William, William Monthly Updates

William 11 Months

Dear William,

I’m a little beside myself that in 30 short days, you will be 1! Gah! The weeks go by slow, but the months go by fast. Everyday with you is an adventure sweet boy and my heart just explodes for you. I love your wet slobbery kisses and the way you nuzzle your head into my legs. You are so smiley, good-natured and adventurous. You love to laugh, be tickled, go upside down and be wherever Lexi is.



You have quite the slew of nicknames. Most of the time mommy and daddy call you William or Bud. Lexi has created a handful of names that she calls you but the most common ones are: Bud, Buddy, Willse, Rude and Buddy-rude. We ask her where she gets these names and she has no idea–maybe it is Daddy’s creative thinking?


William, you are such a little snuggler. So far, you are a total mama’s boy–I’m really hoping this doesn’t change over time. You love to crawl over and snuggle your head against my legs while playing on the floor or nuzzle your face into my arms. You also love to (and frequently) initiate kisses. They are open mouth and super slobbery, but the best.

Everything on the eating front continues to go well. You LOVE food–any kind. We have yet to find something you don’t like. You have a particular affinity to bananas (and really all fruit). We’ll walk pass bananas in the grocery story or you know where we keep them on the counter and you’ll pull yourself up to that spot and start grunting. Grunting is a common theme when it comes to wanting food. You’ll grunt and wave your hands up and down to let us know you want food or more food. I constantly hound you to do the more sign and even physically move your hands to do it sometimes. You did it for about a week, but have gone back to waving and grunting, which is slightly confusing as it is very similar to ‘all done’. I know you know how to do ‘more’ ‘all done’ and ‘milk’ but your preferred communication for all of these is to grunt and wave. To help with all that eating, you have 7 little chomppers. Your top right and bottom right came through this month. You absolutely LOVE to nurse. I cut out the two sessions I was doing at work (yeah to no more pumping–even if it was only 1 day a week!) so now you have bottles at daycare, but we are still nursing in the morning and before bed. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but it is kind of funny/interesting. While you nurse, you love to move around. You are constantly kicking your legs and moving your free arm around. You’ll grab my hair, play with my necklace, touch my nose or my teeth. You are just always on the go (and it has been like that since the very beginning)


Sleeping is getting better. You take a nap around 10:30ish and 2:00ish. Naps at daycare are never more than 40 minutes but at home, your morning nap is about an hour and your afternoon nap is about an hour and a half.  Most naps now, you are put down awake. You’ll often cry and fuss for about 3-5 minutes but fall asleep pretty quickly. For bedtime, I really try and make it to 8ish to nurse and then you fall asleep nursing. If I go anytime before then, you are up before 6:30 and that is just too early for your mommy. With that schedule, you’ll usually sleep until 6:30-7:00ish. Occasionally, you’ll wake in the middle of the night, but I let you just cry for a little bit and then you’ll fall back asleep.

You’re getting closer to walking. You are very stable free-standing and love to walk behind your walker. In fact, almost every evening when we get home, Lexi pushes her stroller around the house and you chase her with your walker while I get dinner ready. You need a little help in steering it or turning but have a hoot of a time with it. For several months, you’ve been able to squat down from a standing position without any assistance, but there have been a handful of times now that we’ve seen you squad down and then stand back up without holding onto anything. You haven’t figured out how to stand up without anything from a sitting position, but I think you’re pretty close to taking your first steps.



    • LEXI! You love to be wherever she is. About half the time she likes it, the other half she is annoyed you’re in her business and is constantly taking things from you and pushing you out of her way. (don’t worry, she spends lots of time in time out for this behavior)
    • Cars, airplanes and trains–you love to push them around and mimic the noises we make
    • Balls! (we also think you’re getting close to saying ‘ball’)
    • crawling up the stairs–you think it is a game and a race
    • Banging your hands on the screen of the fireplace–which terrifies me as we use it frequently and I’m worried that it might still be hot some time when you do this if I ever turn my back
    • Unrolling toilet paper rolls
    • Walking/running behind your walker
    • Little people barn toy you got for Christmas, particularly the horse. It is always the first animal you pick up to play with
    • Other kids. Your two main pals from daycare moved up to the next classroom and you are bored out of your mind without them. You’re moving up to the next class next week, but the past couple weeks, the teachers have been moving your around to the different classrooms to keep you entertained.



  • Diaper changes
  • Sitting still for anything
  • No interest in books
  • Whenever mommy leaves you

Other notes:

  • You’re going to have wavy/curly hair sweetie. The back is already starting to curl up pretty good!
  • You wear size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. I have no idea what size shoe yet-but it is on my list of things to get you measured.
  • You have NO interest in a pacifier. You pretty much quit using it around 6 months, but I gave you one today as I had taken all of your extras home from daycare and you didn’t even try to suck on it. You chewed on the handle and then threw it down.
  • You’re getting better about drinking from a sippy cup. You’ve been able to do it for many months now, but didn’t figure out that you need to tilt it back to actually get something and just this week I’ve started to notice you doing this.

Happy 11 months sweet boy! We love you!




William, William Monthly Updates

William 10 months

Merry Christmas and Happy 10 months William!

What better way to celebrate 10 months with you than also celebrating your first Christmas. Oh bud, you are such a joy to be around and melt my heart each time I look at you and your big smile. Your emotional mommy got choked up several times over the past two days as I took a moment to really stop and appreciate how blessed we are to have you and Lexi. You are both healthy, intelligent with unlimited opportunities ahead of you and really, that is more than your Daddy and I could have ever dreamed of.


As we celebrated Christmas with our families, you hammed it up with your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. You loved watching the commotion of all of the activity going on and playing in all the wrapping paper.



You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving and were a big fan of potatoes and Great Grandma B’s Cherry 7up Jello salad.

This month also brought you quite a bit of pain. Your top right tooth FINALLY came through and we’re still waiting for your top left one, which feels like it has been sitting on the underside of you gum for almost 2 months now! Just poke through little guy. Your bottom right tooth is also working on making its way to the surface. These have been giving you small grade fevers (~99 degrees) and lots of runny noses. You’ve also had a could that turned into an ear infection. Amoxicillin didn’t do the trick as it wasn’t going away and turning into an infection in the other ear, but now seem to be on the up and up.



