe it is the winter blues, but everything feels like a chore. Every place I go, everything around the house. It’s not that I’m not loving life either, it just feels like work.

Differences between pregnancies: I didn’t have an update with Lexi this week, but with William, I think the bump is bigger than it is now. I also talked about how thirsty I was, and am totally feeling that again. I can easily chug 8 oz of water and still be thirsty. My lips are also very chapped, which could be a result of the winter dryness. Another difference is my appetite. I feel like I have been way less hungry this time around then previously. For example, last night I had half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a handful of chips and was full for the entire night.

How I’m feeling: OK. I only puked once this week which is good, but still not feeling the greatest. Low energy, get tired going up stairs, a little moody.

Best Moment of the week: I had a couple of sweet moments with Lexi and William this week that reassured me I’m doing a good job as a Mom and I have a good gut instinct with you.

That’s all for now!



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