Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

We’ve hit 12 weeks little babe. Daddy and I visited the doctor and all is good. You have a strong and steady little ticker, beating at 155-160 times a minutes and all else is status quo. I continue to feel up and down with the biggest symptom being fatigue. I’ve made a much better effort to get to bed earlier and it seems to help me a lot in the morning, but continue to be pretty tired in the evenings and need a quick 20 minute rest when I get home from work. I put away all my non-maternity pants last weekend and received a few new things from Gap. Still working through them to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to return. It feels trickier this time around as I don’t think pants that fit me now will fit me in Jan and Feb. The news of your impeding arrival continues to slowly get dispersed among family and friends.  I didn’t gain any weight, which was great and surprising especially considering I eat every hour! (not exaggerating).  That is all little one, at this point, it is a good thing there isn’t more to report!



Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

So many things to share! Last Friday was quite the day. I had a genetics appointment to make sure you’re extra healthy. Originally, I was told it was going to be a quick 15 min appointment, so I told Daddy he didn’t need to come. The appointment ended up being over an hour and included an ultrasound. Luckily, Daddy was close by and able to join us for the ultrasound. They took all sorts of measurements and pointed out all of your different organs. Right now, you’re 6 cm so 2.5 inches. We even got to hear your heartbeat, which was very exciting! They also took some 3D photos of you. Right now you kind of look like a teddy bear but you’ll keep growing to look like a little human. My favorite part of the ultrasounds is watching Daddy’s reactions. His whole face lights up when he sees you and gets this sparkle in his eyes that brings tears to my eyes. He is so excited for you to arrive.

From everything they could tell, you are looking like a very healthy little baby. After the appointment, we took some bump pictures. There isn’t much of a bump yet, but we’re going to take photos every week to show your progress! That evening, I shared the news with the Hickels and they are beyond thrilled for your arrival! Saturday, we took some newborn photos of your friend, Carter Hall. It was such a thrilling experience to hold him and think in 6 months, we’ll get to hold you. Holding him brought emotions to the surface I had never felt before. Whenever, I had held babys previously, it was fun and they were cute, but knowing you were growing in me made it that much more real.

We also shared the news with your auntie Kelly—she was so excited she cried. We also shared the news with Great Grandma T and she was overjoyed. We have another Dr. appointment today so we’ll get to hear your heartbeat again. I’m also hoping to ask Dr. G why I get so sick while standing up. It is such an odd feeling. It isn’t really nausea—it feels more like motion sickness. Hopefully we’ll get some answers.

Love, Mom