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Baby #2 38 Weeks

Dear Baby,

I’m sorry, but no more photos ūüė¶ I took them, but hadn’t transferred them to the computer yet and you’re sister wiped them off my phone. I’m super bummed!

I’ve officially entered the mind games of pregnancy stage. After hearing I was 50% effaced and dilated to a 2 last week and a particularly challenging day with some contractions–I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it through this week. I felt like I could potentially go into labor at any moment.

However, the following day–I felt great and felt like I wouldn’t go for another couple of weeks. The games your mind plays on you are tricky! The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I made it! Walking out of work on Friday, I was just ecstatic. I felt so relieved to have made it and to know that the next two weeks shouldn’t involve a lot of heavy lifting on my behalf. ¬†Granted there is still a lot of work to do, but I shouldn’t have to work in the evenings and I feel like all but one of my projects can move forward without me and the knowledge has been transferred. Wahoo!!!

Sub-consciously, I am thinking about your arrival constantly. I’m over-analyzing every movement, pain ¬†and feeling running through my body and it is kind of driving me a little crazy. In my head, I feel like there are two situations in which you will arrive.

1. I’m going to be induced. I think this situation is top of mind because that’s what happened with Lexi.

2. You are going to come really really fast. Like my water is going to break and I’m instantly going to be tons of pain and we’re not going to be able to wait for Grandma to get here or drop Lexi off anywhere and we’re just going to have to speed to the hospital.

Realistically, I know that your arrival will be very different than either of these scenarios, but these are the two that rise to the top as I constantly think about your arrival.

I’m also back to feeling more strongly that you are a boy. I’m just dying to find out. I can’t wait to find out how our family is about to change.

I had my weekly Dr appointment today and things look good. I’m dialated to about a 2.5 and about 60% effaced-so little progress but not a ton. Your heart rate was between 130 and 135. Overall, movement has decreased in frequency but is much stronger and you like to stretch out a out. I continue to get random spouts of numbness in my legs–Dr. G. confirmed you are very very low, which would explain those zingers.

I’m ready for you any time little nugs! Come out and meet your family.



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 37 Weeks

Dear Baby,

IMG_4580 IMG_4579

You are officially full term, but I need you to continue to bake at the very least for the rest of the week! I feel like ‘The Belly’ or you got huge this week. I was wearing a sweatshirt and you looked massive under it–even Daddy commented on how the Belly looks bigger now than it ever did with Lexi. After looking at this week’s picture–I feel like I’m starting to get the basketball look and not so much the long round egg look.

I had my weekly Dr. appointment today and things are going really well. Your heart rate was between 130 and 135. I continue to have a ridiculous amount of of Braxton Hicks contractions–some of them are painful, but painful at the bottom of the belly so Dr. G thinks that is from my body preparing to deliver you–not any pre-labor signs. I’m dilated to a comfortable 2 cm and about 50% or more effaced–so the body is making progress.

I still feel good considering your about 7.5 lbs. and can come at any point. I’m sleeping pretty well–only have to get up once during the night to go to the bathroom and can fall back asleep, most of the time. Rolling over has become nearly impossible. I pretty much need to sit up to roll to the other side–and find myself holding onto the blankets to help pull myself up.

Your movements have changed dramatically over the past 2-3 weeks. Instead of kicks and rolls it is more of stretching and adjustments. Usually, I can identify your butt and legs–especially when they are stretching out and pushing on the top of my belly. Pelvic pressure has increased, most noticeably when I’m walking but it is still bearable.

The only food that I really want to eat right now is sweets–and have had more than my fair share. So much so that I gained 3 lbs this week, yikes! Overall, I’ve had very little heartburn throughout the entire pregnancy and even when I have had it, it has been pretty minimal and haven’t needed to take TUMS, definitely thankful on that side of things. I think my feet/legs are starting to swell a little or at least by the end of the day, my socks feel tight around my legs. I also feel like I’ve reached the point where my maternity pants are getting small and my shirts are too short.