This month, you’ve really taken off on the crawling front! You crawl on all fours everywhere and pretty quickly. You and Lexi love to chase each other. There was one day, that she was driving in her crazy coupe and you had pulled yourself up on it behind her and she started driving and you were holding on the back with your feet sliding on the floor like you were waterskiing behind her. I tried to get a picture, but it was happening quickly and it was kind of blurry and you fell pretty quickly too.


In addition to crawling, you pull yourself up on everything and scoot along furniture. You often let go of objects and free-stand for 5-10 seconds. You really love to do this while I’m sitting down and then trust fall into me. You laugh and giggle and do it over and over again.


Right at the end of the month, you also figured out how to crawl up stairs. You’ve been trying to figure it out for a couple weeks, but all of the sudden it clicked and you want to do it constantly. I’ll put you down, and you B-line for the stairs.

Favorite activities

  • Laughing. Period. You love to giggle. And Lexi loves to make you giggle. You’ll laugh and smile and she’ll run to me, Mommy, buddy is giggling at me! You thoroughly enjoy being tickled and hanging upside down, so you can giggle.


    • You think animal noises–especially pig noises are hilarious. Are you noticing a theme here?
    • You also love to eat. We have yet to find a food you don’t enjoy and want to be eating whatever everyone else is. You’ll see food and start pointing to it and grunting while bouncing your arms up and down. You sign ‘all done’ and we’re working on ‘more’ but you haven’t used it consistently yet. Over the past few days, we’ve started to pull your highchair up to the table with us (verses using your tray) and you seem to really enjoy being part of the group. No surprise here, but you really love to nurse. You get very upset if I walk out of the room in the morning before feeding you. In fact, when I go and get you from your crib each morning I’ll pick you up and your lean right over into my arm to get yourself in position. Once I sit down in the chair you start kicking your legs, waving your arms and cheering in delight. You usually nurse in the morning before each nap and before bed. On daycare days, you usually get fussy by the time we get home and want to nurse. I think this is more of a comfort thing for you verses actually needing to eat. It will be interesting to figure out how to wean you from nursing.


    • Shaking and banging toys
    • Chasing Balls and driving cars and trucks


  • Clapping (although you’ve been doing this for several months now)
  • Unrolling the toilet paper and splashing in the toilet
  • You went on your first ride this month at Mall of America for Lexi’s birthday. A ride on the carousel and the little train. You were pretty frightened on the carousel when it first started, but didn’t scream the whole time–just had a death grip on the poll.




  • Diaper changes
  • Sitting still for more than 2 minutes
  • reading books, as it requires sitting still for more than 2 minutes
  • Getting squeezed by Lexi too hard or her taking toys away from you or not being able to get into her stuff
  • Leaving mom


Others notes:

  • You stopped taking a pacifier around 5-6 months.
  • You will drink from a sippy cup, but only if it is held for you. You’ll pick it up, but haven’t figured out you need to tip i backwards to actually get anything from it.
  • You did amazing with all the Christmas decorations. You had no interest in the Christmas tree, which was a huge relief. Daddy has really been working with you on 1-tough and you did it very well with a lot of the Christmas decor.


  • You figured out pointing. You crunch your other fingers up and will extend your pointer and now point at all sorts of things–your favorite being the other babies from Christmas cards that are hanging on the cupboards.



  • You say mama and dada and for the most part use them in the right context. Mostly you’ll say mama when you want to be picked up or nurse–never on demand.
  • You continue to love daycare. You love chasing balls with your little friends and will reach your arms out to Mrs. Laura when I drop you off. It is such a relief to know you are loved and in good hands while mom and dad are at work.

Merry Christmas and happy 10 months sweet buddy boo. Momma and Dada love you so much and love getting to love you each day as you have made our lives so much better.




William, William Monthly Updates

William 9 Months

Dear William,

NINE whole months. It feels like forever ago that you became a part of our family but I’m a little bit in disbelief that my baby is close to 1! Gah!! You’ve made some major development this month and and it has made you a little more content with life. You can crawl on all fours but prefer to arm crawl. You’ll go much longer distances such as from the family room to the kitchen–which I’m sure is a pretty good workout and would explain why you’re hungry all the time. You also can get to a sitting position from laying down and pull yourself on everything. You love to stand and are so darn proud when you pull yourself up on something new. It is so sweet to see the delight and sense of accomplishment on your face. So crazy that such a little human can feel those things. Now that you’re mobile, you seem much more content when I put you down or leave your side because you can easily get yourself a new toy or come see me.




Your top two front teeth have also popped through and the other two front teeth are days away from breaking skin. These have caused you some pain and usually two wake-ups a night but not like the pain from the first two.



Eating continues to be in your top 3 favorite activities (along with hanging out on Mom’s hip and pulling yourself up on everything). We have yet to find a food that you don’t like. And you eat a ton. You will easily eat a whole piece of pizza. For breakfast this morning you ate an entire banana, puffs and a whole piece of toast. I’m starting to not even break foods up for you anymore cause you do so great. Today, I cut your toast in half and you ate it (crust and all) like we do and gave you a whole apple slice. You still nurse 5-7 times a day. I know you don’t need the middle of the night sessions but when you wake up, it is just easier to nurse for 5 min than to get you to fall back asleep. I’ll probably regret this later but daily survival is done on a day-by-day basis.


Sleeping hasn’t changed with the exception of napping in your crib at daycare. I switched jobs at work and don’t have the flexibility to stay and rock you for a half hour twice a day anymore. I come nurse you and then bring you back to have to fall asleep in your crib. Each day is so different but if I had to guess, I would say you usually sleep about 45 min for the morning nap and another 45 for the afternoon.



You had your first halloween and dressed up like a dinosaur for the halloween parade at daycare and then for a picture with your sister on the day, but enjoyed handing out candy with Grandma.



You continue to be the sweetest and cutest little guy ever. I love coming into your room to find you standing at the crib and then to start jumping up and down as soon as you see me enter. Really, I get the response every time I see you and it never gets old!


We love you so much William (or Will-se, buddy, brodder as Lexi likes to call you)








William, William Monthly Updates

William 8 Months

My little William,

You have mommy wrapped around your finger and give me this happy, tingly, squirming in my own skin-i’m going to burst feeling when you flash your huge smile at me every time we make eye contact. I just don’t know how to contain my love for you sometimes. You are the smiliest little guy ever. You smile at everyone all the time and twinkle your eyes while stealing everyone’s hearts.

