Baby #3, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #3 35 Weeks

Little Nugs,

What a busy and eventful week this has been. It started of celebrating your Auntie Sheila’s wedding. It was perfect in every way. It was intimate and personal and relaxed/low key. The ceremony was in Grammy and Papa’s back yard and then we headed over to the new park pavilion to celebrate with friends and family. Lexi was the flower girl and she was so darn cute in her little white dress, head full of curls and walking out to Moana. I cried. It was around 90 degrees and my dress wasn’t the most breathable one out there and I was pretty darn hot and it exhausted me to no end. It took me until Wednesday to feel somewhat recouped.


Then this Friday, Daddy had his last official day of work. He will contract throughout the summer before transitioning to staying home with your three nuggets full time. I also had my last day of work before leave and the big kids had their last day of day care. It was a little bit of an emotional day and I’ll have to write another post on my feelings for that.

Thursday morning, I went in for my weekly lab work and Friday I had my appointment. Ultrasound BPP went great and once again you passed your test. You also have flipped and are head down again. When meeting with the Dr. (Dr. G was on vaca) she gave me the official diagnosis of cholestasis and a prescription to help manage the bile liver levels. Last week’s tests came back as a 12 and she said anything above a 10 is considered cholestasis. Fortunately, my liver enzyme levels had come back down from the 100’s to a normal level which she said was really really good. Although I have an official diagnosis, nothing will really change in my care as they said they have already been treating me as if I did have it. Next week, I go in on Tuesday for a growth ultrasound and BPP and my typical 36 week appointment. I’ll also go in on Thursday for another BPP and then the plan is to deliver on the following Tuesday (the 20th) So crazy that they expect you to be here in 10 days!

For the most part, I’m feeling OK. I know things could be worse, but still not feeling the greatest either. I ended up filling my prescription last week to help me sleep and control the itching.  It helped control the itching at night and sleep through the night–which really helped get me back on track after the excitement of Sheila’s wedding. However, this past night was awful. I’ve been up since 4 and itching and scratching every part of my body and it is pretty terrible and I’m very tired.

Other interesting notes: I’m only interested in eating healthy foods like fruits and salads. Anything greasy or fatty just isn’t appetizing. I think this has something to do with the fact my liver isn’t functioning properly, but maybe that is just in my head? Blood pressure continues to be nice and low, movement is active, and I’m still under the 20 lbs weight gain. Also, I’m so relieved to be done with work. It is just one less thing to think about and hopefully enjoy some good quality time with the big kids before you arrive.

baby bump 3 35 weeks

With Lexi, we were just finishing up the fireplace project, your nursery and prepping for my showers. I can’t believe how much more I was able to do at this point in her pregnancy than yours. There is no way I could do all that work–I can barely walk up the stairs with you. With William, I was feeling more similar to how I feel with you, just probably not as extensive. I was very worried about how life would change and all the hardships that come with a newborn. It’s interesting how the challenges just shift. There are many challenging things about these last few weeks of pregnancy and you’re so excited for them to all go away, but once the baby is born, they are replaced by other challenges like no sleep and the milk coming in and teaching the baby to nurse and still paying attention to the other two munchkins. Time will tell my munchkin. With you coming early I’m pretty nervous about your temperament and colic as I feel like every single baby that I know that has been early is much more difficult than a baby that ‘cooks’ a little longer. Please be good to your mama?!?!




Baby #2 #35 Weeks

Dear Baby,

IMG_4537 Ahh…. 35 Weeks. The milestone of ’35 weeks down and 35 days to go’. 35 days seems like nothing, but 5 weeks still feels like a ways away. At home, I’m feeling like I don’t have a whole lot to do to prep for your arrival. Your room is ready, I have diapers and wipes, nursing stuff ready and he fabric shells of all of your gear is washed. The three things I have left to do include: getting a hospital bag packed, buying an outfit to bring you home in and buckling the car seat base into the car. This is miles ahead of where we were with Lexi considering we hadn’t even had a shower at this point.

What I’m not ready for is stepping away from work and all of the things that come with a having a newborn. I’m ready to have a break from the craziness of work and just be at home with our family, but there is so much going on that only I am aware of and need to start to mind dump my projects onto others so things don’t fall apart when I leave. I’m also slightly disappointed to be leaving as I feel like there are a couple of projects I’ve been working on for the past 6 months that are finally starting to make headway and now I’m going to have to step away and wont’ be able to close the loop on everything. This is such a different mindset than I had with Lexi and honestly surprises me. I’ve never been so engaged and passionate about a job before. I’ve always been passionate about doing a good job, but haven’t been attached to what I’ve been doing. I can already tell that it will make going back to work so much easier than with Lexi.

I’m also not prepared for life with a newborn. Lexi was so easy on us, but I know I can’t expect that you will be like that and almost feel very naive of what to expect. I’m not ready to have lots of sleepless nights and wake up at 5-6 am everyday for the next 6+ years. I’m not ready for the amount of time I will need to spend with you and how that will change my relationship with Lexi. The other thing I don’t feel prepared for is the amount of love I will have for you. It is so hard to understand and believe that I could love another little babe as much as I love your sister.

The pain I was feeling last week when I walked or stood on one foot has gone away, and been replaced with the pregnancy waddle and a non-stop need to go to the bathroom. I constantly feel like I need to go, and that if I don’t go I may have an accident. This could also be a result of drinking more water, but I think it has a lot to do with you just getting bigger. I also subconsciously groan when I stand up and need a little assistance by pushing off on my own legs or holding onto something when I get up from the floor. I also have a hard time going up stairs while holding Lexi.

Sleep is getting more difficult. I have a harder time staying asleep and mobility is limited. The thought of rolling over is comparable to the idea of running a marathon–terrifying! In general, I have very littler energy. I’m working hard to try and not let that effect Lexi and have her watch TV every night after work, even though that’s what I want to do.

I’m looking forward to next week when we have another ultra-sound and get a better progress update on how things are going. 36 weeks feels like a big mental milestone.



Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

35 Weeks

Dear Lil’ Peanut

This weekend was a lot of hard work, but we’re 90% finished with the family room project! I worked for over 12 hours both days painting and sanding the built-in cabinets and shelves. Now, we have a few minor details to finish up this week. Next on my list is getting the dots cut, painted and hung so I can focus on cleaning the house and getting ready for three showers this weekend! I’m not sure if it was all the work or just pregnancy, but my hands have continued to swell. They hurt when I bend them. So today, I’ve been sitting at work with my legs elevated and trying to drink lots and lots of water! Hopefully they will go down a bit over the next couple of weeks, but I’m not counting on it.

Overall, my mood has been pretty negative the past couple of days. I’m snippy and easily irritated by anything and nearly everyone. It’s frustrating and I know I sound snotty often, but part of me can’t help it and the other part just doesn’t care. I’m not sure if you’ve dropped, but I can feel you pushing on my bladder much more and the pelvic pressure is worse. If I’m sitting on the floor I have a hard time sanding up. Overall, I’m just getting really uncomfortable and I’m anxious to meet you.

Love, Mom