Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2–11 Weeks

Dear lil’ nugget,

There has been so much change over the last couple weeks. For starters, you’re continuing to grow as fast as a race car. You’re approximately 2 inches long, are growing hair, fingernails and have distinct human characteristics including hands, feet, fingers, toes (non-webbed), ears, nose and a mouth. I can also feel my body starting to grow. I think I’m definitely starting to show and can feel a little hard belly and the discomfort that comes with that when I bend over. I wore a maternity skirt for the first time last week and could not button my pants at work yesterday. This is so much different than with your big sister. I don’t remember needing to wear maternity pants until I was 16+ weeks and wasn’t really showing until after 20 weeks. I feel large already and am nervous what that means for the rest of pregnancy.

Other notables: I’ve gained 4 lbs. so far, meat isn’t appetizing, pop doesn’t sit well and am blown away at how much plaque my teeth develop each day (it’s disgusting really).

I also started a new job last week. I was really nervous starting a new job and being pregnant, but I really like it so far and think I made a good decision in making the change. We’ve also started to share the news of your impeding arrival with many more people, which is also a deviation from the first time. I have a feeling you are going to be so different from your sister and you’ll want everything, including this pregnancy to be different and distinctly you.

Love, Mama

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