Work continues to be insane–but I just need to make it to the end of this week and it should level out as I’ll have some replacements on site. ¬†The end is in sight and I couldn’t be more excited!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 36 Weeks

Little Babes,

IMG_4551 IMG_4552

We officially have 4 weeks or less until we meet face to face and I couldn’t be more excited. Will you have chunky little cheeks? Hair? A light complexion like mom? Or dark like Dad? Will you be tall like your sister? When will you arrive, how will you arrive? And of course will we be blessed with a son or a daughter? All of these questions are constantly running through my mind, mostly about when and how you will arrive, but the anticipation is exciting! And more than anything, we pray that you are a healthy little nugget!

This morning we had your 36 week check up. It started with an ultrasound to check on your growth and ensure you were in fact head down. As of today, you’re measuring to be right around 7 lbs.¬†with a heart rate between 135 and 145. The blood flow to your heart looks great and everything with your brain appears to be developing well. You are head down and like to keep your arms next to your face, but did cooperate and move them so we could get a little sneak peak of your chunky cheeks–and from the 3D pics, they look chunky! We were also able to see some hair on that head of yours.

Daddy and Lexi both came to the appointment this morning. Daddy was once again amazed at how much we’re able to look at with an ultra-sound and see you squirming around in there. Lexi, was a little less impressed. She knew right away that there was a baby on the screen, but was more interested in what the technician was doing to my belly and wanted to show the technician her belly.

After the ultra-sound we met with Dr. G and she did a quick test for Group B Strep and checked to see how things were progressing. I am dilated to 1 cm, and softening is starting to occur. This surprised me; I’m feeling pretty good and thought I would need to be more uncomfortable like I was with Lexi for any progression to begin. We also talked about how I likely won’t go past my due date if you haven’t arrived by then. Based on your current estimated size and typical growth patters, you would be 9 1/2 lbs! However, Lexi measured a little larger than you did at this same point, and ended up weighing 8 lbs when born so I still think it is all a guessing game at this point, BUT it does feel good to have an official ‘meet’ date in sight.

For whatever reason, this appointment made it feel a little more real for me in the fact that your Daddy and I will be meeting you soon. I still think we have several weeks, but it made me feel the pressure to get some things unloaded off my plate at work in case you do surprise us.

Outside of the Dr. appointment, things are going as expected. In general, I feel so much better than I did with Lexi at this point. I don’t have the itching–which is making sleep much better. I don’t have the pelvic pressure I did with her or the hip pain and feel less anxious for your arrival. There was so much unknown with her and I had never gone through labor or birth and I was constantly thinking about it. This time, I feel like I have a better idea what to expect–but still trying to embrace myself for a completely different experience. I’m also putting less pressure on myself to have everything at home be perfect. I’m not worried about what is in the hospital bag or forgetting something, or even having the car seat in the car. We only live 5 miles from the hospital, which is 1/4 of a mile away from Target–if we forget something, Daddy can easily go get something.

Work continues to be stressful as there is just so much going on and nobody to back me up at this point if you arrive. Additionally, it is just exhausting running from meetings all day and then coming home, making dinner, playing with Lexi, getting her ready for bed and then working for another several hours every night. There is no time to relax at all and just rest.

Until next week…




Baby #2 #35 Weeks

Dear Baby,

IMG_4537¬†Ahh…. 35 Weeks. The milestone of ’35 weeks down and 35 days to go’. 35 days seems like nothing, but 5 weeks still feels like a ways away. At home, I’m feeling like I don’t have a whole lot to do to prep for your arrival. Your room is ready, I have diapers and wipes, nursing stuff ready and he fabric shells of all of your gear is washed. The three things I have left to do include: getting a hospital bag packed, buying an outfit to bring you home in and buckling the car seat base into the car. This is miles ahead of where we were with Lexi considering we hadn’t even had a shower at this point.

What I’m not ready for is stepping away from work and all of the things that come with a having a newborn. I’m ready to have a break from the craziness of work and just be at home with our family, but there is so much going on that only I am aware of and need to start to mind dump my projects onto others so things don’t fall apart when I leave. I’m also slightly disappointed to be leaving as I feel like there are a couple of projects I’ve been working on for the past 6 months that are finally starting to make headway and now I’m going to have to step away and wont’ be able to close the loop on everything. This is such a different mindset than I had with Lexi and honestly surprises me. I’ve never been so engaged and passionate about a job before. I’ve always been passionate about doing a good job, but haven’t been attached to what I’ve been doing. I can already tell that it will make going back to work so much easier than with Lexi.

