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Baby #2–8 Weeks and Dr. Appointment

Dear Baby,

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks. Today, we went to the doctor to get a little status update on how you’re doing in there. The doctor said everything looks fantastic!!! To hear those words and to see your little movements up on the screen was such a HUGE relief.

Unfortunately, your daddy wasn’t able to join us. Big Sissy came down with a summer fever yesterday and daddy had to stay home with her. However, technology came to the rescue as I was able to FaceTime Daddy while we were having the ultrasound and he was able to see you up on the screen and hear your little heart beat, a strong 160 beats a minute.

Back to the appointment, I had been anxiously awaiting this appointment, probably as most moms do, but I was much more worried this time around then I was with Lexi because the lack of pregnancy symptoms I was having. I was worried you didn’t really exist and my body was playing games with me, or something had gone wrong and I just hadn’t gotten to signs of that yet.

Everything during the appointment went really well. Some of your measurements were a little large so they potentially threw out an earlier due date, but for my sanity, I’m sticking with the later one of March 3rd. Other than some blood work and a couple reminders from the doctor about taking care of myself, everything looked great and we are due to arrive back in the middle of August!

IMG_4091 IMG_4092

Take care little one!

Love, Mama

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