You are all boy in every way little man. You have a very ‘boy’ look to you and are always on the go. I’m sure this statement will only be compounded by 10 in the next couple months as you become more mobile, but you are always wiggling in our arms, on the ground or bouncing in the jumparoo.

You have a strong affinity to me. You’ll be with daddy playing and doing just fine, but the moment you see or hear my voice, game over. You only want me and will start whining and following me around with your eyes until I come get you, to which you immediately stop whining. This month, you also learned to put your arms up when you want to be picked up. Most of the time I love it and don’t mind carrying you around on my hip while I do things in the house.

Your  two little bottom chiclets are dared to not be the only little pearls in your mouth as you’ve  been showing lots of teething signs. Your top two teeth are on the verge of cutting through. These two teeth have been a dosy and causing lots of pain. We can just see the pain in your eyes and it is heartbreaking to know there isn’t a whole lot we can do to help.  You’ll wake several times in the night to nurse and won’t let me put you down without a full on cry fest when you’re in a lot of pain. Given the fact you only have two teeth, you love table food and by month end, pretty much refused baby food. Foods you’ve had include: banana, raspberry, blueberries,  apples, pears, avocado, broccoli, graham crackers, rice, chicken, cheese, noodles, ice cream, cookies, cake, Kiks, cheerios, toast, english muffin, pizza, cream cheese, turkey, chicken wild rice soup, juice, pancakes and I’m sure many more I don’t remember.  We have yet to find something you don’t enjoy. You can also successfully drink from a sippy cup and a straw, and prefer the sippys with straws.


With your strong affinity to food, you’re still nursing like a champ. Usually, you nurse when you wake up around 6:30ish, again at 10, 1:30, sometime around 5:00ish and then right before bed. I quit pumping in the mornings this month and it really helped with my sanity. I can get an extra 30 min of sleep every morning and it has re-energized my mentality to nurse longer than what I was thinking. Now that you don’t need to eat on the 3 hour mark every day, it is much easier to plan my days with meetings and still make it work to come down and nurse. I’m usually down 2-3 times a day and LOVE having an excuse to come and snuggle with your everyday and am just not ready to give it up yet.


You love to cross your legs while your sitting and playing, in your carseat or in the bathtub etc… I think the funniest thing about it is, your legs aren’t very long so to always have them crossed just looks silly.

I think you might be my water-baby. So far, you love the bath. As soon as I turn on the water, you start squirming to get out of my arms and into the water. You love to splash with your hands and feet and are very comfortable laying on your back while I wash your hair. You also loved the hot tub at Grandma and Papa’s house. They put you in your life jacket and you relaxed your head back onto the little pillow and just floated around like a little duck.


Sleep is a questionable topic for you little bud. With the exception of teething and being sick, you’re a great night time sleeper and are sleeping through the night from between 7:00-8:00 pm to about 6:30ish am. Naps are another topic and there isn’t any kind of consistency. On daycare days, you almost always sleep in my arms after your nurse for about 25 min. The moment I stand up, you wake up. Occasionally, you’ll take another nap in the crib but it usually don’t last more than 20 min.  At home your morning nap will range anywhere from 15 min to an hour and a half, which usually is around 10:00. Your afternoon nap is around 2:00ish and will last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. There really is no rhyme or reason for how long it is. Overall, you are just a really light sleeper. If someone sneezes, you’ll wake up, and that has been the case sine your very first days. You’ll fall asleep in the car, but I think there have been less than 5 times, where we’ve been able to transfer you into the house and keep you sleeping. I’m hoping this will change as you get older. With that said, you do a pretty good job falling asleep when we put you down awake. About half the time you just roll over and go to sleep without a peep and the other half, you’ll cry for 5-10 minutes and then fall asleep. You’re mostly sleeping on your stomach or side these days. I’ve started to notice that you’ll sleep better and longer if you are on your tummy and try to position you to roll that way if I put you down after nursing. When you do wake up, you start crying right away to get us to come get you. Occasionally, you’ll chat a little. Either way, the moment I walk into your room you start kicking your legs and waving your hands in excitement to see me. It is the best!

This month, you’ve made major progress in the mobility department. You willingly spend a significant amount of time on your tummy and have become a master spinner and roller. You reach for toys has really expanded, especially while you’re sitting. You lean over so you’re almost on all fours, but haven’t figured out how to move your foot behind you to actually get on all fours. Sometimes, gravity gets the best of you and take a little nose dive, but are usually Ok.


By the end of the month, you officially started army crawling to get things–mostly to me. I usually get super excited and start clapping and saying ‘Yeah William’ and keep scooting myself backwards to force you to go longer distances, which royally pisses you off. Sorry bud.


Overall, you don’t seem too interested in crawling, but do want to try and pull yourself up on anything and everything. You do pretty good, but need to keep building up your arm strength and learning how to get your foot out from under you leg. You can usually pull yourself onto your knees but then get stuck. You can successfully pull yourself up when you’re in the bathtub. It is just the right hight that you’re able to get your forearms on the ledge and then pull yourself the rest of the way up, and that is all you want to do in there. It’s also probably one of the most dangerous places to practice, but you seem to have no fear of anything at this point. You have fallen down a couple times head under water in all. I grabbed you right away, but you didn’t seem to mind. Shook your head a little and that was it. (Big Sister would have had a big tearful melt down, even at almost 3) When you do pull yourself up, you are so darn proud of yourself. You have the biggest grin and just start giggling. If you’re giggles could be translated, I swear you’d be saying ‘Look what I did, Look what I did!!!’


Another favorite milestone this month was learning how to give kisses. When I kiss your checks, you open your mouth and turn your face to me. It is a little gross as my lips are pretty much inside of your mouth but you make this sweet little noise and my heart melts when you randomly grab my face and initiate a kiss. Small body but big heart in there my little William. You’re also a pretty snuggly little guy. You love to nuzzle your face into me or rest your head on the crook of my shoulder. Whenever this happens, I feel like life kind of stops. No matter what I’m doing or where I need to be going, I just stop and hold your warm little body next to mine and just try and soak up your warmth and love because I just know it won’t last forever and really, there isn’t anything more important to me than enjoying these sweet moments with you.