I’m also not prepared for life with a newborn. Lexi was so easy on us, but I know I can’t expect that you will be like that and almost feel very naive of what to expect. I’m not ready to have lots of sleepless nights and wake up at 5-6 am everyday for the next 6+ years. I’m not ready for the amount of time I will need to spend with you and how that will change my relationship with Lexi. The other thing I don’t feel prepared for is the amount of love I will have for you. It is so hard to understand and believe that I could love another little babe as much as I love your sister.

The pain I was feeling last week when I walked or stood on one foot has gone away, and been replaced with the pregnancy waddle and a non-stop need to go to the bathroom. I constantly feel like I need to go, and that if I don’t go I may have an accident. This could also be a result of drinking more water, but I think it has a lot to do with you just getting bigger. I also subconsciously groan when I stand up and need a little assistance by pushing off on my own legs or holding onto something when I get up from the floor. I also have a hard time going up stairs while holding Lexi.

Sleep is getting more difficult. I have a harder time staying asleep and mobility is limited. The thought of rolling over is comparable to the idea of running a marathon–terrifying! In general, I have very littler energy. I’m working hard to try and not let that effect Lexi and have her watch TV every night after work, even though that’s what I want to do.

I’m looking forward to next week when we have another ultra-sound and get a better progress update on how things are going. 36 weeks feels like a big mental milestone.



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 34 Weeks

Dear Baby,


The bump continues to get bigger every week. I have a couple of defined stretch marks to the left of my belly button and it looks alike a couple developing on the right side. There are 3-4 lines on each side and make about 2 inches long. My belly button still remains an ‘innie’ although it is starting to appear flatter.

This past week was interesting. On Sunday, Daddy and I went to a movie for one of the first times in over a year. It was such a nice treat to 1.) see a movie and 2.) see it in a theater. Grandma B and Papa watched Lexi and after, Lexi and I sat in the hot tub. Papa was nice enough to turn the temp down so it was safe for me to go in. While I was in there, it felt great, but almost immediately after, I felt more pelvic pressure and a little pain every time I would put pressure onto a foot.

This pain continued throughout the week and had me a little concerned. Did my water break or get a really small leak? What was making me feel so crappy? Then on Tuesday, I had a couple of real, painful contractions, which had me very concerned. There were only a couple so I’ve coupled it up against dehydration and just trying to do too much. Mental note to myself that nothing at work is worth having you arrive early or put onto bed rest. Must take better care of myself.

Overall, work continues to be absolutely insane. Being down two-and-a-half people on our team of 4 is a killer. I’m working ~15 hours a day and working on a project that is pretty complex and brand new to me, so I’m a little worried I may be missing something or with the aggressive timelines may not meet the deadline. Hoping that everything falls into place and things settle down in the next two weeks when our new team members start.

Other updates around you: sleep continues to be pretty good. I wake up around 4 to go to the bathroom. Just not feeling like I’m getting enough sleep. Your movement continues to be aggressive. Lots of stretching, hiccups and kicking of my internal organs verses the outside.

At the doctor’s appointment this morning, your heartbeat was the lowest it has ever been, 133–which has me leaning on the boy side of the gender again. The doctor also thought you were sleeping which may explain the lower heart rate. Everything else seems to be going well. I did have her check me to make sure you hadn’t dropped or any kind of progression had been made and she confirmed that everything looks as it should for 34 weeks. Weight gain is at 17 lbs.

I think that is it for now.

Love, Mama

Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 33 Weeks

Dear little babes,


Another week is checked off the list. I can’t decide if time is going fast or slow. It is hard to believe it is the middle of January and I only have to wait 7 or 8 weeks to meet you. It feels like the last 30 weeks or so have gone by in a flash, yet when I think about last June when we found out we were expecting you, it feels like another lifetime.

In general, work is insanely busy right now so I’m hoping these last few weeks feel like they go fast. I’m excited to meet you and see how you blend into our family.

This past week, the weirdness in my hands and feet has gotten more intense. They feel very dry regardless of how much lotion I put on and like they need to be massaged. However, after I’m done rubbing them, they don’t feel better. It is very much like restless leg syndrome in my feet. Wearing socks to bed helps–specifically, ones that have compressed arch supports. I remember this same thing with Lexi–which ended up turning into ICP, we’ll see if the same thing happens this time, or it is just a weird side effect of pregnancy.

