Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2–9 Weeks

Dear little babe,

This past week has been pretty good! Your big sister was getting over a summer fever sickness and bad rash that kept us on her toes, but now she is all in the clear. We also spent some time up at the b-well cabin on Lake Superior. While up there we shared the news of your upending arrival with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe and Auntie Angie. Grandma and Grandpa were very surprised and Joe and Angie suspected that you may be coming.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I only had to take one nap this week and feel like the extreme exhaustion has passed. I feel much more confident after our appointment last week, but it still feels so different than my pregnancy with Lexi it makes me a little nervous.

1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms with Lexi:

  • Extreme EXHAUSTION (naps everyday after work, nap in the closet while getting ready for work in the morning, going to bed 2 1/2 hours earlier each night, non-funtioning at work from 3:00 on.)
  • Sore boobs
  • Nausea
  • Gagging while brushing my teeth
  • Food aversions: Eggs, Buffalo sauce
  • Food cravings: McDonalds & Strawberries
  • Extreme excitement and constant daydreaming about you

1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms with Baby 2:

  • Tired (but not nearly as bad as I was with Lexi and it only really lasted two weeks)
  • Face breaking out more
  • Food aversions: hamburgers (they don’t sound good, but I still can eat them if I have to)
  • Gaining weight faster (I’ve gained 2 lbs. so far, Lexi I didn’t gain a pound until I was 16 weeks.)
  • I can feel the hard belly starting to form, and am uncomfortable when I bend over.
  • A little panic of ‘what are we getting ourselves into?’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be blessed with you and wanted you and prayed for you, but I do have moments here and there where I’m ‘GULP, am I ready for this again? The pregnancy discomfort, labor, learning how to nurse again, the lack of sleep and just generally starting all over again.’

I know I need to stop complaining and should consider myself lucky, and I do, but I also want to be real about these moments and remember the true emotions I experienced. Because I physically feel different, emotionally I’m in a different place and am pre-occupied with big sissy, the reality of you just hasn’t set in yet. I feel like part of me is still waiting for something to go wrong. I know the likelihood is pretty small, but I just haven’t been able to let myself get there emotionally yet.

Additionally, this is my last week at UnitedHealthcare. Next week, I’ll be starting a new job at Best Buy! Lots of change is in the air my dear little babe. Cheers to hoping these last 4 weeks of summer slow down a bit and I’m able to get over this odd hump!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2–8 Weeks and Dr. Appointment

Dear Baby,

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks. Today, we went to the doctor to get a little status update on how you’re doing in there. The doctor said everything looks fantastic!!! To hear those words and to see your little movements up on the screen was such a HUGE relief.

Unfortunately, your daddy wasn’t able to join us. Big Sissy came down with a summer fever yesterday and daddy had to stay home with her. However, technology came to the rescue as I was able to FaceTime Daddy while we were having the ultrasound and he was able to see you up on the screen and hear your little heart beat, a strong 160 beats a minute.

Back to the appointment, I had been anxiously awaiting this appointment, probably as most moms do, but I was much more worried this time around then I was with Lexi because the lack of pregnancy symptoms I was having. I was worried you didn’t really exist and my body was playing games with me, or something had gone wrong and I just hadn’t gotten to signs of that yet.

Everything during the appointment went really well. Some of your measurements were a little large so they potentially threw out an earlier due date, but for my sanity, I’m sticking with the later one of March 3rd. Other than some blood work and a couple reminders from the doctor about taking care of myself, everything looked great and we are due to arrive back in the middle of August!

IMG_4091 IMG_4092

Take care little one!

Love, Mama

Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Dear Baby #2–7 Weeks

Dear Baby,

You’ve started to make your presence a little more over the past week. Extreme exhaustion has set it. I pretty much need to get over the idea of doing any thinking or work after 3:00 as I’m just so tired I can’t think. I rarely nap as it messes up my sleep pattern for the evening, but I need to rest nearly everyday when I get home from work. I don’t always sleep, but need to lie down and close my eyes for 20 minutes. On Sunday we drove home from the Wisconsin Dells and after unpacking a little, we laid down and I had the most devine nap of my life. I was OUT for a three solid hours. And it was amazing. Regardless of how much I sleep, I never wake up refreshed am always craving a nap.

Another fun pregnancy symptom is the amount of trips I make to the bathroom. I pee at least twice as much as I used to. Knock on wood, but I haven’t had any nausea or sickness yet. For the most part, I haven’t had any food aversions or cravings like I did with your sister. Most food doesn’t sound appetizing in general but I’m still eating everything. I also feel larger than I did with your sister. I’m not sure if it is because I weigh a couple pounds more than I did when I first got pregnant with Lexi or if things are advancing faster as this is time around, or if I’m just going to gain more weight this time around (although I really hope not, but doubtful I will be that lucky). I have a feeling I’m going to gain twice as much with you as I did with Lexi. Another difference this time around is acne. My face stayed relatively clear throughout my whole pregnancy and already, I’ve had several pimples.

Daddy and I have our appointment next week to see how your doing and make sure you’re still growing.

Other events that have happened in the last week, we spent 4 days in Wisconsin Dells and had a great time. Hopefully, we’ll head back in several years when you’re a little older and can enjoy the fun and entertainment of the water parks.

Stay safe in there little one,

Love, Mama