I’m pretty sure you can clap too. I’ve only seen it once or twice and wonder, are you trying to sign ‘more’ but I’m pretty sure you are clapping. When we play patty-cake, you are able to open your hands all the way (most babies keep their hands in a fist) and clap. More to come on this next month.



  • You wear a size 3 diapers and 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes.
  • You pretty much always have a runny nose. I used to look at other kids and see the snot or the dried crusties around their nose and think ‘how come parents don’t wipe that off?’ But no more judgement here. I get it.  Sigh. You can’t, it is always there. You wipe it off and then next minute, it is there again. It’s not even that they are necessarily sick, it is just always there. And the annoyance you have of me chasing you around with a Kleenex all the time just isn’t worth it.
  • One final major milestone this month was spending your first night away from Mom and Dad. You spent the night and Grandma and Papa’s and did great. You made it all the way through the night and were a sweet cuddle bug with Grandma.

We love you so much little bud.




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William 7 Months


Another month in the books bud! This month seemed relatively quiet on the development forum and was just a little more un-eventful in a good way.


New skills and tricks You blow bubbles all the time and think you’re hilarious; which mostly you are. You tolerate tummy time. I wouldn’t say you like it or you’re there often but you often roll from your back to your tummy to get things and then usually wine for us to get you to a sitting position or pick you up. With that said, you do sleep on your tummy about half the time (other half on your side) and spin yourself all the way around in your crib.



My favorite milestone you’ve hit this month is putting your arms up for me to get you. It isn’t super defined yet, but I know what you mean. You love to nuzzle into my leg or chest. You’ve also learned how to give ‘kisses’ which means you lean forward with your mouth wide open; which to pretty much everyone but me is disgusting, but I think it sweet. I’ll gladly take your slobber. Eating You’re still doing a great job nursing and I love that I can come down and nurse you in the day. It is always the best part of my ‘work day’. Most days I’m down there twice and occasionally have to come down a third time, but usually we just head out for the day then. On average you’re probably nursing 5 times a day. You also continue to inhale baby food and have yet to discover something you don’t like. You eat three containers a day and will usually have a mum-mum cracker and some puffs too. When you first started eating the puffs, you would kind of gag on them, but now you’re a pro. The hand to mouth coordination needs some improvement but you’re getting there. I love watching you grab them and try and figure out how to get it from your palm into your mouth. Hopefully this next month we’ll work on more real food and less baby food. For example break up a banana instead of the processed banana baby food. Daddy and I are also way more relaxed with you than we were with Lexi. You have enjoyed cheese, bread, donuts, ice cream and i’m sure several other sweet foods that Lexi didn’t get to try until after she was one. IMG_5540


Sleep is still a question mark in your little world with very little consistency. You fall asleep nursing most nights between 7 and 8 and will sleep until 6 or 6:30. About half the time, you’ll fall asleep nursing and then sleep until 7ish when Lexi wakes up. The other half, you’re up and I’ll just bring you into work with me. Nap times can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours (if we’re VERY lucky). The shorter end usually happen at daycare and the longer stretches at home. You’ll nap about twice a day; around 10:30ish and then again at 1:30ish. Sometimes, we can just put you down awake and you’ll fall asleep. Other times, you yell and scream for 45+ minutes until we come get you. Very rarely will you fall asleep in the car and if you do, you always wake up the moment the car stops. This next month, I’m going to work on always putting you to sleep awake to get you into a better rhythm and help teach those self soothing skills.



William, William Monthly Updates

William 6 Months

Dear William,

How is it possible I am writing your 6 month post? How are we already half way through your first year of life? In my mind, you’re still  3 months old and I’m shocked at what you’re capable of. This month felt like a game-changer in your development. You learned to sit up, roll over, fall asleep on your own and through the night and started baby food. You continue to be the happiest and smiliest baby ever. Seriously, when you smile, your whole face lights up and it is the best ever.





Head Circumference


This month we bit the bullet and did some sleep training. It was a very random decision. I put you down one evening after lots of fussing and decided on the spot that we were going to sleep train you.  After 20 minutes of crying, I went in, put your pacifier back in your mouth, rubbed your belly a little and walked out. You cried for another 20 minutes and then fell asleep. Then around 5, you woke up and I went and fed you and you feel asleep while eating. The next evening, you cried for 20 minutes or so. When you woke up around 4, I just let you fuss and again, after about 20 minutes  you fell back asleep. I think part of your challenge with sleeping was you were on the cusp of rolling over from back to front. I would watch you on the monitor and you kept trying to roll and would get 98% of the way,give up and roll back. After 4-5 nights of this, you figured out how to roll over and would then fall asleep without crying as soon as I laid you to down. On average, we’re putting you to bed as close to 8 as possible and you sleep until 6 or 6:30. I can’t tell you what a big difference this has made in my attitude and co-coherence. I wish I would have done it weeks earlier. I feel like I can function again and am just more positive in general. Naps at home are better too. We haven’t swaddled you in a long time and you’ll fall asleep within 5 minutes of being put down and will sleep anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Although you’re able to roll onto your tummy, you usually just roll onto your side and sleep that way. Sleep at daycare is better but still a pretty questionable. You will fall asleep in your crib, but usually only sleep between 15-45 min. I think it is just too light and noisy in there and have assumed that you won’t sleep well there ever. I would love it if you surprised me though! IMG_2898


Eating is still great. You switch between bottles and nursing great. You’ve continued to show lots of interest in our food and over the past week or so seemed more hungry or that milk wasn’t enough for you anymore. So I dug out the highchair and mixed up some rice cereal and you loved it! You kept trying to reach for the spoon and would eagerly open your mouth for more. Because it is a glorified liquid, a lot of it fell out of your mouth and was all over your neck and bib, but you did finish the whole bowl. The following day, you tried some squash. You ate several bites and never turned it down or made a face of disgust, but didn’t seem to love it as much as the rice cereal. You’ve also had green beans, pears and bananas. Much to my surprise, two little teeth popped through your bottom gums at the very end of the month. Surprisingly, you weren’t too crabby or didn’t drool a whole lot more than normal! IMG_5410


