Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

We’ve hit 12 weeks little babe. Daddy and I visited the doctor and all is good. You have a strong and steady little ticker, beating at 155-160 times a minutes and all else is status quo. I continue to feel up and down with the biggest symptom being fatigue. I’ve made a much better effort to get to bed earlier and it seems to help me a lot in the morning, but continue to be pretty tired in the evenings and need a quick 20 minute rest when I get home from work. I put away all my non-maternity pants last weekend and received a few new things from Gap. Still working through them to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to return. It feels trickier this time around as I don’t think pants that fit me now will fit me in Jan and Feb. The news of your impeding arrival continues to slowly get dispersed among family and friends.  I didn’t gain any weight, which was great and surprising especially considering I eat every hour! (not exaggerating).  That is all little one, at this point, it is a good thing there isn’t more to report!



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