Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 27 Weeks

Dear Baby,

It feels odd writing ‘just baby.’ You’ve been with me for 27 weeks now and it feels like I should  have a nickname for your or should refer to you by name or something more personal than ‘just baby’. But in reality, that’s how I talk about you and what I think of you–you’re just a baby to me. There is so much to discover about you, anything more than ‘baby’ seems too much. Are you going to be stubborn, have colic, have your nights and your days mixed up, be laid back like your sister, a good sleeper and eater, will you have trouble nursing, will you be healthy and that only tips the surface of what your little personality will unfold as your grow.

Today was a more eventful day than normal. My work team volunteered at the Ronald McDonald Home by decorating it for Christmas. It was fun to get out of the office and think about how grateful the families would be to experience a little bit of the Holiday’s during such a difficult time for them. It also stirred up some anxiety about how little control we have over health and I pray that you, your sister or anyone close never have to experience the challenges that come with cancer. It is such a scary and unpredictable thing.

Following the event, I had a doctor appointment and took my glucose test and passed, which is the important thing, but the test itself was pretty brutal. I started drinking the liquid and thought, huh, this isn’t as bad as I remember. By the end, it was nearly gagging as I drank it. Then, continued to get light-headed throughout the hour I had to wait before getting my blood drawn. Note to future self: make sure you eat and drink a lot of water before taking that test again, if I ever need to.

Overall the doctor appointment went well.  Your heartbeat was at 157 and I’m measuring 1 week early and have gained 14 lbs, so great news on all fronts. This week also started a middle of the night bathroom break. You continue to move around a lot, especially late in the evening. Sometimes it feels like you are typing on my tummy. Lexi continues to call you her sister and when we ask her what your name is, she says ‘Baby’. So I guess she is just like me.

The past week was Thanksgiving and it was nice to have a break from work and see family. We also started potty training Lexi so we only have you in diapers (hopefully)! Day 1 was rough, but each day has gotten better and easier. Heartburn has been relatively tame over the past week. I have moments but don’t need to take Tums consistently.

Until next week…



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