Two major milestones this month, both of which happened within a couple days of each other. First, you learned to sit up by yourself! Yeah! Such a game-changing milestone and new perspective of the world for you. Being able to sit up with a few toys in front of you makes you so much more content with life. Additionally, the length of time you can sit up without tumbling over has increased very quickly! The second milestone was rolling over both ways. These two milestones have mellowed you out a bit. You seem much more content with life and less of a squirming-worming whenever you’re being held. You continue to love your playmat and exersaucer. You enjoy this toy much more then Lexi ever did, but can still see through us as we often put you in there so we can get something. i.e. make dinner or clean up. Other favorite activities include peek-a-boo. You can be in a full out cry and we start to play peek-a-boo and you are all smiles and laughter. You also LOVE to be tickled, like Whoa! You’re ticklish everywhere and love to laugh. You do talk and babble, but I think Lexi overshadows you a bit in that department and it is hard to talk over all her chatter. You are definitely a mama’s boy. You’re happiest in my arms and am constantly looking for me or follow me around a room when I’m not next to you. UntitledIMG_5420

Other occurrences

We went to the cabin one weekend and you did a great job in the car for both rides as well as sleeping. I put you in the ergo several times and I was surprised at how well you did in it! You’re such a little cuddle bug and love to snuggle!


Big sister Lexi still adores you, but is WAY too rough with you. Most of the time she is trying to be sweet, but her ‘love pats’ turn into hits and her hugs turn into laying on top of you. Good intentions, but we need to work on the execution a bit. There are also times, when she just straight up hits and kicks you or rips things from your hands. It often feels like these moments of yelling and timeouts leave me feeling depleted and like I’m speaking to the walls as she repeatedly does that same thing over again. In the grand scheme of things, there are probably more sweet moments than naughty as she really does love you and loves to take care of you. Just yesterday you were fussing in the exersaucer while I was making dinner and she ran into the kitchen and asks where your nookie is because you are crying. There was also a thunderstorm and she gave you her giraffe so you could be brave from the thunder. Then, she was dancing and spinning her windmill around and had you laughing hysterically. These are the moments that I hope to remember and not the yelling and timeouts that often get the best of me. IMG_5467

Happy six months little man! We love you to pieces and can’t get enough of your big smiles, sweet laughter and ticklish little bod.



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William, William Monthly Updates

William 5 Months

Dear William,

Five months old little buds! You are becoming such a fun and interactive little guy. Time is funny thing. In my mind, you’re still just a little baby. It blows my mind that you’re going to be six months next month and will start sitting up and eating food soon.


Eating Nursing continues to go well. You nurse between 6 and 7 times a day; every 3 hours or so.  I have no idea how much you eat each time, but my guess is between 4-5 ounces. You typically do much better in quiet environments with little distractions and rarely spit up or burp. If you do burp, it is usually 20-30 minutes later. You have started to show lots of interest in our food. You’re constantly reaching for my food or plate. I have given you little crumbs here and there and you spit them out.  Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


This month has been long and hard on the sleep front. You were sleeping great and even through the night about 50% of the time and then daycare started and you haven’t slept through the night since. Part of this it is from our swaddling inconsistency. We stopped swaddling at night to help transition to the lack of swaddle at daycare, but that didn’t go well, so we tried to swaddle at night. But, you got used to no swaddle and would try to break out of it while sleeping; which would wake yourself up. It felt like a lose lose situation. Then, you got sick and were waking up several times throughout the night and haven’t reverted back to your typical sleeping patterns of just waking up once or not at all. Hard times bud, hard times. Typically you go to bed between 8 and 9, wake up around midnight and 4:30.  Naps very greatly between home and daycare. At home, you usually take a morning, afternoon and evening nap for 1-2 hours. At daycare, you usually only take a morning nap and we’re luck if you sleep for 30 minutes.



You discovered your toes this month. At the beginning of the month you would occasionally bring them up to your hands and by the end of the month, you were grabbing and rolling with them. When we change your diaper, you instantly bring those toes up and smile in pride that you’ve grasped them.

You haven’t figured out rolling over either way. You’re getting closer to doing so from back to tummy, but your arm still gets in the way. As a result, you often spin your body in circles all over the place. You really dislike tummy time. We are working on spending more time on your tummy but you just don’t like it. You have rolled many many times from tummy to back, but I still think it is a coincidence with the help of gravity as you never roll when you’re really ticked off.

You’re a master of reaching toys and grabbing them–particularly with your playmat and on your car seat. I love driving and hearing the little vibration from the frog that you’ve just pulled.


You love to be held and carried around the house. I’ve tried holding you on my hip a couple times, but you’re not quite big enough and do much better being held outwards. Daddy is worried about you becoming a ‘hold-me-baby’; I like to think you’re just making up from not being with us in the day. You particularly like to be held during the witching hour, right when we get home each day, which is always challenging as I’m trying to get organized, make dinner and then get you and Lexi to bed. You wear size 3 diapers and 6 month and 9 month clothes. You still have your little bald spot on the back of your round noggin–but hair is starting to grow. Also, you hair is getting lighter by the month. Crazy to think you were born as a dark-haired little nugget. You recognize faces and light up in delight whenever you see me. You also respond to your name. When I call your name, you look up, lock eyes and smile. You’ve also started to vocalize a bit more. You love to coo and ‘talk’ to Mommy, Lexi and Daddy.

Daycare Oh William, you are adored at daycare. Mrs Laura and Mrs Heather just love your huge open-mouthed smiles. You are so good-natured and are getting more and more vocal. You need to work on your napping there though. When you do actually nap, it is usually in the swing or a bouncer and rarely transfer to the crib very well. For as a hard of a time as I had the first couple of days, I’m really loving you being there. I absolutely love being able to come down and nurse you, get in my cuddles and then not have to deal with some of the more challenging aspects like the poopy diaper blowouts and the crying. I really feel I have the best of both worlds and feel so blessed to have you in such good hands at work. On the flip side, you have pretty much been sick since you started. You caught your first cold 4 days in and it really hasn’t gone away. At the end of this month, you also got sick; had a stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough/sneeze and a fever for 3 days. Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


You love to constantly move, smile, be held and have our attention. We love you to pieces William.

