Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 25 Weeks

Dear little nugget,

These weeks start to blend together for me. When Tuesday rolls around, I’m often questioning what week of pregnancy this really is. Unfortunately, I usually think I’m further along than I really am. This morning I was wondering, am I 26 weeks today?

Over the past week, I think you’ve shifted your position a little as I’m starting to feel and actually see kicks and movements from the outside. There is still a lot of internal kicks, but refreshing to have a little break from you kicking my stomach. With this shifted position, Daddy was also able to feel you thumping around this week too. You seem to be most active late in the evenings, between 10 and midnight. It hasn’t kept me from sleeping yet, but it is definitely the time you move the most and it feels the strongest.

I also think you had a growth spurt this week. I gained 3 lbs in the last two weeks and when Lexi and I went to swimming lessons yesterday, my swimsuit was significantly tighter around the belly then it was last week.

This week also brought some sickness to our house. All three of us had pretty nasty colds that took each of us down for 3 days. We all still have some lingering affects but for the most part are back in working order. And holy cow, does it stink not being able to take the strong medicine to help you feel better! Suddafed should not be taken for granted. Although, I was very impressed at what a difference a couple of Tylenol’s will do for you considering they aren’t very strong. This week also got disgustingly cold! Like 1 degrees cold–which also sucked all the humidity out of the air making it very dry. Usually, it doesn’t get this cold until January so I’m hoping that we’re getting our taste of it now and January/February will bring mild temperatures. I’ve been wearing Daddy’s jacket since it is the only one that can be zipped right now, and it doesn’t have a lot of room to spare. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. I’m really hoping I don’t need to buy a winter maternity jacket. They are so expensive and will only get worn for a short period of time.

This past week Lexi has been telling us that you are a sister. She obviously has no idea what that means but it has been consistent. If we ask, are you going to have a brother, she says, ‘No, sister’. I still have strong feeling that you are a little boy. We do have a boy name picked out but not a girl name, we’ve talked anecdotely about girl names but never definitely settled on something. I also haven’t pushed it or brought it up cause I don’t think it is something we’re going to have to worry about.

Other notes, sleep seems to be going well as long as I prop my leg up on a pillow. No major cravings or aversions although there have been a couple moments where I would like a glass of wine after a long or stressful day. Yesterday, I had my first real stint of heartburn. It lasted all day and was just not a good feeling. I dug out my tums and am prepared for when it strikes again.

Take care little nugs,

Love, Mama


Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Hot and humid!

Dear Baby Peanut,

Things have gotten much better in the past week. The pain is much more manageable—it comes and goes, mostly at night, but I haven’t had to take any pain medication for the past week so that’s a good sign. I pray it stays like until you arrive. Also, at the last minute I needed to cover a commercial shoot in Austin, Texas so I’ve been down in the hot and humidity for the past four days. It is SO hot- like over 100 Degrees hot plus humidity, not a good combo for a pregnant lady. I’m ready to go home and see Daddy. I miss him a lot! It’s my last trip before you’re here so you can say you’ve been to: Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and Texas before you were even born. Sounds like you’re going to be the little traveler!

Love, Mom

Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Belly Kicks at 25 weeks

Dear Baby Peanut,

You are a very active little baby! I was laying in bed trying to relax and read tonight and you were just kicking away. I kept seeing my belly move from your kicks. I took a video to show how strong and big you’re getting and to remember what it looks like when you’re moving around inside of me. I’m still amazed everyday that you are growing inside of me. It is so remarkable to think of everything happening (and feeling) inside as you grow and eventually make yourself ready to join your Dad and I.

Love, Mom