Overall, I continue to feel pretty good and fairly comfortable. I still have a limited range of positions I can sit or lay at to feel like I can breath normally, which isn’t a big deal. Sleep is still going well. Eating is kind of up in the air. I do eat, but don’t have a large appetite and get full pretty quickly. For the most part, nothing gets my mouth watering–just eating out of necessity. Heartburn has been fairly minimal as well as general hip pain and swelling that I was experiencing last time.

I don’t have the time to analyze and day dream like I did with Lexi, which I think made those last 8 weeks with her go by slowly. I’m hoping these next 7 to 8 weeks will be quickly.

Overall, i feel like your movements have become much more intense over the last week or two. Kicks, rolls and you stretching out are much stronger and felt more intensely than they used to. I can now also identify different body parts. You’re head down and can tell the difference between your feet stretching out and your hands.

Until next week…

Love, Mama

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Baby #2 32 Weeks

Sweet Little Baby,


I’m starting this weeks update with the same phrase as last weeks, ‘What a difference a couple of days can make.’ This week was definitely smoother than last and included ringing in the new year. The year we get to meet you! So exciting. Work was busy all week and it was so nice having New Years Day off. I was able to take down and pack away all of our Christmas decorations AND get your bedroom ready for you.

Earlier in the week, we moved Lexi to her new big girl bedroom and so far she is doing great. This also enabled me to move a couple things around in your room and get the newborn baby tubs out. Your clothes are folded in your drawers and hung in your closet and Lexi’s toys all have a home. Overall, I’m feeling much more prepared. I even feel that it won’t be a big deal to if the basement isn’t bedroom finished by the time you’re born–which is a huge mental shift for me in general, but especially from last week.

Onto your progress. I had a doctors appointment this morning and you continue to appear very healthy! Your heart rate is at 155–which is another checkmark on the ‘your a girl’ list. It isn’t always the case, but girls heart rates tend to be a little higher and you’ve consistently been in the 150-160 range, which from my understanding is on the higher side of the scale. Overall, I’m about 50/50 in thinking your a girl or a boy. Lexi continues to refer to you as her sister. Completely unprompted, she was talking about how she wants to share her new books with her sister. Her confidence in you being a girl is definitely impacting my perception.

Sleep continues to be pretty good. I usually need to get up once a night to go to the bathroom, but on the nights that I’m able to make it through the whole night are glorious. No complaints in the heartburn department. Occasionally, I’ll have a little bit, but remember it being much more frequent and intense with Lexi. My fingers have started to swell. I removed one of my wedding rings, but am still able to wear the engagement/wedding so nothing too bad on that side of things. Energy hasn’t been too bad this week either, but that could also be a result of going into work later than normal as it was a holiday week so I was getting more sleep. Shortness of breath continues–most suprisenly when I’m just sitting. I’m pretty sure you are sitting much higher than Lexi was as I don’t have the hip pain or pelvic pressure I did with her. Overall, I feel pretty comfortable and am not impatient to meet you. I’m sure this will all change over the next 4 weeks. Mostly, i’m intrigued by how you’re going to arrive. Are you going to be breech and require a planned C-section, will ICP develop again and require an induction, which may or may not require a C-section, will you come early, or late, will I be at work? Will my water break first or will I start having contractions. Will you come fast and not enable an epidural? Will I be able to deliver at Maple Grove or need to go to another hospital, will Dr. G be able to deliver you? Will you come in the middle of the night, what will we do with Lexi? Really the scenarios are endless and it feels like they are always running through my head.

One other small note–I’ve had a couple of evenings where it feels like my feet almost have restless leg syndrome. They feel really dry (even if I have just put lotion on them) and feel like they need to be messaged. The feeling intensifies at night. I also vaguely remember this feeling building before the itching came with Lexi. Not to say the itching is coming, but just documenting for my own sake for potential future needs. Dr. G suggested wearing compression suggested wearing compression socks at night, so I’ll give that a try and see if it does anything for me.

One more two-week appointment and then on to our weekly appointments!




Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 31 Weeks

Dear Baby,

What a difference a week can make! Last week I was all cool, calm and collected–this week, I’m a ball of nerves. I feel like there is so much to do before you arrive and I’m not ready at all! The biggest thing on the to-do list is getting the basement bedroom done so we can get our bedroom and the rest of the house ready for you to arrive. Lexi has some fairly large toys and I want them to go into the basement to help make things less cluttered, but that can’t happen until the building materials are out of the way. I also want to get Lexi’s room complete and move her from her crib into a big-girl bed. Some serious nesting going on here!

This week, I’ve also had a sudden shift in your gender. Up until this last week, I’ve been 99% confident that you are a boy. Then this week, I had a couple slight thoughts that you might be a girl and those inclinations have only continued to grow. I’m about 80% sure you’re a boy and 20% you could be a girl. Cousin Addie predicted you are a girl and has a pretty good track record on gender predictions. Lexi also talks about her sister on a regular basis without any prompting from us. For example today, we were looking at books and she gathers them all up and walks away and tells me she shares books with sister. Daddy also thinks you’re a girl. I looked at some belly pictures of me with Lexi and I would say that I’m carrying you the same way I carried her. Low and very egg shaped.

My hormones got the best of me this week. Overall, I’m a lot less patient while I’m pregnant and unfortunately I think Lexi gets the raw end of the deal–at least more so than anyone else. I just don’t have the energy to be firm with her and end up giving in to her requests more often than I should–especially when she puts up a stink. Which has only taught her to do it more often to get what she wants. The worst two situations are getting her to go to the bathroom and put her boots and jacket on. After an epic 45 minute battle of getting boots and jacket on–I was completely beat. Plus, I had just hosted Christmas for Daddy’s family the day before and was exhausted. I get home and Daddy asks me how I was, and I just burst into tears. I felt stretched to the brim in everything going on in life. I was thinking about two strangers that died in a car accident the day before (I know, odd considering I didn’t see it or know these people, but just kept feeling bad for their families and thinking what if that would have been myself and Lexi in that car or Daddy). I degress…. overall, physically I’m feeling pretty good. Emotionally, I’m feeling a bit stretched.

Hoping this next week levels out.



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Baby #2 30 Weeks

Dear little babes,

We’ve officially reached the 10 week countdown, which honestly means nothing to me because it still seems like a long time from now. This morning, I had a checkup and things continue to go great. Your heartbeat was between 155 and 165. The doctor said you had the hiccups–even though to me it felt like you were just moving around. I’ve never been able to tell the difference between general movement and hiccups with you or your sister. No other major news to report, my appetite has been pretty minimal lately. Nothing sounds really good to eat and I’m not feeling too hungry either. My lack of energy is becoming more noticeable. I have a hard time getting up in the morning and just generally feel tired or worn out. With that said, I do feel fairly comfortable. I’m sleeping pretty well. I usually get up to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning, but am able to go right back to sleep. I’m loving the fact that I can sort of sleep on my stomach which is seriously A-Mazing! Also my hips haven’t hurt too bad. I’m not sure when they got sore with Lexi, but so far so good.

Christmas is in two days, so Merry Christmas to you little bug–stay cozy!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 29 Weeks

Dear Babes,


29 weeks and so many things on my mind.

1. Christmas is less than 10 days away, which seems crazy, but feeling pretty good about the shopping front.

2. Work is insanely busy right now.

3. My first stretch marks are making an appearance.

4. The size of you is starting to impact simple everyday tasks. Like when I’m trying to cook–my belly gets in the way of getting close to the counter. Lexi has a hard time sitting in my lap to read stories (or in the rocking chair). I need to sit down to put socks on. Shaving. I get out of breath going up stairs. I can’t just sit up. Sitting up from laying down can’t be done.

5. There is a very small range of an angle I need to be at to be comfortable. Sitting straight up or too forward makes it difficult to breath, but laying flat is also difficult to breath or any kind of slouching just doesn’t work.

6. A colleague of mine was expecting two weeks ahead of you and they had their baby last week, 10 weeks early. It reminded me how unpredictable you little babes are and how little control we (I) have. Please stay hunkered little one, I’m not ready for you yet and you need more time to grow.

7. Your big sister is absolutely hilarious.

8.  I have no appetite.

9. Sleep is good, but I have no energy. Feeling the drain of the 3rd Trimester.

10. Keep growing and stay healthy. We’re excited to meet you, but not for several weeks!