Love, Mama Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


William, William Monthly Updates

William Month 4


Oh sweet babes, this has been a very eventful month for our family. The two most notable events include your baptism and daddy’s new job, which means the beginning of daycare for you and Lexi. I have been a roller coaster of emotions, but know it is a really good thing for all of us; we just need to get through the transition. Although I’ve felt like this for a while, I feel you’re officially out of newborn stage and into fun baby stage. We’ve learned each other’s rhythms, you aren’t quite as fragile as you used to be, aren’t having blowouts multiple times per day, go longer stretches without eating and the biggest is pretty good head control. You’re still a little bobble head from time to time, but it makes such a difference when I can carry you around upright opposed to cradled in my arm.



Pre-daycare sleep was going pretty good. You would sleep anywhere from 6-9 hours at night and take 3 naps that usually lasted between 1.5 -2 hours. At night you were swaddled in the sleep sack with the Velcro flaps and naps were with the muslin blanket. You loved to try and sneak those arms out, which usually resulted in shorter naps, but when we got you really tight or had you lay on your hands you would pull some 2+ hour naps. Heaven!


Once daycare started sleep went to the wayside. There are a lot of noises, distractions and they can’t swaddle and you wake when you flinch from a noise. You went from sleeping 4-6 hours a day in naps to about an 1.5 total You’ll often fall asleep in the swing or in Mrs. Heather or Mrs. Laura’s arms and then be put into your crib only to wake up 10-20 minutes later. You are so exhausted by night, you’ve been going to bed around 8:30. Length of sleep changes every night. Some nights you’ll sleep until 1 or 2 or all the way to 6. It is really different every night. Hoping this next month brings us some more consistency!

One positive benefit of the lack of sleep you’ve been getting is you’re turning into more of a snuggler. You love to rest your head on my shoulder and just snuggle. I can’t help but kiss and squeeze you 700 times, especially because you’ve been a pretty independent sleeper for the past 4 months.


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsEating Nursing For the most part nursing is going really well. You very from these times but for the most part, you nurse at 6:30, 10:00, 1:30, 4:30, 8:30 and 2:00. You continue to be a mover while eating, especially those little hands. You give them all sorts of exercises, as they are moving all over the place. One of the best benefits of having you in the daycare center at my work is the ability to go down and nurse instead of pumping. Two built in excuses to give you extra snuggles and cuddles everyday and not feel like a milk machine. It is amazing. I have two times scheduled on my calendar everyday and if you’re hungry before, they’ll just send me a message to let me know you’re ready. Truly, no words to describe how wonderful that is to see you multiple times throughout the day and still be able to work. We are so blessed that this all worked out so well. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js



//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsMilestones//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsNear the beginning of the month (June 5th) you were baptized at the same church as Lexi and where Mommy and Daddy got married. Lots of important moments and memories for our family here. I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. You wore a family heirloom gown that is 60 years old and were the 30th baby baptized in it! You did an excellent job during the ceremony with a minor whimper and then snoozed in my arms for the rest of the service, which was all about love. Your grandparents and great grandparents, Godparents (Uncle Joe and Aunt Teresa) and Aunt Sheila were all there to help you celebrate and then came over to our house for dinner and cake.

The other major milestone that occurred this month was the beginning of daycare. Dada took a new job opportunity and when there was an opening at the daycare at work, we jumped on it. I had lots of anxiety about this transition as I knew it was going to be challenging and from my perspectives there were so many perks to him being home. But there were also a lot of challenges for him so we thought we would give it a shot. Two weeks in and you are doing great, which I had no doubts about. Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Laura adore you and love how you are just a happy little baby and can’t get enough of your big smiles. I have to agree. Your whole face lights up when you smile and your joy radiates. Truly, the best little guy! The biggest challenge for you has been sleep. You went from two 2-hour naps a day to three 20-minute naps. You have a hard time staying asleep as you flinch and wake yourself up. Fortunately, you do a pretty good job falling asleep. You are often put down in your crib awake and you’ll play and look around for 20 minutes or so, but eventually you’ll fall asleep on your own without a whole lot of whimpers or tears. You did also catch your first cold after week one. I took you to the Dr. to make sure you didn’t have an ear infection, but you looked very healthy aside from the cold. I fully anticipate a lot of sickness this year—but trying to recognize the positives of building up your immunity now verses later. And like I mentioned above, the ability to nurse and cuddle you several times throughout the day really makes me feel like I have the best of both of the stay at home mom and the working mom roles. Untitled

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsDevelopment At the beginning of the month, you started reaching for toys and would successfully grab them about half of the time. By the end of the month you can grab toys at each attempt. You love to lay on your playmat and watch your star and play with toys on your car seat bar. In line with your fine motor skills, you love to take your nuk out. As soon as it goes in your little hands are up there and ready to take it out, which of course makes you upset. Learn to keep it in bud. You enjoy standing ( of course with help) You have great head control and do a good job in the Bumbo chair, but we have a feeling, you may start to squirm out of it pretty quickly You love to play peek-a-boo and it usually results in some good belly laughs. We need to do a better job of reading more books to you, but when we do, you really seem to like it You are able to roll both ways, however, I think they have been unintentional because there are a lot of instances where you are pretty upset, but don’t roll over. We also haven’t seen you roll from back to stomach, but there have been a few times where we put you on your back and come back to find you on your stomach. IMG_2200//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


  • weight: 15 lbs 13.6 oz (58%)
  • height: 25 1/2″ (65%)
  • head circumference: 16 1/2″ (58%)
  • wear size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes with some 9 month PJs
  • You’re still battling some acne on each of your cheeks. Blemishes will come and go, but there never seems to be a point where there isn’t anything
  • Poops about once a day

We love you William!



IMG_2367//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIMG_2550 IMG_2308_2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIMG_2153_2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIMG_2189//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsIMG_2056_2//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

William, William Monthly Updates

William 3 Months

Mr. William,

Three whole months of life on this earth with us and you are a charmer. This month brought us laughter, more sleep, the beginning tendencies of a schedule and the return of work for mama.




