Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2–11 Weeks

Dear lil’ nugget,

There has been so much change over the last couple weeks. For starters, you’re continuing to grow as fast as a race car. You’re approximately 2 inches long, are growing hair, fingernails and have distinct human characteristics including hands, feet, fingers, toes (non-webbed), ears, nose and a mouth. I can also feel my body starting to grow. I think I’m definitely starting to show and can feel a little hard belly and the discomfort that comes with that when I bend over. I wore a maternity skirt for the first time last week and could not button my pants at work yesterday. This is so much different than with your big sister. I don’t remember needing to wear maternity pants until I was 16+ weeks and wasn’t really showing until after 20 weeks. I feel large already and am nervous what that means for the rest of pregnancy.

Other notables: I’ve gained 4 lbs. so far, meat isn’t appetizing, pop doesn’t sit well and am blown away at how much plaque my teeth develop each day (it’s disgusting really).

I also started a new job last week. I was really nervous starting a new job and being pregnant, but I really like it so far and think I made a good decision in making the change. We’ve also started to share the news of your impeding arrival with many more people, which is also a deviation from the first time. I have a feeling you are going to be so different from your sister and you’ll want everything, including this pregnancy to be different and distinctly you.

Love, Mama

Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

11 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Once again you made another trip to Madison this week. Maybe that’s an early sign that you’re going to be a badger?!?! Your Uncle Joe, Aunt Angie and Aunt Sheila would be very excited about that. You continue to be quite the little stinker on airplanes. I feel very sick and almost always have to rest my head in my hands and between my legs for the entire flight. Let’s hope you get over that soon. You are now 11 weeks, just  three weeks away from the 2nd trimester, which means only 6 months until you get here! You’re as big as a prune and weigh almost half a pound. Nothing too big happened last weekend. We took pictures of your friends Abigayle and Annabelle on Saturday and then on Sunday I just hung out on the couch for most of the day. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and felt motion sickness just while walking in Target. I had to go sit down on the patio furniture to try and rest so I could make it home. You’re Dad was busy at Grandpa Sampson’s doing a train session, one of his favorite things. We also told a couple more people about your existence, Trevor and Nikki, Rachel and Jake, Jenna and Cory and Lindsay and Dan. In one week we hope we can tell everyone! We’re also on the countdown for your cousin baby Griswold. He or She should be arriving any day!

Love, Mom