We’re still working on what ‘normal’ is for you as it will be similar for a couple of nights and then you’ll change it up. I lost my notes on how you were sleeping at the beginning of the month, so unfortunatly I don’t have anything to report there, but I have a feeling you really won’t care. Over the last two or weeks or so, I swaddle you, feed you and put you to bed around 11:30. You would typically wake up somewhere between 4:00 and 9:00–hows that for specific? For any of the 4-6:30 wake ups, you ate quick and went right back to bed. (We quit doing middle of the night diaper changes about a month ago). If you woke up anytime after 6:30, you would eat, change your diaper and then come downstairs and play for an hour or so and then be ready for another nap. For the past 5 nights or so, you’ve slept until 8 or 9 which has been heavenly. The 4:30 feedings were pretty difficult on work mornings, because that meant I was up for the day. One night, you even slept until 10:15 for daddy! 11 hours little bud, wahoo!


Similarly, you’re not consistent enough to have regular naps times yet. Most days you take your first nap about an hour or so after you wake up. You start to get winey and fussy and get very heavy eyed when you’re ready for a snooze. Once this happens, we typically take you upstairs swaddle you in an aden + anis muslin blanket lay you down, put your pacifier in, turn the sound machine on and close the door and you almost always fall asleep within in a minute or two. You also love to stare at your ceiling fan which helps you fall asleep. You’ll sleep somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and 15 min or so. Occasionally, you’ll sleep for 2+ hours, which is amazing, but also very rare. You’re not a huge carseat sleeper. You will fall asleep in it, but only if it is close to your nap time and usually wake up within an hour or if we bring you in the house or change your environment (i.e. leave the car to go in a store). In addition to your morning nap you’ll also have one in the afternoon maybe around 2:00ish, another around 6:00ish and then again around 9:00ish. You almost always are put to sleep awake and are very happy when you wake. You’ll whimper a little but rarely do you have angry crys. There are occasions where you get overtired and are too fussy to be put to sleep awake, in which I’ll put a blanket around your face and then walk and bounce you, shush in your ear and hold your really tight and you’ll calm down and fall asleep within 2-5 minutes. You’re not a huge fan of the rocking chair and only fall asleep nursing before bed or middle of the night feedings. So crazy how kids are so different.



You are a fantastic eater little bud. So glad we got over that first month hump. I was honestly thinking I may not be able to breastfeed you. Before heading back to work, you ate every 2 hours on the dot–with the exception at night when you would sleep longer stretches. Upon returning to work, Daddy has been able to stretch you out to 3-4 hours between each feeding, with lots of help from sister. For bottle feedings you’re usually downing 4 to 5 ounces and take 2-3 bottles while I’m at work.


Each morning, I pump both sides before leaving and get 7-8 ounces on the right side and 2-4 ounces on the left, depending if you slept through the night or not. While at work I pump twice, once at 10:00 getting 3-4 ounces and again at 1:30 and get about 5 ounces. One thing to note is how much you move while eating. You’re constantly moving your hands and kicking and popping on and off, which makes it difficult to know if you’re done or just taking a break. You also dispise being burped. We try and burp half way through a feeding and you almost always cry and get upset that your precious food is being taken away from you.


Development and personality

You found your hands this month and love to suck on them or really anything. You continue to love your pacifier but often choose to spit it out and suck on your hands instead.



Tummytime can be a hit or miss. If you’re in a good happy mood (i.e. slept, fed and changed) you do great and love to push your self up and look around. About half of the time you’ll roll over onto your back. We’ve also started to hear little giggles escape from you. They are seriously the best! These sweet noises are usually an outcome of Lexi being in your face or us tickling you. And, oh my stars, are you ticklish, I love it! Specific spots include your belly, on your side right behind your arm, your feet, your neck and the chunky little rolls that are starting to develop on your legs.  You also adore your star on your play mat and will happily just listen to the music and watch the light flash. While doing this you’ve started to reach for toys or you accidentally hit them with your reflexes–either way you’re discovering new things. On that note, daddy says you love music. You regularly listen to ‘rock in roll’ while he is working and it usually mellows you out and you just sit in your bouncer and enjoy.


Overall, you are just a happy little guy and such a good baby. Whenever you see mine or daddy’s face, you gleam in excitement and give us the biggest open-mouthed closed-eye smile. You’ll be whining and fussing and I’ll come over to check on you and give you your pacifier and you light up in delight the moment you see our face and just want to be played. Melts my heart sweet boy!


Other notes

  • You wear size 2 diapers and mostly 3-6 month clothes. Although, the length of the 3-6 month clothing is starting to get a little tight–especially outfits with footies.
  • Your name seems to be a topic of discussion among most people. We hear lots of positive remarks about what a good, strong and regal name it is, quickly followed by ‘What are you going to call him’? So far we are sticking to ‘William.’ It may change as you get older, but for now we’re calling you by your full name.
  •  You do a great job in the bath. I’ve started to get in the bath with you as the little baby tub is just awkward. You love to lay back and float and kick your little legs.
  • You love your mama and seem to sense when I’m around or when I leave, and I secretly love that. You do fine with daddy and others, but I can calm you down better and faster than anyone.



Happy 3 months little guy! I miss you so much while I’m work but so happy your at home with Daddy having fun! Can’t wait to see what this next month brings us.










William, William Monthly Updates

William 2 Months

Dear William,

What a difference four weeks can make. This month has been so fun and much easier than your first month for all parties. You’re GI issues have gotten much better, you started smiling all of the time, sleeping for long stretches at night and are just more content. You have lost that newborn look and transitioned into a cute little baby! This has been a fun month, we celebrated Easter, went to Mall of America twice, took Lexi to the farm to see baby animals and went on many many walks.



  • Height: 24.5 ” 95%
  • Weight: 13 lbs 2.4 oz 65%
  • Clothes: Right around 6 weeks, 3 month outfits got too short–especially the sleepers with the feet. I still try and put you in a few 3 month outfits because they are just too cute and you only wore them once or twice, but the legs do scrunch up on you.
  • Diapers: We just used up our last Size 1 Diaper today, but could have easily transitioned into Size 2’s a week or two ago.


The big kahuna of babyness and sanity for mama! Let’s tackle night time sleeping first. The first week and half of the month you would wake every 3 hours or so for a feeding and a diaper change. The longest you had ever gone was 5 hours. Then out of nowhere you slept through the night. Mind blown. But it didn’t continue… whah wha for mama. However, you did start sleeping for longer stretches, about 6 hours, every other night or so. By about 7 weeks or so, you were consistently sleeping at least 6 hours during the night for the first stretch. So depending on when I fed you last was contingent on whether you woke up during the night. Part of me liked having you fall asleep around 9 and waking up around 3 so I could go back to sleep and get a couple more hours before your sister woke up. If I fed you at  midnight when Daddy and I usually went to sleep, you would wake up around 6 and by the time you were done eating, your sister was up; and those days felt long and exhausting. I digress. For the past several nights you have been going to sleep between 9 and 10 and waking up around 6:30. I’ll gladly take those 9 hours and just pray this is the new norm! I also pray in thanks for the amazing invention of swaddles. We swaddle you every night and wrap your little wiggly arms down tight like a snare drum, which I think is a huge factor in helping you sleep for long stretches at such a young age. For a couple weeks, I also had a beach towel under the terry cloth spit rag on your bed to help give you a little incline while sleeping. I’ve since removed it, but I think it helped make sleeping longer periods easier verses laying flay.


Nap time sleeping is a little more unpredictable. For about the first three weeks of the month, you would snooze between each feeding. Sometimes it was 15 minutes, other times it was an hour and a half, but on average, I would say it was about 45-50 minutes. When I read Lexi’s two month post, I was shocked to be reminded that we were putting her to sleep awake in her crib for naps. I didn’t think we started that for another two months. We have done that with you a couple of times, but most of your naps are taken in the rock-in-play. If I can, I try and put you in there when you are drowsy, turn on the vibrator, give you your pacifier and let you fall asleep by yourself. However, most of the time you fall asleep in my arms and then I put you in there to continue snoozing. You do not like to nap in our arms. I can count on one hand the amount of times you have slept in my arms for an entire nap. You’re constantly moving and trying to get comfortable; usually waking yourself up. You continue to love to be wrapped in your blanket with it touching your face to help fall asleep–and always have your pacifier. Praise the pacifier!


By the end of the month, you started to stretch out your awake time and have stayed awake for more than two hours–where you’ll actually have two feedings without sleeping between. Also, over the past couple of days, you have lengthened some of your nap times to 2+hours, which has been AMAZING as it has fallen during the same time as Lexi’s nap and given me some glorious computer time to shop, do some research on house projects, meal plan and work on this blog! I adore this time and truly feel refreshed to take on the craziness of the evening with you two hooligans, so thank you for that sweet little bud!



Eating has been going pretty darn good. It feels like you are always hungry. Rarely, in the day do you go more than 2 hours without eating. By the hour and a half mark, you start getting a little fussy and by two hours your are ravenous and refusing your pacifier. There have been several times where we are out and about and I have pushed your threshold in needing to eat. Sorry bud! You still do good with a bottle. I discovered that there were a couple of instances where I had given you a nipple with a medium flow, and that was just too fast for you. As long as you have a slow flow, you seem to do a good job taking it down. Admittedly, you do a much better job taking it from anyone but me.

Mama notes: You continue to eat off one side per feeding and seem satisfied. After letdown, you kind of pop on and off and do this silly thing where the boob is in your mouth but you move your head back and forth as if you can’t latch–it is slightly annoying, but at least you’re still eating. After a feeding, you usually give us one big burp and one small one, and about 50% of the time you’ll spit up a little milk. Exception: when you eat in the middle of the night or right before bedtime and you fall asleep nursing, you rarely burp, even though I try. This go around, I’m much more relaxed about pumping. Depending on how the night went, I may or may not pump in the morning. If I do, I’ll only pump one side and will usually get 5-6 ounces on the left side and 7-8 on the right, assuming you slept through the night. I also only pump once or twice a week in the evening before I go to bed. This mostly depends on how the day went and how full I feel. With Lexi, I pumped every night before bed for 7-8 months and don’t think I skipped one evening. Just too lazy this time around and feeling pretty good about my supply and the stash I’ve built up.


Throughout the month, you’ve started smiling whenever you see faces and have the two cutest little dimples on each side. I just love how your smile is just a huge open mouth circle and your eyes nearly close. You’ve made a couple of cooing sounds here and there but so far seem to enjoy observing life. They rolling has ceased this month, which relieves me a little as it was kind of scary before. You do a great job on tummy time and have really strengthened your neck muscles and push yourself almost up to 90 degrees on a fairly regular bases. When we do tummy time, you usually last 3-5 minutes before fussing. Also, Lexi loves to do tummy time with you. She helps spread your blanket out and then goes and get hers and lays face to face with you and says ‘Good job buddy. You’re so cute,’ clearly repeating the phrases she’s heard me say.



You love your star. If you’r fussy and don’t need to eat or have your diaper changed, we’ll put you under it, which ironically is counter-intuitive to a fussy baby. Anyways, you just light up (no pun intended) and will stare at it and smile and kick and wave your hands (accidentally hitting all of the other toys hanging). One evening you were happy and content there for over a half an hour while I was making dinner. It was fabulous.


You continue to do will in your car seat, although you don’t seem to sleep in it as much as Lexi did. You usually wake up when we bring you in from the car. You still have a good amount of hair, but it is falling out–especially on top. You have a little case of cradle cap. It is mostly just little white dry patches on the top half of your head. You love the bath and are always smiling and do great when i poor water over your face. You haven’t been a huge fan of the swing. There have been a couple of instances where you’ve been content in it for more than 10 minutes, but usually, you start crying at the 5-10 minute mark.

You definitely recognize me. Daddy thinks you prefer me, I think I just do a better job at soothing you the way you prefer 🙂


You love to go for walks and often are awake for them. You also do really well in the Ergo. It is kind of ‘if all else fails, I know you’ll fall asleep and be content in the Ergo.’ This is really a life saver for me to keep you and Lexi happy at the same time–especially if I’m making dinner and you both need me.


Big Sister

Lexi loves you more and more everyday. She is doing a much better job of giving your your space and adjusting to the lack of attention she gets. She still continues to love to say ‘He’s wooking at you’ and is beam of sunshine when she sees you in the morning. I also just love how she repeats the phrases that I say and is all Mama Lexi to you. She’ll be eating breakfast in the morning and you’ll start to fuss on the monitor and she’ll yell up to you, as if you could hear her, ‘Buddy, it’s ok, mama will be right there.’ Mama is with Lexi right now’ Seriously is so sweet!



I have about 3.5 weeks left before I head back to work and the weather is supposed to be very nice so I’m looking forward to more fun activities and seeing more of your little personality shine.